Interlibrary Loan Department

Interlibrary Loan Department- Turnaround Time

The Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Department at Roberts-LaForge Library strives to fill all requests in a reasonable amount of time. We cannot predict when your material will arrive as various factors can expedite or delay the process. The average turnaround time for an article is five business days and ten business days for a book. If you have a question regarding your request or any other ILL-related issue, please contact Janet Horne in the Interlibrary Loan Department at 662.846.4448.

Creating an ILL Request

As ILL is a service which attempts to borrow needed materials that the Roberts-LaForge Library does not own, local students, faculty and staff must come to the library to check out or make copies of materials that we do own.

You may request an Interlibrary Loan by completing a form in one of the following formats:

Note: To view a PDF file, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download it for free.

Receiving an ILL Request

You will be notified via email when your ILL materials arrive. Articles will be emailed as a PDF file and books must be picked up at the Serials/ILL desk. If there are any special lending restrictions or quality issues, you may be contacted by telephone to discuss those issues. If we are unable to fill your request, you will be contacted via the email address you provided on your request form.

Other ILL Policies

  • The maximum number of books/materials patrons are allowed to borrow through ILL at any one time is fifteen.
  • Please call at least three business days prior to the due date to renew an ILL book. The lending institution must authorize extensions.
  • Friends of the Library Platinum Lifetime users are the only Friends members allowed to use ILL Services.

Distance Education Requests

For students who do not come to campus and meet certain distance requirements, they may declare themselves as a distance education student to receive certain privileges. To request this service, you must complete the Distance Education Verification Form before submitting a request. If this form has not been submitted, your request will be treated as a regular Interlibrary Loan request. Please read the Distance Education page to determine if you are eligible for these services. Please note that while Distance Education forms look similar to those used for Interlibrary Loan, they are completely different forms. Please use the appropriate forms.  For more information see the FAQ below.

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InterLibrary Loan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is it?

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service in which the Roberts-LaForge Library can borrow materials from other lending institutions.

Who can use it?

Full ILL services are available to Delta State University students, faculty, and staff. Friends of the Library Platinum Lifetime members may also use ILL services.

How do you request an ILL?

Requests may be submitted online through the Interlibrary Loan Department page.

Requests may also be submitted via a paper request which can be located at the Serials Desk in the Roberts-LaForge Library. Please fill out the form legibly and completely. The ISBN for books and the ISSN for journals specifically identify the material and should be included if they are available to you. The form may be turned in at the Serials/ILL Desk.

Some databases offer the capability to submit a request which is forwarded to the ILL Department. If you need assistance in submitting such a request, call the ILL Department at 662.846.4448.

How long until I receive my materials?

It depends. The average time for an article is five business days and a book is ten business days. Many factors affect when materials are received, but we strive to get your materials quickly.

How much does it cost?

Normally, it costs nothing to request materials through ILL. However, some libraries may require a fee for photocopies and this is a price that you will absorb. When filling out the request form, indicate a maximum price that you are willing to spend to obtain materials. You will be contacted to confirm that you are willing to pay for the article.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes. Usually libraries will not send rare or unique books, new books, dissertations/theses, textbooks, DVDs, reference books, videotapes, or fragile items through the mail. It is up to the owning library to decide if they will lend their materials.

How will I be notified of arrivals?

When your materials arrive, you will be notified by email.

Need more assistance?

Contact Janet Horne in the Interlibrary Loan Department, Room 214, or call her at 662.846.4448 for questions concerning your request.

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