Collection Title:  Thornell, Dr. John Collection

Collection Number:  M185  /  2005.10  / 2007.237  /  2007.43

Inclusive Dates:  1927 – 1966

Bulk Dates:  1963 – 1966

Volume:  3.0 Cubic Feet

Processor:  W. Ray


Scope and Content:

The Dr. John Thornell Collection consists of photos, the majority of which are from the 1927 flood.  The collection also consists of certificates achieved by Hazel Hamby, Dr. Thornell’s mother, and memorabilia used  by Dr. John Thornell from the 1996 Olympics held in Atlanta, Georgia.  It also contains a uniform, letters, medals, clippings, and a knife that pertain to Dr. Thornell’s brother, Lester Thornell, who was killed in Viet Nam in 1966.



Box 1

Box / Folder

1          1          Centennial Olympic Book Modern Olympic Games 7/19/96

2          Commemorative Edition of Atlanta Journal Constitution Paper 7/19/96

3          1996 Olympic Games Fact Book

Venue Pocket Guide

Opening Ceremony Cash Card

Commemorative pin – Centennial Olympic

ID on cord for John G. Thornell, Event Services Staff, Venue Management


Unfoldered Official Olympic Clothing

White scarf

Green cloth quilted Atlanta 1996 bag

2 pair green khaki pants

3 golf shirts Atlanta 1996

3 pairs khaki socks

1 pair brown Rebok shoes

blue canvas belt with Atlanta 1996 buckle

plastic poncho still in bag

straw hat with Olympic seal


Box 2

Box / Folder

2          1          Letters to Parents from Lester Thornell – 1960 –Fort Knox, KY

2          Letters to Parents  from Lester Thornell – 1963 – Fort Polk, LA, Fort Lee, VA

3          Letters to Parents from Lester Thornell – 1964 – Hawaii

4          Letters to Parents from Lester Thornell – 1965 – Hawaii

5          Letters to Parents from Lester Thornell – 1966 – Viet Nam

6          Beneficiary Designation for Lester Thornell

Military Test Report for Lester Thornell

Allotment Papers for Lester Thornell

Certificate of Educational Achievement for Lester Thornell

Drivers License Nov. 10, 1965 for Lester Thornell

1960 Cleveland High D.O. Banquet Program (Lester Thornell’s)

Unopened Letter addressed to Mr. Lester Thornell at home Dec. 22, 1965

Code of Conduct pocket card

7          Obituary from Comm. Appeal on death of Lester Thornell killed April 2, 1966.

Sympathy letters, cards, memorials, and telegrams

Letter from Lt. Col. Tate (Army Adviser) Greenwood, MS dated Feb. 3, 1967

8          Misc. news clipping and 3 personal letters addressed to Mrs. Thornell.

Hazel Hamby Certificates (Dr. John Thornell’s mother):

Certificate for Progress 1928, Certificates for Spelling 1925, 1926, 1928 & 1929, Reading 1929 (2), Reading 1925 (2), Reading 1926, Elementary School

Certificate 1930, High School Diploma from Central School in Jackson, MS

Dated 1936

9          6 b/w photos of 1927 flood in MS Delta

2 b/w photos of 1927 flood in Belzoni, MS (Hayden St. & Courthouse)

1 color photo of Leflore’s grave

1 color photo of former Gov. Alcorn’s grave

1 color photo of ? grave

10        Hill Demonstration Year Book 1932-33

Hill Demonstration Year Book Undated – possibly 1931-32


2 / Unfoldered

Lester Thornell military items:

1 Army issue knife in green canvas sheath

1 wooden box that contains Lester Thornell dogtags, keys, ring and

cross on chain, other metal identifier tags, 3 foreign coins, miniature

knife on chain, 3 brass US buttons, several other bars, medals, crosses.


Box 3

Box / Folder

3 / Unfoldered (Uniform worn by Lester Thornell)

2 Army dress hats

1 Army Garrison wool cap

1 Army dress coat and pant