Collection Title:  Fella Layten Collection

Collection Number:  M236    /   2006.227

Dates: Inclusive  1991

Bulk  1991

Volume:  .45 Cubic Feet

Processor:  W. Ray


Scope and Content:

The Fella Layten Collection contains Iraq military items and photos during the time he served in the U.S.Marine Corps as a Demolition Specialist in Desert Shield Desert Storm in February 1991.



Box  /  Folder

1          Unfoldered

Iraq      Officers beret (gold)

Iraq Enlisted Officers beret (black)

Iraq Kevlar infantry helmet

Iraq Infantry canteen and cartridge belt

Iraq duffel bag



Sites of Kuwait City in April 1991

Sites of Kuwait City in April 1991

Fella Layton M16 & Demolition Specialist and Chris Sykes of Southport, Ohio

“Making peace with the locals who have come back into the area”

USMC tank M181 under camouflage March 1991

Enemy Tank USMC “Preparing to Demolish”  March 1991

“Preparing to detonate enemy ammunition” March 1991

“Marine Corps on the Kuwait City border just hanging out” March 1991

“Kuwait’s coming back into the city after being ran out”

“Home for the Marine Corps” in Saudi Arabia adjacent border of Kuwait City

“Shell shocked herds of sheep and goats walking around Kuwait City” Feb. 1991

“Clearing enemy bunkers”  USMC Fella Layton

“Securing border in Kuwait City”  February 1991

“Securing border at Kuwait City” Feb. 1991 – haze is result of oil well smoke

“Inside Kuwait City after securing border (ceasefire) Feb. 1991

“Drills on the way to Iraq” Dec. 1991

U.S.S. Saipan “Getting ready to go to Iraq” Dec. 1990

U.S. Saipan “Getting ready to go to Iraq” Dec. 1991

“Corporal Fella Layton being installed in VFW membership in Greenville, MS