Collection Title:  Jacobs, Charles C.

Collection Number:  M119  1999.011; 2003.001; 2006.21; 2006.129

Dates:  Inclusive                       1852    to    1999

Bulk                              1852    to    2003

Volume:  .209 Linear Feet

Processor:  W. Ray


Scope and Content:

This collection consists of the legal and personal experiences of Charles C. Jacobs, Jr., plantation life in Bolivar County and an accounting of the Mississippi River flood in 1882, miscellaneous books and the military and political history of Charles Clark through news clippings and letters.



Box # 1

Box / Folder   1999.011 and 2003.001

Volumes I and II of Memoirs of a Country Lawyer by Charles C. Jacobs, Jr.


Box / Folder   2006.21

This collection consisted of books that were placed on the shelves in the Reading Room:

  • Volume I and II by Thomas Jefferson “The Rise and Fall of the Confederate    Government”
  • 1908 MS Official & Statistical Register published by MS Dept. of Archives
  • Cultural Resources Survey of the Lake Beulah Landside Bern – 1992
  • Thesis by John Coleman Wade, Jr. 1949  “Charles Clark:  Confederate General  and  Mississippi Governor
  • Delta Tour Guide 1979 – 80
  • “An Illustrated Story of the Great Civil War” C.R. Graham
  • Thesis:  by Anna Alice Kamper 1942 “ A Social & Economic History of Antebellum Bolivar County, Mississippi


Box / Folder   2006.129

1 / 1     Thesis:  The Operation of Doro Plantation, 1852 – 1862

Historical Research Project:  The Mississippi River Flood of 1882

1 / 2     Copies of Military Correspondence dated 1860-1866:

To:       Gen. Clark                               From:  Lt. Polk 5 Aug 1860

To:       Col. Clark                                From:  John Reeves 20 Mar 1861

To:       Gen Clark                                From:   AK Blythe 21 Mar 1862

To:       Gen. Clark                               From:  Douglas Walworth 26 March 1861

To:       Gen. Clark                               From:   Lt. Col French – Ordinance Office

28 March 1861 – Arms listing

To:       Gen. Clark                               From:   N. Cassidy 17 May 1861

To:       Gen. Clark                               From   James Huddleston 22 May 1861

To:       Gen                                         From: S.B. Buckham 27 Jan 1862

To:       Gen                                         From SB Buckham 27 Feb 1862

To:       Gen. Clark                               From:   Union Men Listing 7 Feb 1862

To:       Gen.                                        From: WH Haynes 10 Mar 1862

To:       Special Order                          From: May. Gen Polk 17 Mar 1862

To:       Gen Clark                                From Bethel Sta A.K. Blythe 21 Mar 1862

To:       Major George Williamson       From: Charles Clark 8 April 1862

To:       Brig Gen Clark/Butler             From:   Gen Thomas Jordan, 6 May 1862

To:       Brig. Gen Clark                       From:   AA Genl. Butler 7 May 1862

To:       Brig. Gen Clark                       From:   AA Genl. Butler 8 May 1862

To:       Gen. Clark                               From:  H.S. Bonney 16 Sept 1863

To:       Gen.                                        From:  Wm. D. Lyles 8 Nov. 1863

To:       Gen Clark                               From: C. Leverson 29 Dec. 1863

To:       Maj. Geo. Williamson            From:   Brig Genl Chas Clark14 May 1865

To:       Diary                                       From: Soldier 3-6 June 1865

To:       Mr. Clark                                From: ?    Flemmingsburg 30 Aug 18—

To:       Whom It Concerns:                 From Charles Clark 12 Sept 1865

To:       Mr. Clark                                From: Varina Davis (Mrs. Jefferson Davis)

30 Aug 1865

To:       Gov. Clark                              From: Vanina Davis 12 Feb 1866

To:       Gen. Clark                               From: N.B. Forrest 4 Sept 1866

To:       Pres. Andrew Johnson            From Charles Clark 29 Oct. 1866

To:       Whom It Concerns:                 From Charles Clark 6 Oct 1874

To:       Gov. Clark                              Vanina Davis 12 Feb. 1866

To:       Maj. Gen. Forrest                    From:  Maj. C. Leverson 29 Dec. 1863

To:       Gen. Clark                               From:  H.S. Bonney 1 Oct. 1863

To:       Whom It Concerns:                 From:  Charles Clark 12 Sept 1865


1 / 3     Copies of:

Copy of framed photo of Doro Plantation Home 1886 (?)

Ann Eliza Jacob – George Reyneer Jacobs – ?

Charles C. Jacobs; Ned A Jacobs (George);Margaret Adelia Jacob (Catching);

George R. Jacobs Jr.; nurse; Frank Jacobs or Dave Jacobs

Copy of framed print “The Clark Place near Beulah” features river and tent

Poem:  Iwo Jima: Why and How by Frank Gardner, Fifth Amphibious Corps 1945

Clipping: Daily Times leader – West Point, MS 10 Nov. 1965 “Charles Clark

was the Hero of Mississippi”

Magazine mail call

Jackson Daily 15 Dec. 1963 100 Years Ago:  Governor Clark – problems confronting the state

The National Observer 8 Oct 1962 100 Years Ago:  “When the Shooting Was All Over,    A Soldier Arrested a Governor”

Copy of Clipping: “Clark Was A Soldier, Statesman and Jurist” summary biography

Copy from text: Summary of life of Charles Clark

Copy of Commercial Appeal 16 Aug 1960 Article regarding house.  Photo of historic house that served as temporary capital of MS in 1865.

Copy of Commercial Appeal:  “Ghosts of historic Mien haunt Old Morgan House

Typewritten text: The Macon Beacon, Macon, Mississippi – John Morgan House.


1 / 4     Letter to:         Charlie             Dated 25 July 1821     From James Clark (father)

Charles                      18 Mar 1831     From James Clark

Charles                        1 Aug 1833    From James Clark

Charles                        4 July 1831    From James Clark

My Dear Sir                 3 July 1832    Cincinnati William McLean

Charles                        10 July 1833   From William Clark

Charles                        March             Lebanon William Clark

Charley                        12 Nov 1833  From James Clark