Collection Title:  David M. “Boo” Ferriss Collection

Collection Number:  M264  /  2007.42

Inclusive Dates:  1937 – 2006

Bulk Dates:  1942 – 1988

Volume:  9 Linear Feet

Processor:  W. Ray


Scope and Content:

This collection contains artifacts, photographs, correspondences, clippings and magazines, plaques and awards, and video/audio relating to David M. “Boo” Ferriss’ life and history with baseball.  From his early years in Shaw, Mississippi, through college, his service in the military, and his professional years with the Red Sox, to his coaching years at Delta State University.



Box 1

Box / Folder


Flat Box 1


Framed Congressional Record 10/5/88 – Tribute to Boo Ferriss

Framed Kappa Sigma Fraternity Lifetime Achievement Award to Boo Ferriss

Framed cross stitched “Who but a Coach”


Flat Box 2


Framed Program Boo Ferriss Day 6/18/88 Dedication of Ferriss Field

Framed cartoon Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame

Large wooden Cellular South Ferriss Plaque 2005

1988 Gulf South Conference “Coach of the Year” plaque

1985 Gulf South Conference “Coach of the Year” plaque

1982 District Coach of Year Award NCAA Division II Award

4/21/88 Plaque to Coach Ferriss from “The Bleacher Bums”


Flat Box 3


Framed 1988 DSU Team Photo Gulf South Conference Champs

Framed 1982 DSU Team Photo 3rd Place Gulf South Conference

Framed 1974 Team Photo DSU Record for Most Victories

5 x 7 Framed photo of Coach Ferriss and 6 DSU players

Framed group double photo of Coach Ferriss receiving award

St. Louis Comiskey Memorial Award Plaque 5/15/46


Flat Box 4


Large unframed poster DSU College NCAA

11 x 14 unframed poster DSU Team GSC 1985

4 unframed photos of Boo Ferriss receiving car

Unframed photo 1985 DSU GSC Champions

Large unframed photo Boo Pitching “#33”

2 unframed strips of baseball cards

8 x 10 ph0to of Boo holding ball Fenway Park Ferriss Day Sept. 23


Flat Box 5            –         Returned to Donor

Flat Box 6


Large plaque holding bat and ball inscribed 1977 District Coach of the Year

Wooden cutout of Boo Ferriss – Pitching for Red Sox


Flat Box 7


1981 Mississippi Semi-Pro Hall of Fame – Dave Ferriss

Players Alumni plastic car tag

DSU vs Ole Miss Scores 3/21/60

Box of reel tape from Coca Cola Bottling

Laminated Boston Globe “Delta State’s Own” from Pat Hilpert

Robert L. Crawford Center Building Plaque


Flat Box 8


Miscellaneous folders, laminated sheets, tags, etc.


Box 9


Mississippi State wool jersey

DSU T-Shirt

Red Sox jersey and pant

2 pairs leggings (red/white/blue)

blue uniform belt

Caps:  Delta State, MSU, Red Sox


Box 10                       Photos

Folder   1        Boo – 1939 Sr. at Shaw High School snapshot (hands on hips)

2          1937 Shaw High (Boo not pictured due to illness

3          1938 Shaw High – Delta Champions (4 photos on 1 card)

4          1939 Boo Ferriss Day – Shaw vs Minter City

5          1939 Boo at Boys State

6          Copy of Shaw High 1939 Semi Pro Baseball Team

7              MSU Snapshot of Boo, John Hughes, Homer Spragins, Fred Shanks (orig. & copy)

8          Small Snapshot of Boo and Chinese Group and others

9     “33” on the Field

10        Basketball – Boo #3 on court MSU vs Tennessee

11         1942 MSU Student Government: Boo, Sonny Montgomery, Sonny Barnhill, Sam Loggins

12        1942 MSU Boo Pitching

13        1942 MSU Boo Batting (2 copies)

14        News Clipping MSU Honors Boo Ferriss by Retiring Jersey “3”

15        Letter July 9, 1945 All Star Game Players at Fenway Park

16        Randolph Field Sept. 1944 Coach Bibb Falk and Boo Ferriss


18        1941 Brattleboro Maples Team Photo Northern League

19        Copier copy of Shaw Baseball Clinic Feb. 19, 1955 (Boo from Red Sox)

20       11 Red Sox holding huge bat

21        Boo Ferriss in locker room “temporarily halted by rain”

22        1945 Hall of Famer Bob Feller (Cleveland Indians) and Boo Ferriss

23        1942 Team Photo of Greeensboro, NC Red Sox Pennant Winners and Playoff Champions

24        Boo Pitching Greensboro, NC Red Sox 1942 Piedmont League

25        57th Annual Award Dinner Booklet held in Boston 1996

26        1946 World Series Program

27        Copy Machine copy of the Class of 2002 Red Sox Hall of Fame

28       Home Coming Banquet Program held for Boo Ferriss Nov. 13, 1946;

Newspaper clippings of First Night Game in Fenway;

Newspaper clippings of game program from Mexico;

Autographed Photo of Boo Ferriss;

29        June 15, 1958 Red Sox Father/Son Game

30       Oct 10, 1946 Boo and Rudy York

31        Boo with Red Sox on field with glove

32        Tom Yawkey, Owner of Red Sox 1933-1976

33        Boo and Ted Williams, 1948

34        Boo Pitching on Field – Red Sox – Not a close up

35        Catcher Bob Garbank Congratulates Boo May 27, 1945

36        Two Sided Photo:  Joe Cronin and Boo Batting for Red Sox

37        Boo in Red Sox Dugout holding Bat

38       Boo with Shaw Youngsters in Off-Season Winter 1945

39        Boo with Hall of Famer Detroit Tigers Hank Greenberg Looking at Patch

40       Boo signing ball for Veteran Donald Murray who lost leg in WWII.

41        Red Sox Boo holding baseball


Box 10 Continued

42        Boo, Mother, Brother, Sister World Series in St. Louis 1946

43        Ted Williams and Babe Ruth

44        John Crawford World Series in California 1977 Tags Nate Quarles of CA.

45        Red Sox Boo shakes hands with Cardinals player on field.

46        Boo Pitching for Red Sox

47        Boo Pitching for Red Sox “Be Wise” sign behind him

48       Boo Pitching for Red Sox Looking over left shoulder

49        Ferriss, Feller, Newhouser – poor scanned copy

50        Photo of Boo and Dad Signing Red Sox Contract & Actual Contract 1941

51        Document: “My First Game” by Boo Ferriss

52        Sept. 23, 1945 Receipt of Lincoln Sephyr Sedan from Dave Ferriss Day Committee

53        Photo: Red Sox Old Timers Day (1946)April 11, 2006;

Photo: 95th Opening Day at Fenway Park;

Photo:  Boo & Mel Parnell Old Timers Game

54        2002 Red Sox Press Release (Elected to Hall of Fame).

Nov 15, 2002 Bolivar Commercial featuring Induction to Red Sox Hall of  Fame.

55        Red Sox Hall of Fame Photos:

Ferriss holding award

Ferriss and Family surround large photo on easel of Dave Ferriss

Ferriss receiving award.

56        Boo Ferriss Welcomed to Delta State by President Ewing 1959

57        Clippings:  Overseas Clinic Newspaper

58        DSU Team Photo 1979 Gulf South Champions

59        DSU Team Photo 1988 Gulf South Champions

60       Program from Boo Ferris Day June 18, 1988

61        DSU Team Photo (scanner copy)

62        DSU Boo in Dugout clapping

63        DSU 1962 pre-game yearbook photo (copy) dugout at old field

64        Boo at DSU on sidelines 1965

65        Boo in dugout alone looking out wearing green DSU windbreaker jacket

66        Boo in DSU uniform in dugout looking out

67        Boo in dugout with 1974 DSU team

68       Color snapshot of Boo and DSU team in dugout

69        DSU Team members near dugout in1972. Black and white photo.

70        Instructors at First DSU Baseball Camp 1978.

71        Boo talking to DSU catcher in dugout.

72        Boo and DSU team members for 1978 Runner up College World Series.

73        MS Sports Hall of Fame Tribute to Boo Ferriss Nov. 3, 2003 Program and Ticket;

Photo of Dave Halberstam and Boo Ferriss at Tribute.

74        Pete Gammons and Boo; John Glenn and Boo (duplicates made by Boo)

75        Mr. and Mrs. Boo Ferriss at 40th Anniversary of 1946 World Series taken 5.17.86.

76        Coach Boo Ferriss wearing Delta State Jacket and Red Sox Wool Coat

77        1989 Family Photo of Mr. and Mrs. Boo Ferriss and grandchildren

78   Laminated picture of Mr. and Mrs. Boo Ferriss featured in Jackson Christian

Family Christian dated June 2005.


Box 10 Continued

79     2007 Cellular South Ferriss Trophy Fact Sheet (7 sets)

80  Letter to Boo from John Grisham 1/17/92

Letter to Vicki Fioranelli from John Grisham 3/22/93 – regards to Boo.

Bio information on John Grisham.


Box 11                       Objects


4 GSC baseballs

2 official Pony baseballs

1 baseball holder (green diamond with clear top)

1 clear round baseball holder

Toby Keith CD

Red Sox Stories CD

Red Sox at Home CD

19 DVD/CD of Boo Ferriss Scans

Ticket Stubs World Series Games on Taco Bell Neck Ribbon

Luggage Tag Dave Ferriss

Trophy – black with silver baseball Boston Red Sox Fenway Park 1986 Old  Timers



Box 12                       Books and Magazines and

Photos of Old Field & Public Presentation Materials

(Color prints on poster board)


Folder          1.         2 photos of old baseball field



  1. Exterior of Crawford Building
  2. New Construction Interior
  3. New Construction Interior
  4. New Construction
  5. Dugout Bones
  6. Dugout Painted
  7. Dugout Completed
  8. Floor Installed
  9. Stands Constructed
  10. Stands Completed
  11. Cases Installed
  12. Floor Finished
  13. Building Exterior Completed


Book:  “The Teammates:  A Portrait of a Friendship” by David Halberstam

Magazine:       Delta State Alumni Magazine featuring Boo Ferriss on cover


Unboxed      Framed Large framed acrylic of DSU Coach Dave “Boo” Ferriss signed by players