Dedicated Statesmen Association

Former President LaForge and a selection of founding members of the Dedicated Statesmen join Dr. James Robinson to commemorate establishing the DSA in 2013.


The Dedicated Statesmen Association’s mission is to uphold Delta State’s values and keep retired staff, faculty, alumni, and all lovers of green and white involved, encouraged, and informed on activities and future endeavors of the campus, in addition to athletic events and performances at the Bologna Performing Art Center.


In the group’s first gathering, the decision was made to extend membership to anyone willing to help promote Delta State University, hold periodic meetings, and have a zero-cost for dues. All services are voluntary so that individuals can serve in any capacity. Delta State retirees, fans, and alumni who are looking for a way to get physically involved can “join in” this organization with no stressing commitments.


The Dedicated Statesmen Association will provide an invaluable perspective on how to bring alumni, retirees, and those who just love Delta State onto campus and thry to gather their insight through open forums.

Possible Areas of Involvement

  • Recruiting
  • Budgeting
  • Visiting Delta State University Alumni Chapters
  • Touring high schools
  • Helping staff an event
  • Keeping alumni and community members informed on all things Delta State


If you are interested in helping the Dedicated Statesmen Association, please contact Delta State’s Interim Archivist, C.T. Salazar.