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This collection contains items and photographs originating from the Delta families of the Culleys and the Schmidts. The photographs circa late 1880s-early 1930s

Photographs inside the collection folder:

  1. Photo of little girl colorized
  2. Publication of room in which Shakespeare was born.    culley1
  3. Head shot of woman
  4. Publication of image of Shakespeare house
  5. Photo of boy and girl with puppies
  6. Colorized photo of woman holding a baby
  7. Colorized photo of little boy
  8. Man Portrait
  9. Child photo, age 4, For Mary Virginia Culley
  10. Baby in chair with dog
  11. Photo of woman on a camel
  12. Woman’s side portrait
  13. Colorized photo of baby and man
  14. M.V. Culley and kids
  15. Schmidt Culley, New Mexico building in San Diego, 1915
  16. J. F. Schmidt Jr., Audrey, and Mrs. Church
  17. Colorized photos of Japan life from Culley trip in 1930s
  18. Photos from trip to Egypt in 1930s
  19. Photos of young man
  20. Professional photos of a young girl and her brother
  21. MS State Trap Shooters Association, 1930
  22. Photos of Schmidt and Harwood members
  23. 4 generations photo
  24. Professional portrait of young woman
  25. Professional portrait of young boy
  26. Currey/Schmidt Family photos
  27. Photos of a young brother and sister
  28. Man in uniform
  29. Photos of family home
  30. Photos of a certain baby with family
  31. Photos of children at the beach  culley3
  32. Photos of a brother and sister pair
  33. Large photos of a girl
  34. Negatives
  35. Caroline Schmidt’s pianoforte book

(not boxed) The spinning wheel picture

Colorized woman in fur, in a frame

Large Framed woman’s portrait

Small Framed woman’s portrait

Other items include:

Carroll Culley’s Spanish book

Austrian School Scrapbook

Missing you card

Commercial appeal article, 1932

E.E. Bass Auditorium clipping