Collection Title: Eugene Leftwich Collection

Collection No: M042

Dates: 1832-1990s

Volume: 12.15 cu. ft.


Biographical/Historical Sketch:

Eugene Porter Leftwich was originally from Memphis, Tennessee but when he graduated from high school he moved to Scott, Mississippi to work at Delta and Pine Land Company. After he served in the Army during WWII he came back to the Delta and never left again.  Mr. Leftwich began collecting historical memorabilia when he came back to the Delta and started working as a rural mail carrier. He became the unofficial historian of Bolivar County, and served in the Bolivar County Historical Society. He later donated his collection to the DSU Archives.


Scope and Content:

This collection contains much information on the Delta, and also information on other towns and counties all over the state of Mississippi. It has a great deal of information on the Mississippi River including some maps for the Vicksburg Engineer District: Throughout the collection there are newspaper articles, magazines, correspondence, and much more pertaining to various subjects. These subjects include Mississippi towns cemeteries, churches, people, and businesses. This collection also contains scrapbooks made by Mr. Leftwich of the Gunnison Schools and his collection of Christmas cards.



Box 1: Concordia – Lodge and Town


  1. Grande Lodge of Mississippi – 1872, 1876, 1887, 1889, 1885, 1881


  1. History of Concordia, MS
  2. Newspaper and magazine articles: Trials of the Earth, papers on Bolivar County, pictures (attached to paper), Napoleon, AR, Concordia Lodge #347 papers, Boyd chapter #39 papers, papers on Perthshire, MS
  3. Papers on Bolivar County: Articles, list of boys in service in WWI


Box 2: Churches

(This box contains church brochures and lists of members etc.)


  1. Baptist, Gunnison, MS
  2. Baptist, Rosedale, MS
  3. Baptist, Walls, MS
  4. Episcopal, Rosedale, MS
  5. Methodist, Cleveland, MS
  6. Methodist, Gunnison, MS
  7. Methodist, Gunnison, MS
  8. Methodist, Gunnison, MS
  9. Methodist, Gunnison, MS
  10. Methodist, Gunnison, MS
  11. Methodist, Gunnison, MS
  12. Methodist, Gunnison, MS
  13. Methodist, Gunnison, MS
  14. Methodist, Litton, MS
  15. Methodist, MS
  16. Methodist, North MS
  17. Methodist, Rosedale, MS
  18. Miscellaneous


Box 3: Photographs


  1. Photographs (Some in Mylar pouches)
  2. Few photos attached to board



Box 4: Rosedale


  1. Port of Rosedale: Newspaper Articles
  2. Masonic Lodge: Newspaper article
  3. School, Rosedale High/Attendance Center: Event programs, newspaper articles
  4. History: Newspaper and magazine articles, Bolivar County papers, Western Union telegrams, Rosedale Papers
  5. Valley Bank: Newspaper articles, 50th and 100th Anniversary booklets, brochure, bank bag, pictures of people and the bank, savings booklet


Box 5: Cemeteries


  1. Not labeled: Arnold Cemetery Papers, Blanchard Cemetery Papers, Concordia Cemetery Papers
  2. Arnold (Cora): Lists of names, Newspaper articles, Papers for Arnold Cemetery, correspondence, slides, pictures, in envelope
  3. Blanchard: Papers, lists of names, Seaton Cemetery list
  4. Bolivar County: Index of Cemeteries in book
  5. Bob Woods School and other notes: Papers on Allegea Negro Cemetery under Bob Woods School
  6. Concordia: Magazine and newspaper articles, list of names
  7. Concordia: Slides
  8. Concordia: Masonic Lodge 347 Papers, 2 booklets on Concordia Cemetery with list, newspaper articles
  9. Concordia: Papers on Concordia Cemetery
  10. Miscellaneous: Pictures and newspaper articles
  11. Morning Star Church: List of names and grave #’s
  12. Poplar Grove in Boyle: Newspaper articles
  13. Shelby: Construction receipt and copy with notes
  14. Thomas: Newspaper article
  15. Tuminello and Glorioso Place: List of names
  16. Not labeled: Newspaper and magazine articles, Last w (rites)


Box 6: River/Floods


  1. MS River: Blueprints of flood control (U.S. Army)
  2. MS River: Newspaper articles
  3. MS River: Magazine articles, historical names and places on Lower MS River
  4. MS River: Newspaper articles
  5. MS River: Magazine articles, flood control in MS Valley (Delta Council), Steam Boat days on TN River
  6. MS River: Newspaper articles
  7. MS River: Newspaper articles
  8. MS River: Newspaper articles

9.1927 Flood: Newspaper article

  1. 1927 Flood: Newspaper article


Box 7: Photo Albums

Photo Albums:

  1. 1953 – 1957 Senior Class
  2. Eighth Grade c/o ’52 and ’53 and ’54
  3. Gunnison 75th Anniversary Album
  4. Mixed Photo Album with pictures and articles



  1. Gunnison School Newspaper
  2. 4 Copies of different highlights


Not Boxed: (In book protectors)

  1. Gunnison Consolidated School Record Book
  2. Gunnison Consolidated School Record Book 1924-34


Box 8: Newspapers and articles


Box 9: UDS Scrapbook ’53 – ’54


Box 10: Bound Newspapers

Exhibit Newspaper Articles


Box 11: Places


  1. Aberdeen: Newspaper articles
  2. Alligator: Newspaper articles
  3. Australia and Peru Plantations: Article
  4. Benoit: Newspaper articles, wedding program and napkins
  5. Beulah: Scenes of the overflows, magazine and newspaper articles, Paper on


  1. Big Island: Articles
  2. Booga Bottom (Duncan): Newspaper articles
  3. Bourbon: Newspaper articles
  4. Boyle: Magazine and newspaper articles
  5. Burrus Home: Paper on the home
  6. Carroll County: Newspaper article
  7. Carson’s Landing: History of Bolivar County and Carson’s Landing
  8. Clarksdale: Newspaper article
  9. Cleveland: Newspaper articles, band festival program, brief history of railroad
  10. Coahoma County: Newspaper and magazine articles, restaurant menus
  11. Cottonlandia: Magazine article
  12. Dahomey: Newspaper articles
  13. Deeson – Brooks Plantation: Pictures and newspaper articles
  14. Deeson: Pictures and newspaper articles
  15. Dennis Landing: History of Bolivar County and Dennis Landing
  16. Donaldson Point Hunting Club: Newspaper articles
  17. Duncan: Magazine and newspaper articles
  18. Florewood River Plantation: Magazine articles
  19. Friars Point: Newspaper articles
  20. Grapeland: Newspaper article
  21. Good Grief: Newspaper and magazine articles
  22. Greenville: Magazine and newspaper articles, Greenville and Washington Co. Brochure
  23. Gulf Coast: Newspaper and magazine articles, vote for Gulfport book
  24. Hernando: Newspaper article
  25. Hollandale: Paper and picture
  26. Hushpuckena: Newspaper articles, history of Hushpuckena
  27. Jackson: Magazine and newspaper articles, event program
  28. Lake Bolivar: Newspaper articles
  29. Lake Porter: Article
  30. Laurel: Article
  31. Leflore County: Newspaper article and magazine
  32. Leland: Newspaper articles
  33. Lula: Newspaper article
  34. Malmaison: Magazine article
  35. Malvina: Newspaper article, correspondence
  36. Memphis: Event program, invitations, newspaper articles
  37. Merigold: Scanned pictures and newspaper articles
  38. Merigold: Newspaper and magazine articles, brochure on rushing wines, even programs, handwritten notes
  39. Metcalfe: Newspaper article
  40. Midnight: Newspaper articles
  41. Moon Lake: Newspaper articles
  42. Morgan City: Magazine article
  43. Mound Bayou: Newspaper articles and scanned pictures
  44. Mount Helena: Magazine article
  45. Napoleon, Arkansas: Newspaper articles
  46. Nitta Yuma: Newspaper article
  47. Natchez/Natchez Trace: Newspaper article and magazine article
  48. Natchez: Advertisement, brochure, and newspaper article
  49. Pace: Newspaper article, advertisement, copies of pictures
  50. Panther Burn: Magazine articles
  51. Panola County: Magazine and newspaper articles
  52. Perthshire: Picture, newspaper article, history of Bolivar County and Perthshire, MS, map, copies of pictures
  53. Possumneck: Newspaper article
  54. Prentiss: Newspaper articles and handwritten note
  55. Rena Lara: Newspaper and magazine articles
  56. Rochdale: Newspaper article
  57. Rosedale Great River Road State Park: Newspaper articles, copy of handwritten note, magazine articles, correspondence from DSU Alumni Association, booklet: “The MS River and Great River Road State Park”
  58. Ruleville: Newspaper article and event program
  59. Round Lake: Newspaper article
  60. Scott: Newspaper and magazine articles, pictures
  61. Senatobia/Tate County: Newspaper article and invitation
  62. Shaw: Newspaper and magazine articles and event program
  63. Sharkey-Issaquena County: Newspaper articles
  64. Shelby Newspaper Articles about Churches and people; 1948 Annual Horse Show
  65. Sherard: Newspaper articles and pictures
  66. Soso: Newspaper article
  67. Shiloh: Book “Shiloh”, napkins, brochures, magazine articles
  68. Skene: Newspaper articles
  69. Sunflower County: Newspaper and magazine articles, brochure
  70. Tallahatchie County: Newspaper article
  71. Terrene Landing: Newspaper article and picture
  72. Tomnolen: Magazine and newspaper article
  73. Tishomingo County: Newspaper article
  74. Tupelo: Newspaper articles
  75. Tunica: Newspaper article
  76. Vicksburg/Warren County: Newspaper article
  77. Vicksburg: Newspaper articles
  78. Washington County: Newspaper articles, invitation, event programs, advertisements, brochures, pictures
  79. Water Valley: Newspaper articles
  80. Waxhaw: History of Bolivar County and Waxhaw, MS, newspaper articles
  81. Winterville: Newspaper articles
  82. Wrights Station/Crossing: Handwritten and typed notes, thank you correspondence to Mr. Leftwich, newspaper clipping
  83. Yazoo City/County: Magazine article



  1. Mrs. Skagg’s Husbands 1900 (2copies)


Box 12: People


  1. People I have helped



  1. Armstrong Family (Gunnison): newspaper articles
  2. Arnold Family: invitations, correspondence, and newspaper articles
  3. Alford, Theodore, Sr. (“Pete”) Family: newspaper articles, event programs, magazine pictures, and invitations
  4. Bailey, Rev. Wash: correspondence, newspaper articles, birthday napkin, and biography of Armstead Wash Bailey
  5. Barnes, Joe (Rosedale): newspaper articles
  6. Barnett Brothers (Rosedale): newspaper articles
  7. Bassie, Billy (Gunnison): newspaper articles
  8. Bassie, Joe Lee Family (Gunnison): newspaper article
  9. Bassie, Louis Sr. Family (Gunnison): newspaper articles, invitations, and event programs
  10. Bell, M. A. Family (Duncan): newspaper articles, program events
  11. Bell, William Dale Family (Gunnison): newspaper article, correspondence
  12. Blanchard Family (Gunnison): pictures, family papers
  13. Bobo, Boyd Walters Family (Gunnison): newspaper & magazine articles, family papers, event programs and advertisements
  14. Booth, John Wilkes: newspaper articles
  15. Boschert, Thomas Family (Duncan): newspaper article
  16. Brown, I. T. (Gunnison): newspaper article
  17. Brister, Eugene Family (Gunnison): newspaper articles
  18. Burrus/Barry Family (Benoit): newspaper & magazine articles, brochures, correspondence, advertisements
  19. Burt, W. T. Family (Gunnison): family papers, copies of pictures, newspaper articles
  20. Butler, Willie H. Family (Gunnison): obituary
  21. Camp Family (Gunnison): newspaper articles
  22. Capps, Charlie (Cleveland): decorated napkins, event programs, newspaper articles
  23. Castle, Gradys: newspaper articles
  24. Cintgran Family (Gunnison): obituary, newspaper articles, and pictures
  25. Clower, Jerry: magazine article
  26. Cockerham Family (Gunnison): picture, newspaper & magazine articles
  27. Cohn, Sol, Mayor (Gunnison): copies of pictures
  28. Coleman, John (Gunnison): newspaper article
  29. Conner, Gertrude Burt (Shelby): newspaper article, event program
  30. Coward, Katherine (Benoit): newspaper & magazine articles
  31. Creasy Family (Gunnison): newspaper articles, invitations, decorated napkins
  32. Darby, J. C. Family (Gunnison): obituary, newspaper articles
  33. Davis, Jefferson: booklet “Story of the Jefferson Davis Funeral Train”
  34. Day, Albert Family (Gunnison): invitation and newspaper article
  35. Dedwylder, Mrs. R. D.: newspaper articles
  36. Dempsey Family: newspaper articles and invitations
  37. Denton, Gerald Family: newspaper articles and invitations
  38. Dorsey Family (Gunnison): newspaper articles
  39. Duraj, Edward Family (Shelby): newspaper articles
  40. Earp, Ameil Family (Gunnison): newspaper article and decorated napkin
  41. Few Family (Gunnison): newspaper articles
  42. Findley, Emmett Family (Gunnison): newspaper articles
  43. Foote, Shelby: decorated napkin, newspaper & magazine articles
  44. Fowler, Ira (“Cotton”) Family (Gunnison): decorated napkins, invitations, newspaper articles and brochures
  45. Francis, Charles W. Family (Gunnison): newspaper articles
  46. Fugua Family (Rosedale): newspaper article
  47. Garrett, William Guy Family (Gunnison): event flyer, invitation, newspaper article
  48. Glorioso Family (Gunnison): newspaper article
  49. Haag, C. E. Family (Gunnison): newspaper article, license card, copy of picture
  50. Hale Family (Gunnison): newspaper article and invitations
  51. Henry Family: newspaper article
  52. Holmes Family (Rosedale): event flyer, copies of pictures, newspaper articles
  53. Hood, Kenneth Family (Perthshire): newspaper article
  54. Howorth, Lucy: newspaper article
  55. Hudson Family: newspaper article
  56. Jacobs, Nathan Family (Gunnison): family papers
  57. Jefferson/Hopson Family: newspaper article
  58. Jones, Curtis (Gunnison): newspaper article
  59. Keller Family: newspaper articles
  60. Kent, Orville Family (Gunnison): decorated napkins, newspaper articles, and handwritten family list
  61. Kossman, S.E.: magazine article
  62. Lawler Family (Rosedale): newspaper articles
  63. Leftwich, Eugene Family: newspaper articles, pictures, event programs, invitations, certificate, family papers
  64. Martin, Perry: copies of newspaper articles, event flyer “Perry Martin Day”, biography of Perry Martin
  65. Lytle, Emma Knowlton Family (Perthshire): newspaper articles, book – Emma Lytle Catalog of the Exhibition, magazine cover and articles, pictures, greeting cards
  66. Malone, Rachel: newspaper articles
  67. McGee, Leo Family (Gunnison): newspaper articles and biography of Leo Harry McGee
  68. Michael Family (Rosedale): newspaper articles
  69. Nicholas, Bobby Family (Gunnison): newspaper article
  70. Obituaries: list of names, newspaper articles, obituaries
  71. Patterson Family (Rosedale): newspaper articles
  72. Pearson, Carroll Family (Gunnison): newspaper articles
  73. Pease Family (Gunnison): Pease Brothers Clothing Ledger, pictures, advertisements
  74. Powell Family (Gunnison): addresses, book: Sadie Lee, Where are you?, magazines
  75. Reese, Andy Family (Gunnison): newspaper articles
  76. Richardson, Alyce (Cleveland): magazine article
  77. Roosevelt, Teddy: Bear Hunt magazine & newspaper articles
  78. Russell, Jimmie Family (Gunnison): newspaper articles
  79. Russell, Terry: event programs, decorated napkins, newspaper articles
  80. Sanford Family (Gunnison): newspaper articles and event programs
  81. Sanders, Frank Family (Gunnison): newspaper articles
  82. Sappington Family: family papers
  83. Scott, Oscar Johnson Family (Gunnison): Also see Keeler newspaper & magazine articles, greeting cards, event programs, pictures, family papers
  84. Scruggs, Edward Family (Gunnison): newspaper articles, pictures, invitation, family papers
  85. Seaton Family (Gunnison): newspaper article and family papers
  86. Shelby Family (Beulah): pictures, magazine and newspaper articles
  87. Sisson Family (Rosedale): newspaper article, handwritten correspondence
  88. Smith, Francis Martin Family (Gunnison): family papers
  89. Synder Family: newspaper articles
  90. Strait Family (Rosedale): newspaper and family paper
  91. Tabb Family: newspaper article
  92. Thompson, Mike Family (Gunnison): newspaper articles
  93. Truesdale, Fred Family (Gunnison): advertisement, invitation, decorated napkin
  94. Tyler, Doc Family (Malvina): newspaper articles and family papers
  95. Upton, W. L. “Buck” (Gunnison): newspaper articles
  96. Vetrano, Joe Family (Rosedale): newspaper articles and event program
  97. Wachter Family (Gunnison): newspaper articles
  98. Warfield Family (Gunnison): newspaper & magazine articles and invitations
  99. Whitaker Family (Gunnison): newspaper articles
  100. White, Estelle Fox (Rosedale): newspaper articles
  101. Whittington Family (Gunnison): pictures, magazine & newspaper articles
  102. Willett Family (Gunnison): newspaper articles
  103. Williams, “Charlie Boy” Family (Benoit): newspaper articles
  104. Wienke Family (Gunnison): newspaper articles
  105. York Family (Gunnison): newspaper articles


Box 13:


  1. Adams, “The Kate” (Steamer mail packet): newspaper articles, copies of pictures, and bio on Kate Adams
  2. Black History: newspaper article
  3. Bolivar County Historical Society: newspaper articles, minutes from the meetings, membership list, “The Journal of the Bolivar County Historical Society” and correspondence regarding the historical society
  4. Bolivar County History: book Imperial Bolivar, brochures, newspaper articles, event programs, A Synopsis of Cleveland and Bolivar County, correspondence regarding the history for Bolivar County, and maps.
  5. Boy Scouts 1962-1963: Boy Scout Leader Program Notebook, event program, newspaper articles, list of boy scouts, maps, handbooks, and a souvenir from Philmont Scout Ranch Training Center.
  6. Boy Scouts: award for a Girl Scout, newspaper articles, medals, notebooks, picture, membership list, event program, and an advertisement.
  7. Catfish Festival: magazine articles
  8. Cotton Farming: newspaper & magazine articles, booklet The Story of Cotton.
  9. Crosstie: magazine articles
  10. Cucumber Farming: newspaper articles
  11. D.A.R. 1945-1946, 1949-1950, 1952-1953: Daughters of the American Revolution, and newspaper articles.
  12. Delta & Pine Land: Fortune magazine
  13. Delta Council: newspaper magazine, event programs & tickets, and invitations
  14. Delta Kappa Gamma: newspaper article
  15. Delta State: newspaper articles, postcards, event programs, invitations
  16. Doe’s Eat Place: newspaper articles
  17. “Historical News”: newspaper articles
  18. Ice Storms/Blizzards: newspaper and magazine articles
  19. Hunting Clubs: Bolivar County newspaper article
  20. Hurricane Camille: newspaper article The Commercial Appeal
  21. Levee: newspaper & magazine articles
  22. Library – Bolivar County: newspaper articles, bookmark, event programs, invitations, History of Public Library Service in Bolivar County.
  23. Memphis Special (Train): pictures, decorated napkins, and magazine articles
  24. Miscellaneous: newspaper articles, invitations, correspondence.
  25. Miscellaneous: newspaper & magazine articles
  26. Mississippi Power & Light: magazine article & magazine
  27. Mosquitoes: magazine article
  28. Mules/Oxen: newspaper and magazine articles
  29. Mule Races: newspaper & magazine articles, correspondence regarding mules
  30. Museums: Miscellaneous newspaper articles
  31. North, Evelyn Columns: from Bolivar Commercial newspaper article
  32. Order of the Eastern Star: newspaper article
  33. Peavine: newspaper articles and History of Railroads in Bolivar County
  34. P. O. W. Camps: newspaper articles
  35. Riverboats: newspaper articles, copy of picture and an event program.
  36. Storytelling: magazine article
  37. Tourism: Bolivar County / Delta brochures and newspaper article
  38. Turkey Hunting: magazine article
  39. U. D. C.: newspaper articles and book United Daughters of the Confederacy 1914
  40. Women’s Society of Christian Service: record books, Chinese event program, and newspaper article
  41. Woodmen of the World


Box 14:


  1. Blueprints of School Buildings: in Gunnison
  2. Bonds: Appearance bond and an Administrator’s Bond
  3. Correspondences: regarding Bolivar County and legal matters
  4. Copies of Newspaper Articles: regarding Gunnison and Rosedale
  5. Court Documents: from the Chancery Clerk Sheriff B. K. Bruce, etc.
  6. Delta Field: Dedication Delta Field Nov. 14, 1936, event program, and newspaper articles
  7. General Affidavits
  8. Gunnison papers: regarding William Dale Bell, Jr., Dr. Howard Lea Cockerham, churches in Gunnison, Concordia, Mississippi, boy scouts, Will Burt, and event programs.
  9. Invoices: regarding lodging dues, Union Planters, and local service stations and stores.
  10. Miscellaneous: post cards, invitations, book marks, and decorated napkins.
  11. Other Affidavits: regarding the State of Ohio, Justice Court, a search warrant, claim, and the State of New York.
  12. Photos: of Concordia Cemetery
  13. Post Office: Bolivar County
  14. Subpoenas: regarding criminal cases and civil cases
  15. Summons
  16. Tax Documents: receipts regarding levee and state taxes
  17. Warrants: Bench and Search Warrants
  18. Writs: regarding garnishment and replevin



  1. Record Books (2copies)



Box 15:


  1. Newspaper articles
  2. Photo and negatives
  3. Tax information
  4. Methodist Church 1848 (Possibly 1832): Papers and programs of the Gunnison Methodist Church



  1. Quarterly Conference Records (Rosedale and Benoit): Methodist-Episcopal Church 1934-38
  2. O.K. Sunday school Record Teacher’s Class Book (3copies)
  3. Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Mississippi, of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons, at the 56th Annual Grand Communication, held at Canton – 1874
  4. The Model Sunday school Record Book 1916-17 Methodist-Episcopal Church, Rosedale, MS
  5. Record Book, Frances Perkins, Sunday school, Methodist-Episcopal Church 1920
  6. Record Book, Rosedale, MS, Sunday school, Methodist-Episcopal Church 1913
  7. Record Book, Rosedale, MS, Sunday school, Methodist-Episcopal Church 1914
  8. Record Book, Rosedale, MS, Sunday school, Methodist-Episcopal Church 1915
  9. Concordia Lodge No. 347 F. & A.M Holy Bible


Box 16: Gunnison, MS


  1. Gunnison – History of town: Newspaper, magazine articles, papers on Gunnison
  2. Gunnison Street Scenes: Newspaper article with picture, newspaper and magazine pictures
  3. Gunnison Sewing Circle: Newspaper article and photo
  4. Gunnison School – Gunnison High: Newspaper articles, photos, and programs
  5. Gunnison Postal Service: Newspaper article, and photos
  6. Gunnison Newspaper Columns by Mrs. L.L. Davis: Newspaper articles
  7. Gunnison Gins: Photos and advertisement
  8. Gunnison Fire Department: Newspaper article
  9. Gunnison Banks: Newspaper article, photo, copies of checks
  10. Gunnison, Arvin Nye Memorial Marker: Programs of Dedication
  11. Gunnison School – Consolidated: Photos and newspaper articles
  12. Gunnison School – Bob Woods Elementary: Photos and article
  13. Gunnison Town Hall Building: Photos and newspaper articles
  14. Gunnison – Government of town: Newspaper articles
  15. Gunnison – Celebration of town: Event programs and photo
  16. Gunnison Attendance Center: School annual, photos, graduation programs, and flags



  1. Plutarch’s Lives by: Plutarch
  2. Photo Album with photos and articles about Gunnison, MS


Box 17:


  1. Christmas cards and postcards
  2. Postcards
  3. Stamps
  4. Christmas: Newspaper and magazine article about Christmas
  5. V-Mails and Telegram
  6. Miscellaneous: Other little cards and collectables
  7. Christmas Seals, 52 Years of 1907-1958-Newspaper Article in Mylar