Collection Title:  Cleveland Chamber of Commerce Collection

Collection Number:  M131

Bulk Dates:  1953 – 1981

Volume:  5 cu. ft.

Processor:  W. Ray


Historical Sketch:

The Cleveland Chamber of Commerce, founded in 1948, was organized for the purpose of advancing the civic, commercial, industrial, economic, social and general interest of the people of Cleveland and vicinity.  The organization is non-profit, non-partisan, non-political, non-sectional and takes no part in or lends its support to the election or appointment of any candidate for state, county, city or federal office. It is governed by a board of directors. Those applying for membership have to submit their application to the Board of Directors, which approves or disapproves of it and notifies the applicant.


Scope and Content:

The collection is divided into four series:

  1. Scrapbooks, 1953 – 1981
  2. Maps
  3. Photographs
  4. Miscellaneous Documents


The first series consist of scrapbooks that contain newspaper articles concerning Delta State and the Delta community. Articles on Delta State mainly concern school curriculum and achievements in sports. The articles on the Delta Community concern such issues as expanding city limits, potential new businesses, and festivities and social events.


The second series contains three maps and blueprints of Cleveland streets and businesses.


The third series consist of photographs of the Cleveland community.


The fourth series contains some miscellaneous documents concerning the Chamber of Commerce and Cleveland. These documents include pamphlets on the city of Cleveland, and a report by the City Planning Commission on the Davis Avenue Urban Renewal Project. There is also a file on a study conducted concerning “Sunflower-Bolivar County: Living Historical Farm.”



Box 1:

Box / Folder     Scrapbook

1   Unfoldered  Scrapbook – 1972 Cleanup-Paint-up-Fix-up news clippings

Scrapbook – 1953 Clippings of community events

Scrapbook – 1954-55 Clippings of community events


Box 2:

Box / Folder     Scrapbook and Folders

2  Unfoldered   Scrapbook – 1966 Clippings of community events

Scrapbook – 1968-69 Clippings of community events

2  /  1                1965 News clippings

2                1986 News clippings

3                1986 “Heritage” Issue

4                 July 23, July 30, July 31 1986 newspapers


Box 3:

Box / Folder    Scrapbooks

3  Unfoldered   1969-70 Scrapbook of News Clippings of community events

April 1971 to April 1972 Scrapbooks

1971-72 Scrapbook City Beautification Committee Scrapbook contains:

Makeup, Goals and By-laws of City Beautification Committee

Clippings of new businesses in 1971 incl. Twin Cinema, Coleman BBQ

Clippings of Delta State staff and building changes in 1971 incl. married housing

Clippings of city/county changes in 1971 (city hall)

New subdivisions in 1971 incl. Bayou Bend

Sub-standard housing in Urban Renewal (clippings and photos)

Work of Litter and Insect Control Committees incl. poem about litter

Memorial Drive marker dedication

Downtown green strip (trees)

Meeting Minutes 4/71 and 11/71

Box 4:

Box / Folder    Scrapbooks

4  Unfoldered   1973 Scrapbook of News clippings of community events

1973-74 Scrapbook of News clippings of community events


Box 5:

Box / Folder    Scrapbooks

5  Unfoldered   1975 Scrapbook of News clippings of community events

1977-1981 Scrapbooks of News clippings of community events


Box 6:

Box / Folder

6          1          Several documents relative Minutes and to committee and by-laws 1960-61

Mississippi Industrial Survey for Cleveland developed by MP&L 1952

Industrial Development Foundation Financial Report 1977-78

Industrial Development Foundation Membership 1977-78


6          2          By-Laws of the Chamber of Commerce of Cleveland (Undated)(2)

By-Laws of the Chamber of Commerce of Cleveland  As Amended April 1957

By-Laws of the Chamber of Commerce of Cleveland As Amended April 1960 (3)

By-Laws of the Cleveland-Bol. Co. Chamber of Commerce as Amended Oct. 1974

By-Laws of the Cleveland-Bol. Co. Chamber/IDF As Amended 1974

Procedures Manual for Chamber of Commerce 1971-72


6          3          Cleveland Chamber Brochures – ca 1950’s (2 different)

Certificated awarded to Steven Abraham dated 1990 for Main Street


6          4          2 packets of material courtesy of Cleveland-Bolivar Chamber ca 2000 (2)

Coupon booklet from Chamber to Delta State students ca 1983


6          5          Original Proposal and Feasibility Study for Sunflower-Bolivar County

Living Historical Farm compiled by Chamber of Commerce  Committees in

Cleveland, Drew, Ruleville


6          6          Central Business Parking Plan (2)

Sketch of parking plan


6          7          1966 Very large blue print of city map by street and parcels

1968 blue print of city map

1963    Bank of Cleveland Property


6          8          Photographs:

cc1       Texaco Service Station

cc2       Bank of Cleveland side view

cc3       Bank of Cleveland front view

cc4       Owen Rexall Drugs front and side view from corner of Sharp & North St.

cc5       Yurkow Bldg?/Kamien Lane alley?

cc6       Steam Plant

cc7       4 unknown men

cc8       Chamber display of publications and materials

cc9       William B. Graham, VP/Mgr of Baxter, Morton Grove, Ill.

cc10     Young man holding poster boards of photos of Cleveland-Doug Fisher???

Black and White Photos 8 x 10’s:

cc11     Virgin Lane

cc12     Virgin Lane

cc13     Commerce Avenue – Liberty Supermarket

cc14     View behind Bank of Cleveland and Grover Hotel

cc15     View of businesses: Claude Neal; Rent Rooms; North End Café; Melody

Record Corner – Is this Sunflower Road?

cc16     Wading Pool at Fireman’s Park (good view of homes on First Ave)

Photo by Jack Sawyer, Cleveland, Miss.

cc17     Aerial View of Cleveland, Miss.

Photo by Jack Sawyer, Cleveland, Miss.

cc18     Aerial View of Cleveland, Miss

Photo by Jack Sawyer, Cleveland, Miss.

cc19     Children in Delta State pool wearing feathers in hair-crowd in stands

cc20     “typical residence” house and old car and antenna & tower

Photo by Jack Sawyer, Cleveland, Miss.

cc21     “typical residence” house and old car

Photo by Jack Sawyer, Cleveland, Miss.

cc22     close up of cotton boll

cc23     canal and cypress trees and boat “fishing”

cc24     aerial view of Cleveland-neighborhoods and rr tracks visible

Photo by Jack Sawyer, Cleveland, Miss.

cc25     Several black children picking cotton-weigh-in trailer in rear

cc26     On Delta State Quad: C.E. Landrum, chamber mgr; Dr. J.M. Ewing,

President of Delta State College; Dr. T.D. Young, Dean of Delta State

College; Francis Lundy, President of Cleveland Chamber

cc27     unknown man making remarks-Walter Sillers in rear?

cc28     Judge William “Bill” Bizzell making remarks at dinner


Box 7:

Box / Folder    Scrapbooks

7  Unfoldered 1956-57 and 1957-58 Scrapbook Large leather bound book “Award Entry on

General Classification Awards Cleveland, Miss. Jaycees”


Box 8:

Box / Folder   Scrapbooks

8  Unfoldered 1954-55 and 1955-56 Scrapbook Large leather bound book “Award Entry on

General Classification Awards Cleveland, Miss. Jaycees.

ca 1960’s Scrapbook of news clippings of community events