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This collection consists of multiple boxes that all contain memorabilia from various Greenville Businesses. Touch real life history!

Box: Little Things


1.      Bank of Leland First Aid Kit

First National Bank Thermostat

First National Bank deposit slip

Commercial National Bank bag

Sunburst Bank bag

Greenville’s Independent Bank bag

The First National Bank bag

McCormick Book Inn money bag

The Citizen’s Bank Wallet

Commercial National Bank matches (3)

First National Bank matches

Greenville Bank & Trust Co. matches

The Bank of Leland matches

Greenville’s only independent bank matches

Greenville Bank & Trust Co. Ruler

Greenville Bank Flower Key Chain

Greenville Bank Money Clip

2 Round Greenville Bank Keychain

Greenville Bank Paper Clip

First National Bank pencil

Union Planters Bank pencil

Sunburst Bank Magnify (2)

Greenville Bank and Trust Co. pen

Greenville Bank & Trust Co. Ruler

The First National Bank tag

Sunburst Bank pencil

Planters Bank Keychain

First National Bank bottle opener

Sunburst Bank Magnifier pen

Commercial National Bank Keychainpicture11

Sunburst Bank Keychain

Sunburst Bank Letter opener (2)

Commercial National Bank money Clip

Trustmark National Bank money clip

Deposit Guaranty National Bank Ruler

Greenville Bank Ruler

Bank of Leland drink top

Sunburst Bank pen (2)

Greenville Bank pen

Sunburst pencil


2.      E.M. Gray Pure Oil Products memo book

Henderson & Baird Hardware Co. since 1889 tag

Metal button from BB King Museum

Tenenbaum’s of Greenville nail file

Eutis Dees and Outzen nail file

M.J. Keady nail file

Poplar Place business card

Hunt & Robertshaw agents’ card

Dial your Mileage from Paul’s Chevron Station

Henry Crosby Company calendar (2)

Schlom’s Greenville Jewelers bag

Miers & Pratt Insurance Agency

Greenville Optical Dispensary eyeglass case (2)

Farnsworth Jewelry bag

The Office Supply Company Ruler

Greenville Paint & Glass Ruler

Family Medical Center ruler

Greenville Compress pencils (4)

International Vegetable Oil Mill pencils (2)

Henderson and Baird Hardware mechanical pencils (2)

7-11 Minute Market pencil

Refuge Cotton Oil pencils (2)

Greenville Lumber Co. Pencil

Harry Bynum Ford Pencil

Woolworth’s pencil

Washington School Generals pencil

MS Bar High School Mock Trial Pencil

Greenville Compress Pencil

Fountain’s Green Growcery pen

Rebel Gas Pen

Ful-o-pep pen

J.T. Jackson’s Gulf pen

The Book Store pen

Virden Lumber & Steel pen

Greenville Bank & Trust pen

Greenville Garden Center pen

Fulton Co. pen

Federated Insurance Co. pen

Henderson & Baird pen

Cities Service pen

Brent Marine Supply Co. pen

Nathan Goldstein’s Superior Cage Eggs pen

Baird & co. pen

Mohasco Independent pen

How Joy pen

Henry’s cleaner’s pen

South Main Gulf pen

Greenville Aero Services pen

Edward Jones pen

Guy Hall Motors ruler

Mack Mooney Business Machines ruler

Washington Co. Savings ruler

Who gave this to me? Mechanical pencil

Book Store calculator

Servpro Letter opener

Miss Power & Light Thermometer

Kretschmar Reality pen

Ice pick- Crystal

Gamble Bros pen

LE matchbook

Nathan Goldstein II pen

England Motor Co. Key holder

Cotton Club Keychain (2)

Greenville-Delta Sams 1992 pin

Las Vegas Casino token

Greenway Gulf Station knife

Henderson & Baird Letter opener

Asbury Paint & Glass Keychain with Keys

Fieldings Drive IN Keychain

Schlom’s Jewel Box

Port City Trucking keychain

Eustis Dees & Outzen keychain (4)

Greenville Oil Works Knife

Deer Creek Elevator ice pick

Norris Motors Letter opener

Fountain Green Growcery Keychain

H. Scott cork screw

Welcome Wagon keychain

England keychain

Harry Vickery sewing kit

Leland Wholesale keychain

Delta Implement Keychain

New Dixie Fasteners Keychain

Delta Pine & Land Co. keychain

Frank England screwdriver (2)

Wholesale cash Grocery maker (2)

Terracina Motor Co. Keychain

Vickery Keychain

Exxon Travel Club Token

Henderson & Baird Hardware pen

Washington County Community Partnership keychain

Delta Implement Co. keychain (2)

Leland Wholesale Building Materials keychain (2)

Doe’s Eat Place Keychain (2)

Photo Supply Lighter

Sears Keychain

Vickery Keychain

Meadors Chevrolet Co. Keychain

National Funeral Home keychain

Valley Chemical Co. keychain

Raney’s Auto keychain

Greenville Bank Keychain

Downtowner Motor Inn spoon

Greenville pin

Zippo Lighter

Shipley Do Not Shop Keychain

Computer Concepts Inc screwdriver

England Motor Co. clip

Welcome Wagon Hostess pin

Gulf Super Service ice scraper

Henderson & Baird price tag

2 sales tax token

The Book Store wooden nickel

Ceramic tube Carsons Drugs


3.      Matches:

The Peabody (3)

Delta Blues Festival ‘79

Rice Council (2)

Mebane packaging Corp

P.H. Davis tailors

Greenville Country Club (4)

Cellar Door

The Village Party Store (9)

Greenville Texaco Station (2)

Park Inn Grill & Courtpicture12

Chic Shop

Mayflower Restaurant

Goyer Supply Co

Downtown Hotel-Motel

Barry’s Styling Center (3)

Cotton Club Casino

Las Vegas Casino

Headless Horseman

Greenville Yacht Club

Peerless Tires

Louis Garrett Co.

The Cow Pen

Fleming’s Restaurant

Miller One Limited

Blue & White Service Station

Wallace Arnold Jewelers

Hoy Joy

Hotel Greenville (2)

Town House

Lory Motor Court

Azar Motel & Restaurant

Salad Bowl Restaurant


4.     Metal Stamps:

Delta Medical Center

Bev-Mar Fabric Center

McMillan Supply Company

Virden Homes

Downtowner Motor Inns

U.S. Axminster

The Delta Route

Mainstream Music


5.    8 Barnet pins

Card- Willard L. Mcllwain State Senator

American Legion Department Convention, July 11-13 1975

Frank Self, mayor pin

Clarke Reed- Vice President

Ole Miss pin

I Have Registered pin

Harvey Tackett- Sheriff nail file

James H. Beckum, Sr. Chancery Clerk, nail file


6.      Trinket dish

Miss Magnolia State Button (2)

American Red Cross pin (3)

St. Josephs Bracelet

Mayor Burnley photo Keychain

Miss State College ceramic top

Greenville Miss Vision pin

Green Greenville Miss Keychain

Mississippi Pin (3)

Greenville Mississippi pin (2)

Greenville High School charm

Kings Daughters pin guitar pin


7.     Keychain (buoy) from the Marina with Texaco ad

Pencil from Leland: Birthplace of the Frog

Pen: Washington Co. Convention & Visitors Bureau

Casino Wristwatch

1956 Scout patch

Bookmark- House on First Street by Julia Reed

Ticket book to MS State Bar Assn, 1936

Token from Ayager for bread loaf

R.G. Haxton parking token

2 5-cent parking tokens

2 dog (animal) tags

St. Joseph High dedication medallion

Las Vegas gaming token

Planters Bank token

New Orleans Top of the Art token

Buddie Newman token

Picayune MS token

Biloxi Mardi Gras token

2 Trent Lott token

2 Bill Allain tokens

3 Anheauser-Busch/ Clydesdales tokens

Ramblin Bo-Weevils pin

I Heart MS Delta pin

Annie-Delta Center Stage pin

American Legion World Series pin, 1979

4 pins- Daughter of a Southern Mother

Box: Case 1

A Marine Gears INC. Belt Buckle
First National Bank in Greenville, MS Fingernail clipper
England Motor Company Ford/Honda, Greenville, MS Magnet
A Small Wooden Shoe (Clog), Greenville, MS on the side
Small wooden suitcase- I am Mailing my baggage, Greenville, MS on the back
Flowers Transportation INC. Greenville, MS Paperweight
NEIMS and BLUM Greenville, MS Jewelry gift box
The Smart Shop Greenville, MS jewelry gift box
Black and Gold Saucer/Security
Elks Home, Greenville, MS: saucer for H.A. Hoffman
“This is Stolen from the Marina Home of Food” Lake Ferguson, Greenville, MS Ashtray
Ashtray with a boat inside
Fly Southern 6th year of Progress shot glass
Glass Plaque: Gulf Oil Corporation
Black, white , gold glass ashtray: Mississippi Valley Investment Company
Two Small off-white saucers
A Silver Uncle Ben’s INC 19 years by the River and still Rising plate
A Glass Black and Gold Thermostat
A Trustmark National Bank Desk Clock
Machinists Welders Steel Fabricators Ashtray
The Heritage Cup Trustmark Mug

Box 3:

A Lion Shaped paper weight
A small red plastic owl shaped Washington Federal Savings Bank
A Small King’s Daughters Hospital Desk Calendar
MN MISS KAED Flowers Transportation small gold plated wooden plaque
Brent Towing Co. INC Pen holder
Deposit Guaranty National Bank Desk Thermostat
Port City Trucking, INC Wooden Electronic device
Ol Trendar’s Egg Farm egg carton
Gold shovel on wooden plaque
First National Bank small marble paperweight
The First National Bank Paper Holders for the office desk
The First National Bank of Greenville small metal bank
The First National Bank deposit Bag
The First National Bank Uncle Sam bank
A framed Dr. Dorothy A. Brant Thermostat
A pair of beige heels
Greenville Bank and Trust Company Barrel bank
The First Greenville Bank Deposit Bag
Commercial National Bank 1910 model Stanley Cat bank
The Lake Washington and Deer Creek Railroad and Banking Company check 1837

Box 4:

2 pieces of silverware from Hotel Greenville
5 Delta Club gaming chips
2 pictures of a shop
A blue and silver ribbon- the Cotton Pickers B.P.O Elks No. 148, 1903
Temple Theatre Movie Schedule in Leland Ms
Punch out card for Joy Drive in Theatre and Ann Drive In Theatre
Pink Velvet rose hat from Tenenfaum’s Greenville
A colorful tambourine
A planets in orbit bank from Commercial National Bank, Greenville, ms
Five Years’ Progress in Northwestern MS Delta council, Stoneville, MS 1957-1962
A Brief History of Greenville
A Short story of Greenville
Greenville, Ms Telephone Directory April 1955
Greenville, MS Telephone Directory March 1956
Joint City of Greenville Washington County March 1961
The Delta File/ Manufactured for Commercial Stationers, Greenville, Miss
A Ruler/ Riverside Poster Advertising Co. Greenville, MS

Box 5:

A wooden box from Brent Marine Supply Co., INC with 3 match books and 10 coffee straws inside
Small Black Box with a gold razor inside
E.V. Donovan Coffee Mug
A white Plate trimmed in gold- Parent/teachers Association 1927-28 Court School
An Air pot- Ruth Brent 1943 & 1966

Box: Old Greenville Business Memorabilia

Sport glasses- industrial showcase, June 25, 1999
Government ration book envelope- R. L. Lake Agency
“Yea Hornets!!” pin
Greenville, Miss magnet
Greenville High Black and Gold concert ticket
Greenville 5 cent parking token
2 pks of playing cards
Spool- wooden
Tapes of Mississippi bird songs
State of Mississippi Cookie cutter
Greenville Compress Co. pencil
St. Joseph High school dedication glass
Mississippi Association of supervisors crock
Greenville Paint and Glass wooden ruler
2 Wallace Arnold Jeweler box
Captain D’s Seafood huggie
Picture of Sanitarium on Washington Ave
South Delta Motors, Inc notepad in plastic cover
Jake Stein award to England Motor Co. 1996
Brass cover
Calendar and Thermometer- Blacker Lumber 1941
Box of Joy Drive IN Theatre tickets
Ash tray Cook’s Service Station
Ash Tray Greenwich Village Barn
Red Glass ink jar with ink
Photo of Mary Wasson, 1920
Donation acknowledgement for “horsetail” for carousel horse
William Alexander Percy quote
Hodding Carter quote
Metal Mack Mooney Business Machines Ruler
31 brochure- “Hodding Carter- Vice President”
2 photos of Burt Taggart Orchestra
2 Photo collage of bold buildings


This page is just a small component of sub-series IV (Material Collections) of the McCormick collection. To view the collection in its entirety please visit Delta State University Archives and Museum in Cleveland, Mississippi or for more information please contact the Delta State Archives at 662.846.4780