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The Metcalfe/Weathers collection contains personal letters, photographs, and family history of Jane Metcalfe Weathers and her Metcalfe family. Postcards and correspondence between Metcalfe family members vary from the late 1800s up to the early 1990s. The following information exists as valuable for genealogy and to obtain a unique look inside life in a small plantation town.


Box 1: Personal Papers and News clippings


  1. TO an Angry Young Man by Leo Rosten- Look Magazine, 11/12/1968

Thank You Letter to W.T. Weathers from Mississippi State College Extension Service, 1/6/1959

Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School Newspaper-Enrollment, 10/16/1959

2. Baby Announcement for William McCaleb, 1961

Letter to P.E.M. Collins of Metcalfe from her child at school, 1921

Letters to Jane Metcalfe Weathers from William Kent Metcalfe, 5/1/1982

3. Christmas Card to P.E. Collins from Daisy, 12/24/1919

Handwritten letter to P.E.M. Collins from Asheville, NC, 8/6/1921

Card from Anne to Mrs. Walter Weathers with a bookmark, 8/27/1968

4. Letter to P. Metcalfe Collins from Priscilla with a lock of baby hair, 3/14/1915

Letter to P.E.M. Collins from Albert Alexander with a Christmas card attached, 5/9/1913

Letter to Mrs. Metcalfe Collins from Women’s auxiliary, 3/1/1920

5.Letter to Mrs. Evy Metcalfe Collins from Priscilla Alexander, 5/28/1911

Family History from Archie White Kling to Elizabeth Metcalfe, 2/9/1916

Genealogical Department Documents

6. Letter to P.E. Metcalfe from Mary Cousins McCabe concerning the Metcalfe/Littler Family Branches, 6/12/1917

2 Senior Portraits of the same man

Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School Directory, 1959-1960

7. Marine Corps Base Graduation Exercises, 1/5/1968

Christmas card from Elena Hood to Mrs. P.E. Metcalfe Collins

Christmas card with a baby picture from Jane, Boots, and Wallas

Picture of Allyson and Walter, Hawaii, 1969

8. Obituary for Catherine Weathers Murphy

1967 Osborne Student Visit in Europe touring Schedule

Postcard to Evy Metcalfe Collins from G.W

Thank you Letter to Jane Weathers from Granddaughter Sallie, 1984

9. Letter from Priscilla to P. Evy Metcalfe Collins

Baby Information page on Bootsmetcalfe-1

Thank you Note to W.J. Weathers from Mrs. Oliver, 11/18/1969

Letter from D. Miller to P.Evy Metcalfe Collins, 7/17/1919

10. Letter to P. Evy Metcalfe Collins from her child

Beginning of some Genealogy

Mid-Delta Obituaries- Mrs. Nell P. Eckles

Letter from Aunt Hickey

Graduation Dance invitation to Mr. Walter Weathers Jr.

11. 2 baby pictures of Walter

Easter card from Sallie and Walter to W.T. Weathers, 1980

Funeral Clipping for Edmund Kearney Metcalfe, 10/27/1982

Condolence Letter to Harley and Jane Metcalfe, 5/13/1953

12. Get Well Soon card to Sallie Metcalfe from Allyson, 3/20/1960

Letter to Jane and Walter Metcalfe from Charlie and Lola, 5/8/1967

Goodbye card from Diane to Walter Metcalfe

Clipping of Katherine Brantley Low’s Obituary

13. Wedding Invitation of Walter Weathers, Jr. to Allyson Neece, 11/15/1969

Cards from W.M. Girardeau to Aunt Sally Metcalfe along with three photos of Gail and Linda Weathers

Baby Announcement of Sallie Metcalfe Weathers, daughter of Captain W. T. Weathers Jr., 6/9/1972

Thank you card to Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Weathers from Nani Bradford, 11/19/1969

14. Letter to Sallie Metcalfe from Leila, 1988

Letter from Jennie Chamberlain to her sister Sallie, 11/18/1906

Shelby Edwards Obituary, 10/20/1967

15. Christmas Letter from Evy’s Family, 1967

Letter to Mr. and Mrs. Harley Metcalfe from Jane, 1/18/1943

Letter to Jane Metcalfe Weathers from Boots Gauger

Mother’s Day card to Mrs. W.T. Weathers from Allyson and Walter Jr.

16. Get Well Soon card to Sallie from Walter Jr.

Happy Mother’s Day card from Walter Jr., 5/10/1964

Scan of Wedding Announcement of Annie Boyer and George Weathers

Genealogy of Shelby Family

17. Mrs. Walter Thornton Weathers calling card

Letter for Jane Weathers from Virginia Rusk

Letter from Lisa Reynolds to Jane Weathers, 9/19/1976

Scanned photograph of Marion Miller

18. Card to Sallie Metcalfe from Jean, 11/24/1966

Letter from Mrs. Thomas Farned to Ms. W.T. Weathers inquiring about Caldwell family

Letter to Jane and Boots Metcalfe from Dorothy Jane discussing Walter’s injury, 2/25/1969

Letter to Mrs. Sally Metcalfe from Brother Walter at U.S. Marine Corps School, 7/12/1968

19. D.A.R. membership invitation to Jane Weathers, 1954

Letter to Jane Weathers from George of Memphis, TN, 1/3/1970

Season’s greetings card to Jane Weathers from Anne and Walter Sutton, 12/19/1990

20. All Saints Chapel Bulletin, 6/5/1966

University of the South Commencement Day Program (3), 6/5/1966

Wedding Invitation between Hebe Smythe to Peyton Splane, III 4/16/1966

21. Thank You card from Bobby Ann and Becky Branch to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Weathers, 12/22/1965

Clipping of Ruth Telle Metcalfe Wedding Announcement

Thank You letter to Weathers from Thomas Ward Jr., 12/30/1965

22. Law School Recommendation for W.P. Weathers, Jr. from Douglas Wynn, 3/29/1966

Wedding Invitation for Floyce Brewer to Robert Brand, 7/26/1966

Wedding Invitation for Eugenia Lanier and Eugene Bogen, 8/13/1966

23. Wedding Invitation for Florence Hargrove to Hugh Ray, Jr, 9/3/1966

Ball Invitation for Patricia Parkinson, Gay Graeber, Deena Casburn, 9/2/1966

Wedding Invitation for Catharine Ingram to William Smyle, 7/24/1966

24. Wedding Invitation for Janice Campbell to Bruce Coleman, 7/30/1966

Wedding Invitation of Mary Elizabeth Powers to John Kirk, 6/3/1966

Wedding Invitation of Ruth Metcalfe to Ronald Davis, 2/5/1966

25.Wedding Invitation of Anne Archer to Elvin Dennington, 6/8/1966

Wedding Invitation of Rose Shamoun to Michael McGahan, 8/6/1966

Wedding Invitation of Caledonia Payne to Charles Bath, 4/3/1966

26. Wedding Invitation of Marjorie Kimble to Michael Loux, 7/11/1966

Four collections of Kodak Color Souvenir Slides

Three Prints of Souvenir Slides

Paris Postcard to Mr. and Mrs. Royal Branton from Walter, 1966

27. Rhodes Postcard from Walter, 1966

Pisa Postcard from Walter, 1966

Notre Dame Paris to Mrs. Harley Metcalfe from Walter, 1966

Eiffel Tower from Walter, 1966

Chambord Postcard from Walter, 1966

Panorama de Anacapri from Walter, 1966

Istanbul Postcard from Walter, 1966

28. Letter to Mr. and Mrs. Weathers from Walter, 8/12/1966

Letter to Mr. and Mrs. Weathers from Walter in Madrid

Letter to Mr. and Mrs. Weathers from Walter, 8/3/1966

Letter to Mr. and Mrs. Weathers from Walter 7/26/1966

29. Coming out Dance for Allegra Cope and Ethel Wood, 6/9/1966

Letter to Walter from John Day Peake, Jr., 6/15/1966

Coming out Dance for Mary Evelyn Newell, Matilda Turner, Anne Ellen Spencer, 6/7/1966

30. Graduation Invitation for the University of the South, 6/5/1966

Walters Report Card, 2/11/1966

98th Commencement Program for the University of the South

Wedding Invitation for Macy Perry to Albert Lum, 3/13/1965

31. Wedding Invitation for Mary Wilson to Neil Nessa, 3/18/1966

Wedding Invitation for Malvina Shoemaker to James Anderson, 5/29/1966

Wedding Invitation for Catherine Boyd to James Kelley III, 4/7/1966

32. Bridal Brunch invitation for Jo. Mc Knight and Jimmy Brown, 7/18/1964

Wedding Invitation for Jo MCKnight and Jimmy Brown, 7/18/1964

“The Right to Discriminate” The Sewanee Purple, 2/13/1964

33.Dance invitation in honor of Nellie Casburn, Nancy Johnson, 8/28/1964

South African Postcard from Jean to Mrs. W. Weathers

Card from Jill Rowley to Mr. Weathers, 7/23/1964

34. “They Built the Delta,” Delta Democrat Times, 9/14/1966 (2)

Sewanee Military Academy Alumni Quarterly, June 1964

Photo of Walter Weathers in Sewanee Wrestling gear

35. Photo of Jane Raymond Metcalfe at 8 months, 1907

Christmas card from Julia

Cotillion Dance Invitation, 5/29/1964

36. Graduation Dance Invitation, 5/29/1964metcalfe-2

Calling Card from Mrs. William Thomas Wynn, 12/22/1964

Letter to Mrs. Weathers from John Sharp, 7/25/1964

37. Howard Johnson Postcard to Mrs. Harley Metcalfe from Walter, 11/26/1958

Photograph of a woman (20s era) Moses Studio

38. Metcalfe Genealogy Letter, 4/15/1982

Christmas card to Mrs. Weathers, 1985

Letters concerning Runways at Greenville Air Base, 4/4/1956

39. Letter to Mrs. O’Donnell from Anne Clark, 4/29.1966

MS Postage Stamp, 1967

Theodore Roosevelt Clippings

40. Remarks at dedication of Theodore Roosevelt Monument in Bear Lake, 8/14/1960

Revolution in Mississippi, Small Business article

Chronology of life of Holt Collier

41. Delta Debutantes Clippings, 1962

Jane Weathers, Late twenties photograph

Sewanee Purple Page- Rush Week, 9/27/1962

42. Thornton Family Genealogy

Phi Delta Theta, University of the South, Chapter Photo, 1964

Postcards to Metcalfe, 1918

43. Letter to Sallie from niece Anne (with two pressed flowers), 9/16/1911

The Palmer Method of Business Writing, 1915

Women in Thrift Shop Uniform Photo

44. Weathers’ expense ledger, 1965

Walter’s Stock Ledger

Hospital Stay Scrapbook, February 1940


Box 2: Personal Papers, Photographs, and News clippings



  1. Photograph of elderly man with a cigar and two elderly women, 11/24/1962 (2)

Photograph of a young man and elderly woman staring at each other, “Just before going to chapter Xmas, 1962”

Photograph of a young man and elderly woman with her hand on her hip, “Mother’s birthday, 11/24/1962”

2. Photograph of two elderly women in evening dresses sitting on a chair, “After Debutante Ball, 1962 Lola’s escort.”

Photograph of Blooming Plants

Photograph of a young man posing in a tux, “Dec 1962 Debutante Ball Lola’s escort”

Photograph of a young man in tux with an elderly woman, “Debutante Ball, 1962

3. Photograph of 13 men in suits posing behind a table, March 1963

Photograph, “summer 1967- Walter returning from Europe, his dad missing him”

Photograph of man in uniform looking sideways, “Jan. 5, 1968 graduated from OCS Quantico”

Photograph of man in uniform shaking hands (2)

4. Photograph of a little boy dressed as a cowboy, “Summer 1947”

Photograph of a man in sunglasses posing by wall

“First day of school 1950 2nd grade, almost 7yrs”

10 photographs of snow covering houses, dorms, cars, and fields, November 1964

5. 8 photos of Walter and Warner’s trip to NYC at Thanksgiving, 1964

Photograph of Charles, Bill, and Mr. Gignilliat

Photograph of the Gianilliats House

Photograph of 2 elderly men on a boat, 1964 or 1965

6. 3 photographs of 2 elderly women talking on a couch, 1964 or 1965

8 photographs from Tal’s birthday with Sarah, November 1965

Large photograph of Allyson Neece Weathers on her wedding day.

Large family photograph

7. Large photograph of an elderly woman in 1986 at Olan Mills

Photograph of a painting of Jennie Chamberlain, Jane Metcalfe Weather’s namesake.

Photograph of a painting of Evelina Matilda McCaleb

Photograph of a painting of Sarah Jefferies and son Nathaniel Jefferies.

8. Photograph of Boots in New Guina

Photograph of man and hunting dogs on Belmont grounds

Photograph of Boots in New Guina Army Base

Photograph of Boots and dogs

9. Newspaper covering Mississippi Narratives of American slaves

Clipping discussing Theodore Roosevelt’s bear hunt, 8/3/1936

Newspaper clipping of the wedding announcement of Allyson Neece ad W.T. Weathers Jr.

Newspaper clipping of Metcalfes losing home to Army Air force base

Clipping to article on Ben Wasson Jr.’s life

10.All Saints Mission Account book, 1914

All Saints Mission Account book, 1916-1917

24th Annual report of the Women’s Auxiliary to the Board of Missions, 4/13-15/1915

23rd Annual report of the Women’s Auxiliary to the Board of Missions, 4/21-23/1914 (2)

11. Letter to Martha and Joey from Jane and Florence in Mexico, 1934

Vietnam News clipping

Clipping of Delta Debutante Club Presentation Ball

Clipping about the Theodore Roosevelt hunt on Delta Daily Page

12. E.E. Bass Junior High School Merit Award ‘B’ for Walter Weathers (2)

Photograph of the OCS MCS F Company 1st platoon, Dec. 1967

Walter Weather’s St. Rose of Lima School Kindergarten Diploma, 5/18/1949

The Mountain Phi

13. Walter Weathers Certificate of Merit in the Latham Foundation International Poster Contest, 1958

Walter Weathers tag as Rush Chairman

Photograph “summer 1967 2nd trip to Europe

Christmas card photograph of family to “Tal,” 1972

14. Walter Weathers E.E. Bass Junior High School Diploma, 6/4/1957

Honorable Discharge Certificate, 5/29/1968

Phi Delta Theta clippings, 1962

Letter from Jill Rowley to Walter Weathers, 6/22/1962

15. Letter from George Cunningham to Jane Weathers, 9/18/1962

A typical Dormitory St. Stephen’s Episcopal School, Austin, TX postcard 1962

List of the Debutantes and Board members, 1962

Letter to the Boys from Mother, 3/27/1962

16. Bachelor’s Club invite, 12/21/1964

Merry Christmas card from the Corrigans with Photographmetcalfe-3

Dance in honor of Jane Burdine and Melanie Maxwell, 8/28/1964

Five photographs from Christmas 1962

Wedding Invitation for Dorothy Walker to Ray Meeks, Jr., 6/19/1964

Letter from Dot Hector to Jane Weathers, September 1962

17. Telegram to Mr. and Mrs. Harley Metcalfe Jr. from Lucille and Connie, 7/26/1946

Letter to Jane from “W”

Walter Weathers grades, 11/19/1962, 6/11/1963

Letter to Mother and Daddy from Walter concerning Rush week, 9/27/1962

18. Dance invitation honoring Patricia Weathers, Sallie Neblett, and Ruth Telle Metcalfe, 8/25/1962

Three Photographs of an elderly woman sitting on a couch

Brief history of the University of the South

Football game ticket 13th Annual All star Football game, 8/10/1962

19. Pledge Day card for Walter Weathers

Dance invitation in honor of Anne Archer and Blanche Newton, 12/19/1962

List of 1962 Bachelors

Walter T. Weathers’ Library card, 1/7/1962

20. Invitation for the annual Stardust ball

Letter from Walter to Mother and Daddy discussing school, 1/2/1962Invitation to supper honoring Lola Eutis and Marion Fleming, 12/22/1962

Clipping of officers in Bachelors club

Two tickets to the 8th Blue Bonnet Bowl, 12/7/1966

21. Family History, 4/4/1978

U.S. Senate Chamber passes for Walter Weathers, 6/6/1968

Annie Weathers- Highest Academic Honors Certificate, 1994-1995

Clipping on Jane Metcalfe Weathers and original teddy bear

22. 5 negatives of family at Christmas

8 airborne patches

The Alice Bell Garden Club yearbook, 1941

Christmas card from E.W. Thompson, 12/25/1919

23. Letter from Mae, 8/29/1916

17 small photos of little girl

2 small photos of brother/sister on beach

4 photos of woman (late 10s/ early 20s era)

2 small photos of houses

1 small photo of elderly woman

1 small photo of woman and little girl

24. 1 small photo of two little girls

1 small photo of man with legs crosses

Photo of Evy Alexander, 8 ½ months

P. Evy Alexander’s curls in an envelope, 1916

Note to Mimi Donna from Evy with hair curl, 8/3/1918

25. Membership notification card to DAR to Mrs. P. Evy Metcalfe Collins, 1/19/1916

Postcard to Mrs. Evy Collins from GH Hood, 8/18/1919

Letter to Evy from Jennie Holladay, 1/26/1909

26. DAR Belvidere chapter yearbook, 1967-1968

DAR Belvidere Chapter yearbook, 1946-1947

DAR Belvidere Chapter yearbook, 1917

W.T. Weathers Jr, First Picture

W.T. Weathers photo in overalls in front of a fence

27.  The Annual Flower Show of Greenville Garden Club, 10/28/1953

Junior Greenville Garden Club Yearbook, 1939

Photo is a young man

S.J. Metcalfe, 1913

S.J Metcalfe in Frame, 1913

Wedding invitation for Miriam Cunningham to Wilson Eatherly, 1/24/1950

Sallie J. Metcalfe will’s terms on silver

28.  Letter to Hon. W.H. Hammett, 2/26/1861

Doctor bill charged to Augustus Metcalfe, 8/24/1861

Letter to Sallie Metcalfe from niece Anne Girardeau, 9/29/1949

Letter from Harley to Tal, 3/7/1953

Letter from Eleanor Rudolph to Brandon, 7/23/1909

29.  20 Photos of Tal in her 90s

31 photos of Walter Jr. throughout his life

3 photos of Walter Jr. with Children

5 photos of Allyson with baby Annie

11 photos of Allyson and Walter’s children

12 photos of Jane

Four photos of school days at E.E. Bass Jr. High

3 photos of unidentified children

3 photos of home/land

9 photos of unidentified adults

30. Walter and Allyson’s wedding clippings and Rehearsal Dinner invitation

31. Four Letters to Mrs. Collins from Hansen, Michigan-Nina Alleyne (Correspondence over care packages) 9/1/1923, 10/24/1924, 7/4/1924, 9/2/1923

32. 32 letters to “mama” from Priscilla (1921-1924)

33. Letter to Collins from Virginia Jones about health, 10/31/1924

19 Holiday Postcards (1922)

Three Photos of Evy Alexander’s father checking a wildcat tower, 1/27/1924

34. Clippings about Nancy Weathers account of her wedding

Clippings of Allyson Neece Weathers’ wedding

35. Walter Thornton Weathers’ Alpha Omega Fraternity Certificate

Photo of debutantes and gentlemen on the Queen Elizabeth

Photo of Linda Mead, 1961 Miss America and Nannie Weathers

36. Graduation invitation for Kinkaid School, 5/26/1989

Christmas card from Rene and Herbert Eustus with picture of Molly & Herbert Eustis, fall 1989

150th Anniversary of Mississippi Statehood Postage

37. Copy of Eulogy of Clive Metcalfe

Copy of clipping on former Ambassador Clark, 3/19/1988

Historic homes and churches pamphlet

History of the Claiborne Light infantry

38. Jefferies/Metcalfe genealogy letter  metcalfe-4

Frederick Augustus Metcalfe’s hair

Shelby genealogy letter, 8/24/1921

McCaleb genealogy list

Metcalf History card

Correspondence over J.A Miller’s Tomb with two photos

39. T. Hal Jefferies agreement, 1874

Letter to brother from F.A. Metcalfe (including drawings), 10/4/1913

40. Photo of Jane

Photo of Walter, 1949

Easter card with photo of church chapel

List of and Calendar for Bachelor’s club, 1961

St. Stephen’s Episcopal School Directory, 1960-1961

Letter between Aunt Sally over loan money and family ring, 3/10/1961

41. Photo of Keith

Letter to Jennie from Jane, 2/12/1943

3 Letters to Jane from Snooky while at camp, 6/10/1942

Ambassador Edward Clark’s Statements, 1/23/1966


Box 3: Newspapers – Weekly Democrat, Delta Democrat, Delta Democrat Times (1916-1952)


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