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W.C. Burney, Jr. served Greenville, Mississippi as a police chief and mayor. Known for his tall statue and caring heart, he often went out of his      way – including dressing up in a tutu and wig-  to help raise funds for charity.

Box 1: Memorabilia

Union Planters Bank-Piggy Bank
Gold Plated Wooden Desk Calendar
Melba Midgets Cigar Box
2nd Annual Bosses Night 79-80, Washington County
Three Coffee Mugs- Mississippi , Greenville Police Department, Rotary International Indianola, MS
Two Trophies, GHA ’73, Excellence in Agrimarketing MS Chemical and Delta Design
Four Funny Drawings and quotes in Picture Frames


  1. Name Plate for Office Deskburnley
  2. The Salvation Army Plaque to William C. Burnley Jr.
  3. Autograph Book
  4. 1904 Bank of Anguilla and MS ashtray
  5. Seven MS badges of police and fire department
  6. Gold Plated 20th Anniversary Plaque

Lions International Hat Greenville, MS

Award from MS National Guard for Outstanding Support

Twenty three Bumper Stickers

Eight 2000 Greenville Bluesmen Promotional Schedule

Newspaper clipping mentioning William C. Burney

Voters Card for W.C. Bill Burney, Mayor of Greenville

Two Key chains

1997-2002 Drivers Licenses

Fourteen Buttons

Eight Greenville, MS Police Patches

The Law Officer’s Pocket Manual 1974 edition

Four Voting Mail

Three photographs

Nine FBI Books

Laws of MS- Alcoholic Beverage Control Laws Rules and Regulations January 1971

Virginia Burnley, Certificate of Church Membership

Box 2: William Burnley Jr.’s various certificates and photographs

Red Cross Wooden Plaque
FBI National Academy Clipboard


  1. Appointment to Commission on Law Enforcement Assistance Certificate
  2. Certificate of Membership in the International Academy of Criminology
  3. Photograph of the 42nd session Class Picture of the FBI National Academy
  4. Certificate of Appreciation from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
  5. Nine issues of the State Veterans’ Affairs Board Certification
  6. Photograph of W. Burnley in uniform
  7. 92nd Imperial Council Session Certificate
  8. Greyhound Photograph
  9. W.C. Burnley Jr. dressed in a tutu

Box 3: Photographs and Plaques

Commemoration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the American Legion Plaquetutu
Policeman of the Year Plaque, 1967
Bethel Methodist Church Plaque, 1981
Serene Lodge Plaque, 1978


  1. Police Department Photograph
  2. Mississippi Highway Patrol Photograph
  3. Photo of Ed Larson, 4/11/1978
  4. Two Photographs of a teenage boy and two girls
  5. Three policemen and young women photograph
  6. Greenville Kiwanis Club Resolution


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