Collection Title: Boyd-Walters-Bobo Family Papers

Collection Number: M100

Dates: Inclusive 1864 – 2005

Bulk 1900 – 1980

Volume: 13.5 Cubic Feet

Processor: J. Sinquefield / W. Ray

The Boyd-Walters-Bobo Family Papers contains papers from sisters Dr. Eleanor
Boyd Walters and Ruth Boyd Bobo.

Eleanor Walters was born in Gunnison, Mississippi in 1914. She graduated from
Gunnison High School in 1930. Went to Delta State University and received a Bachelor
of Science in Education in 1934. She went on to receive her Masters of Arts Degree from
Drake University in 1939 and then to Columbia University to receive her Doctor of
Education. Walters was a mathematics professor at Delta State University and went on to
become Chair of the department. She received many awards and was a member to several
originations such as the American Association for University Women. Walters, after
retirement, in she was honored by Delta State University and a building on the campus
was named for her. She was on the Delta State University Committee for the 75th
anniversary of Delta State University.

Ruth Walters graduated from Gunnison High School in 1936. She started out as a
school teacher. She later retired from teaching so she could hunt with her husband, Jim
Ed Bobo. She was a skilled turkey hunter and was second in command of the Farm
Bureau Federation Woman’s Committee. Also included in this collection are clippings
and information from the political career of Jim Ed Bobo, who served as a Bolivar
County Supervisor for many years.

Scope and Content:
The collection is divided into the following series:

Genealogy 24

Plaques/Framed Prints 16

Newspaper Clippings 9, 11, 12, 14, 24, 25

Basketball Journals 20

Books 14, 25, 29, 30

Photographs/Photo Albums/Framed Prints 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 16, 17, 19, 21, 26, 32, 33

Personal Letters/Post Cards 6, 7, 8, 9

Professional Letters/Papers/Cards 10, 21, 22, 24

Diplomas/Certificates 15, 17, 22

Masonic Lodge material 13, 30

Articles associated with needle work 23, 24

Objects 18, 27, 28, 34

Magazines 29

Box 1:
Box / Folder
1 1 Photographs- Agriculture- n.d. incl. mules/wagon hauling cotton
2 Photographs- Family and Friends- n.d., 1948
3 Photographs- Levee Construction
4 Photographs- Political- n.d.Pres. Reagan & Jim Ed Bobo
5 Photographs- River Boats- n.d.; Kate Adams; Sadie Lee of NY
6 Photographs- Photo Album- n.d. Very old pictures of Eleanor & others;
farm and town photos; river life

Box 2:
Box / Folder
2 / 1 Photographs- Agricultural Scenes- n.d; gins, gin crews, cotton/corn fields,
hauling hay, Knowlton Plantation
/ 2 Photographs- Buildings n.d. Houses, Gunnison Meth. Church, gins
/ 3 Photographs- Family and Friends- n.d., 1923-1944 Men playing cards
outside drug store
/ 4 Photographs- Levee Camp ca 1930.

Box 3:
Box / Folder
Not Foldered- Photographs- Tin n.d
3 unknown gentlemen; Lamar, MS depot, “Brother and Brother Ben”

Box 4:
Box / Folder
4 / 1 Photographs – Agriculture n.d
Boyd Lane Plantation – mules and men near barn
Unknown lady
Unknown 2 ladies
4 / 1 unknown 2 lades and a man
unknown infant
2 unknown men with musical instruments
unknown man
unknown man
unknown child (2 pictures)
unknown lady
unknown man
unknown girl
unknown lady
unknown lady
unknown man
unknown 2 ladies                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            2 Photos: Family and Friends 1890 – 1907
Maude Walters and Linnie Ray 1907
Nelson Gilreath – Carlevsville, GA 1890
Loudie Boyd Walters (mother of the Walters Girls)
Loudie Boyd Walters
Oliver Boyd
Alice Walters
Ernest Moody Walters
T.E. Moody and wife
Loudie Boyd
Pearl Cox (later Mrs. Holcomb) and Mary Hunter (who married a Roberts)
Willie and Lawrence
Oliver Boyd
Oliver Boyd
Bridge made from logs
Unknown baby
Unknown couple
T.E. Moody
Mrs. L.A. Horton – grandmother of T.E. and Ben Moody and M.A. Walters
Alma and her friend
Edward Walters, Lunce Millerrstone, Mr. Ray and College Girl
Group: Sallie Peacock and unknown others
Oliver Boyd
Loudie Boy
W.O. Deen – grandma Boyd’s brother
W. C. Boyd
Calista Walters
Boyd-Walters-Bobo M100 Revised 12/11/06 wnr 4
Located Share Drive/Student/Jennifer/Collections & My Docs
Sallie Ella Deen (Mrs. W.C. Boyd)
Eleanor Walters
Unknown lady
Irene Duke, Monroe Duke, Maude Walters
T.E. Moody
Bridge made of logs with horse and wagon
Unknown picture
4 / 3 Unknown gentleman
4 J.E. Walters and unknown man in boat (flood?) in front of house
Mound with mules – 1897 flood
1897 levee break
Agent and wife Richardson in skiff at Perthshire Depot 1897 flood

Box 5:
Box / Folder
5 / 1 Photographs – Agriculture n.d. cattle & people
2 Photographs – Building n.d. Ben Moody home
3 Photographs: family and friends 1900
Ben Moody 1889, Sally Boyd (Mrs. W.C.) Eleanor B. Walters, Dr. J.D.
Simmons, W.C. Boyd, Orr Van Hume, 1900, Mrs. T.E. Moody and Mary
And Hattie, Oliver Boyd, Addie Walters and others on the Hushpuckena,
Boyd and Lamb and Knowltons and Staffords.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           4 Photographs-family and friends/unidentified n.d.
5 Photographs – Flood 1897, Depot, 32 Hwy.

Box 6:
Box / Folder
6 / 1 Postcards African American 1907, 1908
2 Postcards- Blue Mountains, MS n.d, 1907, 1908
3 Postcards- Calendar 1908, 1909
4 Postcards- Christmas n.d., 1907, 1910
5 Postcards- Columbus, Ms n.d., 1907
6 Postcards—Cupid 1907-1909
7 Postcards- Flowers n.d., 1907- 1911
Boyd-Walters-Bobo M100 Revised 12/11/06 wnr 5
Located Share Drive/Student/Jennifer/Collections & My Docs
8 Postcards- Greenville, MS 1910
9 Postcards- Gulf Coast, MS n.d., 1908, 1909
10 Postcards- Hattiesburg, MS 1908
11 Postcards- Landscapes (some with animals) n.d., 1907-0909
12 Postcards-Laurel, MS n.d., 1908
13 Postcards- Mardi Gras 1908
14 Postcards- Memphis, TN 1907, 1908
15 Postcards- Miscellaneous n.d., 1907-1911

Box 7:
Box / Folder
1 Postcards- Nashville, TN n.d.
2 Postcards- New Year n.d., 1909, 1910
3 Postcards- Personal Photographs n.d., 1908, 1909
4 Postcards- Romance and Risqué n.d., 1907- 1910
5 Postcards- St. Patrick’s Day n.d., 1909, 1910
6 Postcards- United States- Cities and Cites n.d., 1907- 1911
7 Postcards- United States Flag 1908, 1909
8 Postcards- Winona, MS 1909
9 Postcards- World War I. 1908

Box 8:
Box / Folder
8 / 1 Civil War Letters 1864
2 World War I. Postcards
Boyd-Walters-Bobo M100 Revised 12/11/06 wnr 6
Located Share Drive/Student/Jennifer/Collections & My Docs
3 World War I. Letters n.d.
4 Photographs- Agricultural Scenes:
group of people hoeing, old Allis Chalmers picker, “Guarding Weak
Levee 1897”, “Original Knowlton Home 1897 flood”, “First Train
to Perthshire after 1897 flood”
8 / 5 “Early Delta Farm Life: Historical Preservation by Ruth Bobo and Ed Blake.
The Pole Knowlton Photos – Early 1900’s:
Kate Adams about 1906
Kate Adams lading 1906
Kate Adams approaches landing 1906
Field Breaking 1910-1915
Hoe Hands 1910-1915
Spring Plowing 1910-1915
Pole Knowlton on horse Early 1900’s
Perthshire, MS Depot Flood of 1897
First Train after 1897 Flood
Stalk Cutting 1910-1915
Hoe Hand Brigade 1910-1915
Mules pulling cotton to gin 1906
Cotton harvest – mules at Knowlton Plantation 1910
Steam Powered Cotton Gin 1910-1915
Prison Work Force 1910-1915
Sadie Lee of New York floundering on shore early 1900’s
Sadie Lee of New York on embankment early 1900’s
Cotton and pumpkins 1910-1915
Perthshire Post Office and old car 1910
Land of plenty from Knowlton Plantation early 1900’s
Boy’s local transportation – bicycle and goat wagon early 1900’s
A fine horse harnessed and rigged for a spin – early 1900’s
MS River Levee construction scene 1906
Worker from Knowlton Farm 1910-1915
Touring care early 1900’s
Pole Knowlton Family touring Vicksburg 1910
A reunion of the Knowlton’s in front of old house
Levee Building with mules and equipment 1906
Moving earth to build embankment for Levee 1906
Earth Moving machinery – mules and men 1906
Mr. and Mrs. Pole Knowlton in buggy 1910
Earth moving as the levee is built 1906
Flooding 1897 Levee and Perthshire
Photographs- Early Farm Life
8 / 6 1918 Letters
7 1929 Miscellaneous Loose Papers
8 Photographs n.d., 1939:
Wyche Walters 1919
Wyche and Addie
Wyche on horse
B.H. Moody, T.E. Moody, M.A. Walters, “Brothers and sister”
Wyche Walters and Fannie Lee Parker
Infant Wyche Walters
1939 pictures: Lillian McNeil, Ivene Jackson, Katherine Green
Group: Wyche Walters, William Earl Scruggs, L. McNeil, C. Green,
I. Jackson

Box 9:
Box / Folder
9 / 1 Printed Material/ Correspondence General: Addie Moody Walters last wishes
Other Miscellaneous
2 News Print – Jail break April 30, 1920
3 Printed Material World War I: “The President’s Flag Day Address,
Prints from WWI, News and articles relative to WWI
4 1918 Letters/ 1951 Delta State University Bulletin
5 Newspaper/ Letters: Central Oil Mill Stock, The Peace Conference,
Bolivar County Historical Society Newsletter 1977,
1987 Concordia Cemetery clipping and other misc. clippings
6 Business/ Legal:
Thweatt Funeral Home for Mary L. Walters 2/10/59 Costs
Business card: W.C. Boyd, Mason
Valley Bank Statements for 1942 and 1943
Bank of Gunnison 1908 cancelled checks
Certificate of titles for 1928, 1926, 1925 automobiles
R & B Tax 1930
Oil mill stock (2)
Inventory for Addie Walters
Family Info – notes
Deed 1891
Life Ins. Certificate for Jerry Walters 1918
7 Confederate Money

Box 10:
Box / Folder
10 / 1 Business/ Legal Documents
2 Business/ Legal Documents
3 Business/ Legal Documents
4 Business/ Legal Documents
5 Business/ Legal Documents
6 Business/ Legal Documents
7 Business/ Legal Documents
8 Business/ Legal Documents
9 Business/ Legal Documents
10 Business/ Legal Documents
11 Business/ Legal Documents
12 Business/ Legal Documents
13 Business/ Legal Documents
14 Business/ Legal Documents
15 Business/ Legal Documents
16 Business/ Legal Documents
17 Business/ Legal Documents
No Folder Life Insurance Documents

Box 11:
Box / Folder
11 / 1 1957 Plat Book of Bolivar County, Mississippi
2 Misc. News Print Obituaries/ Letters
3 Confederate Veteran Article/ Newsprint/ Letters
4 News Print: Jim Ed Bobo 1988
Not Foldered- Photo Album- Photographs/ Newsprint (Political)
Not Foldered- Photo Album- Newsprint/letters/ cards 1983-1984- J.E. Bobo
Not Foldered- Scrapbook of Eleanor Walters – high school and college
Not Foldered- Ruth Carroll Bobo 1960 Rosedale High School Diploma

Box 12:
Box / Folder
12 / 1 Delta Tour Guide and picture book 1979-1980
The Modern Priscilla 1918
The Modern Priscilla 1921
2 The Trapp Family Singers Program Autograph photo of the Trapp Family
3 Government Articles- The Bolivar Commercial 1986
4 50th Anniversary- The Valley Booklet- 1948
Time Newsmagazine 1931
The Journal of the Bolivar County Historical Society 1983
The Bolivar Commercial 1986
5 Cleveland, Mississippi Telephone Directory 1976
War Ration Book Four
6 The Bolivar Commercial 1966
The Bolivar County Democrat 1936
The Bolivar Commercial 1917
Article “Let’s Be Precise” Clipping from Progressive Farmer 1999
7 Dedication Services Program 1956
Open House Program 1961
“Woman’s Court” 1984
The Journal of the Bolivar County Historical Society 1980
Gunnison, Mississippi Souvenir Program 1964
8 Newsprint
The Bolivar Commercial May 7, 1966
The Bolivar Commercial 1985
The Bolivar Commercial 1976
The Bolivar Commercial July 14, 1966
Not Foldered- The Mississippi Delta Calendar 1981
Not Foldered- Three ring binder- Newsprint/Letters/Photographs/Cemetery
Tombstone Concordia Cemetery- 1961, 1932/ Postcards

Box 13:
Box / Folder
13/ Not Foldered-Masonic Hall of Corrcordea Lodge Minutes 1930-1939
Masonic Hall of Corrcordea Lodge Minutes 1871-1890
Masonic Hall of Corrcordea Lodge Minutes 1921-1925
Masonic Hall of Corrcordea Lodge Minutes 1880-1889
Masonic Hall of Corrcordea Lodge Minutes 1872-1880
Masonic Hall of Corrcordea Lodge Minutes 1871-1871
Masonic Hall of Corrcordea Lodge Minutes 1942-1950
Masonic Hall Member’s Registrar and Visitor’s register 1913-1947
Masonic Hall By Laws Directory & 2 Certificates
Book: New Ritual of the Order of Eastern Star

Box 14:
Box / Folder
Box 14 / 1 Newsprint- Delta Democrat Times 1988
The Bolivar Commercial 1944 (Ice Storm)
The Bolivar Commercial 1995
2 Entergy News- Report on Ice Storm 1994
50th Anniversary- Valley Bank 1948
Not Foldered- Wooden art piece
Not Foldered- Picture frame with image
Not Foldered- Picture frame with image
Not Foldered- Picture frame with image
Not Foldered- The Delta Council Fifty Years of Service to the Mississippi Delta
Not Foldered- Man and the River: The Mississippi
Not Foldered- Reflections of Bolivar County
Not Foldered- Mississippi
Not Foldered- Three ring binder- Newsprint/Letters
Not Foldered The Broom 1929 and 1937
Not Foldered The Art of Marie Hull
Not Foldered Common Prayers
Not Foldered Favorite Hymns
Not Foldered Ready Reference for Figuring Discounts
Not Foldered Memoir of Carvosso
Not Foldered A Way of Life

Box 15:
Box / Folder
Not Foldered- The Robert L & Mary C. Elliott Delta State University Award. Presented
to Eleanor Walters
Not Foldered-Delta State University Special Alumni Recognition for Achievement in
the Sciences Plaque
Not Foldered-Delta State University Foundation Inc. Honors Dr. Eleanor Walters as
Donor of Distinction plaque
Not Foldered-Framed Print
Not Foldered-Framed Print

Box 16:
Box / Folder
16 / 1 News Print: Eleanor Walters and DSU activities
2 Programs/ Certificates
The Wesley Foundation invitation to the ground breaking for new student
1954 Delta State University teacher’s college program
Program Service of Ordination for Robert Milton Winter 1980
Presentation of the portrait of Nellie Nugent Somerville to the Hall of
Fame of the State of Mississippi 1981
Program Delta State University Lady Statesmen VS Mississippi Valley
Sate University 1984
Alpha Sigma Chapter Zeta State of Delta Kappa Gamma Society
Yearbook 1994-1996
Mississippi and the Marshall Plan Program 1997
Wesley Foundation Honor Dr. Eleanor Walters 1999
American Association of University Women Certificate of Recognition to
Eleanor Walters 1971
3 Dedication Program/Congratulation cards/letters
Dedication Ceremonies for Keener Hall Delta State University 1997
Program Eleanor B. Walters Hall Dedication Delta State University 1981
(11 copies)
Congratulation Cards
4 Guest Book Pages
5 Button- NCAA championships Delta State University
Bumper Sticker- Delta State University Where GSC Champs Play
6 Old Dixie Sketches by Maxine Boggan Holcombe
Memo Pad- Dr. Eleanor Walters
7 New Orleans document 1968
8 Photograph- The first group known as The Delta Singers 1934-35
Letter n.d.
9 Photographs/ Postcard
10 80th Birthday cards/cards/letters
11 Delta State University Inaugural Invitation 2000
Delta State University Alma Mater
12 75th Anniversary Planning committee meeting minutes DSU
Dr. Don Skelton Letter
Delta State University Banner Designs
Wesley Fellowship Letter
Summer Arts Flyer 2000                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  16 / 13 Lady Statesmen Magazine 1978-79
DSU Lady Statesmen Media Guide 1991-92
The Wyatt Years Brochure 1975-1999
Delta Currents Magazine Copy Spring 1971
Flag Facts
Mississippi Magazine
The Choir of Bethlemen – A Christmas Choir Cantata
1986 Bolivar Baptist Association
Church Anniversary Gunnison Baptist Program June 2006
History of Gunnison Baptist Church
Concordia Cemetery Restoration
Eureka Homecoming 1991
Letter-Gunnison Church Anniversary June 2006
Not Foldered- Delta State University 50 year Golden Circle Medal
Not Foldered- Two framed color photographs
Not Foldered Barnett Family Group Photo

Box 17:
Box / Folder
17 / 1 Photograph-White, Dakin, Walters, Keener, Cox, Gladys Castle
2 Photograph- Group photograph
3 Photograph Keener, Brumby, McCormick, Castle, White, Cox, Wynum, Walters, Ellis
4 Photograph-Unknown group with Ruth Bobo
5 Photograph-White, Walters, Brumby, Keener, Mauldin, Castle
6 Photo: Unknown house; (2) Carol Bobo and others; Group of White,Walters,Brumby,
Keener, Mauldin and Castle
7 Photo: Carol Bobo and two girls in cotton field
8 Photo: Margaret Wade; cotton field; unknown boat with gulls
Not Foldered Framed Document- Special Alumni Recognition Award to Dr. Eleanor Boyd Walters.
Not Foldered The Alumni Association DSU Certificate of Appreciation to Dr. Eleanor B. Walters

Box 18:
Box / Folder
18 / 1 Balls and Strikes Counter
Ad card
Mercantile Coupon Book
2 Personal Letters 1944
Not Foldered- Two wooden tools
Not Foldered- Cork top with wire
Not Foldered- Container of Stove Bolts
Not Foldered- Grader
Not Foldered- Sheers
Not Foldered- Handheld lantern
Not Foldered- Grant Auto Appliance Company miniature shoehorn statue

Box 19:
Folder 1- Drake University Master of Arts Degree 1939 (Eleanor)
Not Foldered- Wyche Walters Letters during WWI and news clippings
Not Foldered- Book – A Pictorial History of Delta State University
Not Foldered- Book- The Methodist Hymnal
Not Foldered- Delta State University Alumni Directory 1994
Not Foldered- Book- The 1954 Broom
Not Foldered- Three ring binder Our Lady of Victories Cleveland, Mississippi A 75
Year Celebration
Not Foldered- The Royal Silver Jubilee Conference on the Arts & Communications
London 1977
Not Foldered- Photo Album
Not Foldered- Photo Album
Not Foldered- Wyche Walters letters during WWI and news clippings

Box 20:
Box / Folder
20 / 1 Basketball Journals
2 Basketball Journals

Box 21:
Box / Folder
21 / 1 Bolivar County Finalist HUD Program
2 Personal Photographs ca 1960
3 Guest Books
4 Post Cards; war ration book
5 Alpha Sigma News
Beauti Control Cosmetics: Makeup and Fashion Personality Quiz
Wesley Foundation News Letter
75th Anniversary Planning Committee Minutes Delta State University
Delta State University Letter from Dr. Blansett
Delta State University Letter
Delta State University Alumni Association Letter
American Association of University Women Memorandum
American Association of University Women Memorandum
The Bellringer The First United Methodist Church 2000
The Bellringer The First United Methodist Church 2000
6 Delta State University Faculty and Staff Directory 1995-96
1965-66 Statesmen Basketball Guide
’76-77 Lady Statesmen Program
NCAA Championships Delta State
7 Photograph Eleanor B. Walters
8 The Cleveland-Bolivar County Chamber of Commerce Dinner
Honoring Dr. Kent Wyatt invitation
Delta State University Commencement Program Summer Session 1974
Dr. Forest Kent Wyatt- A Retirement Tribute program
Gunnison High School Diploma Eleanor Boyd Walters Diploma Class of
21 / 9 Delta State Teachers College Department of Business Bulletin 1948
10 Confederate Veteran Magazine 1996
Copy of Confederate Veteran Article 1996
11 Math Department Ratings
12 Sheet Music:
While Shepherds Watcher Their Sheep
Three Part Songs for Soprano I and II and Alto
The Song of the Angels
Novello’s Octavo Edition
Schirmer’s Standard Secular Choruses
Schirmer’s School Choral Series
Six Traditional Carols for Christmas
‘Twas on a Christmas Morning
A star was His Candle
Frank Laforge
13 Silver Jubilee Exhibits/ Activities
American Association of University Women Certificate
American Association for the Advancement of Science Letter
Membership Certificate- The Mathematical Association of America
American Association for the Advancement of Science Certificate
14 June 1943 Invoice
Magazine Clipping: “MS Delta Hot Tamale Trail Tour:
5 postcards of MS Delta scenes
Note card – Burrus House
Margaret Wade Clipping 1990
Dr. Eleanor Walters – Outstanding Service to DSU
1938 Reunion
Article on Dr. Richard Howe
Bank Robbery at Gunnison
Contract for Employment for Ruth Bobo 1955-56
Application for Pension 1927 A.T. Bobo
15 Program – Fred’s Day of Recognition 6/16/90
News Clippings related to Fred Barnett
Wedding Invitation
Lester Litton Certificate November 17, 1967
Invitation to Reception and Inauguration of Kirk Fordice

Box 22:
Box / Folder
22 / 1 Project Report Concept, Place, and Purpose of Professionalized Subject
Matter In the Training of Teachers of Secondary School
2 The Trustees of Columbia University Diploma – Doctor Of Education
Pi Gamma Mu Certificate
The Two Thousand Women of Achievement Diploma
3 American Association of University Women Pin
Over Sized Folder
Delta State University 1934 Bachelor of Science in Education for
Eleanor Walters

Box 23:
Box / Folder
23 / 1 Photo copies of Bolivar County Democrat ca 1936
1981 calendar The Mississippi Delta State
Numerous needlework instructions including magazine
The Modern Priscilla

Box 24:
Box / Folder
24 / 1 Bobo Genealogy
Copy of Bobo Coat of arms
Origin and first settlers
South Carolina State Archives data on the Bobo Family
Hand written notes of Bobo genealogy
Genealogy- The McCartney’s of Ormstown
Two pages of hand written notes genealogy
Letter to Mr. Bobo about genealogy from Kirby Brenner Sept 26, 1993
Ferguson, Love Family (article copied from book)
Family group record: Royse McGill Martha Iou Berna Hulsey
Handwritten notes
Ancestral file
Sally Bobo
Spencer Bobo
Lewis Bobo
Sarah Soloman
Lewis Bobo
Georgance Ferguson Bobo
Copies from Ledger
D.A.R. Chart
From Cross Keys, South Carolina to Cross Keys, Bobo, MS
Bobo Family Article copied from book
Bobo A. Todd Company Muster Roll/company: Muster in Roll
Copy from book: Bobo, Dickens, Ferguson, Love Family
Genealogy Elisha and Lucy Dean Bobo
Letter to J.E. Bobo about genealogy from Guyton Bobo McCall
(2) Copy Certificate of Marriage: A.T. Bobo to Cora A. Hale May 13, 1991
Panola Co.MS
Marriage License Quitman County, Mississippi: Walter Sidney Bobo, Jr
and Reba Blaine August 25, 1978
Certified copy of Marriage License A.J. Bobo/Julia V. Pass Dec. 10, 1873
Daughters of the American Revolution Application for membership
24 / 2 Digest Concept, Place, and purpose of Professionalized Subject- Matter in
the Education of Teachers of Secondary Mathematics A Repot of a
Type C Project by Eleanor Boyd Walters
Letter addressed to Thomas, Gergen, and Brownell about Eleanor B.
Walters oral examination for Graduate degree.
3 Magazine The Reveille Sons of Confederate Veterans August, 1996 No. 8
Magazine The Reveille Sons of Confederate Veterans July, 1996 No. 7
Magazine The Jeff Davis Legion July-August 1996 Vol 3 #1
Magazine The Museum of the Confederacy 1896 Vol 5 1996
Magazine The Museum of the Confederacy 1896 Annual Report Fiscal
Magazine National Society Sons of the American Revolution Application
Magazine The Museum of the Confederacy Gift Collection Catalog
4 Newspaper Clipping The Cincinnati Enquirer Extra newspaper clipping
They’ve Been Workin’ on the Railroad Cloice Temple grew up in
Image of Orville Scott, Cloice Temple, and Lew Brown
Newspaper Clipping Engineers: Trains are in their Blood” Image of
Cloice Temple
Newspaper Clipping The Bolivar Commercial: Bobo Shares Family
History July 29, 1992
Newspaper Clipping The Bolivar Commercial March 30, 1992 whole
pages: 1,2,3, & 4
Newspaper Clipping The Bolivar Commercial whole paper April 16,
Newspaper Clipping Standing on the Promises by Merita Koll
24 / 5 Creative Crewel Peonies pillow pattern
Hand drawn design/ pattern
Dimensions mosaic tote and key chain directions
Design/pattern hand drawn on grid paper
Hand drawn designs/ patterns on tissue paper with pen
Magazine Clipping order form for Joyous Christmas Tree Wall Hanging
from a Kit
Magazine Woman’s Day clipping The Beautiful Bargellous March 1973
2 pages
Something Special presents the Christmas collection designs by Candi
Magazine Two McCall Kaumagraph transfer patterns no. 1563 motifs
and boarder and no. 1395 Design for Bead trimming
Columbia- Minerva Floss Stitch Embroidery 1975
Magazine clipping patters and examples needle craft
Paragon needle craft creative recreation Garden Bouquet quilt pattern
6 Newspaper Clipping The Best is yet to Come by Jim Davidson
Newspaper Clipping Christmas 2000 Might be Closer than you think by
Richard n. Ostling
Newspaper Clipping The Bolivar Commercial September 16, 2004 Fiddle
Fun image with caption : Dan Bell, Evelyn Moore, Ruth Bobo, and Mary
Pate photo by Heather Carter
Newspaper Clipping The Bolivar Commercial: Shelby Winners photo by
Andy Collier with caption. Pictured: James Glorioso and Johnny Glorioso
Newspaper Clipping The Bolivar Commercial March 14, 2005 Divas
delight in day of Diversion, Donation by Aimee Robinette pictured:
Donna Fitzgerald, Vicki Fioranelli, Kitty Kossman, and Raanne Tindle.
Newspaper Clipping Reagan Deserves Credit for Economy by Dinesh
Newspaper Clipping with caption. Pictured: Dr. John Milam, Dr. S. D.
Austin, Sue Cruse, and Rebecca Austin. Photo by Logan Mosby
Newspaper Clipping The Bolivar Commercial August 24, 2005 Deaths
William Adams
Newspaper Clipping The Bolivar Commercial November 19, 1998 Deaths
Alma Parham
Newspaper Clipping Births Robert Walton April 12, 2005
Newspaper Clipping The Bolivar Commercial May 27, 2005 Letter from
Mark Koonce
Newspaper Clipping The Bolivar Commercial Letter from Conchetta
Glorioso Thompson
Newspaper Clipping The Bolivar Commercial Photo of Dean Morganti by
Heather Carter Consortium Touts Mississippi Delta by Robert Wells
Newspaper Clipping (2 copies) Photo of Elizabeth Rowland and Dean
Morganti by Heather Carter
Newspaper Clipping The Bolivar Commercial March 1, 2002 Fletcher
Rededicates Life to Aiding Elderly by Rebecca Grace
Newspaper Clipping We Farm Families wish You Understood by Debbie
Ingram Long
Newspaper Clipping Photo with caption New Elected Members from The
Bull Nettle News pictured: Glenn Williams, Randy Townsend, John D.
Hubbard, Charles Heins, Gary Hawthorne, Pittman Edwards Jr. and Ted
Newspaper Clipping The Bolivar Commercial November 11, 1998 Image
with caption A Look at the Past photos of members of the 1938 Gunnison
High School Football Team
Newspaper Clipping (Obituary) The Bolivar Commercial November 12,
1998 Deaths Charles Dean
Newspaper Clipping The Bolivar Commercial Editorial: Dean We Must
work to Fulfill the Dream
Newspaper Clipping The Bolivar Commercial November 11, 1998
Charles Dean dies at 70 by Denise Strub and Debbie Long
Newspaper Clipping The Bolivar Commercial: Sports September 29, 1998
Top Gun: Brister Shooting up Charts by David Johnson
Newspaper Clipping Cochran Addresses Power Issues by David Lush
Newspaper Clipping Image with caption Describe cone trip pictured: John
Purcell, Dick Coming, and Ruth Bobo
24 / 7 Delta State: The Magazine for Delta State University Alumni and Friends
Fall 2001/Spring 2002
8 Newspaper Clipping Lincoln’s Secret was inside Him Commentary Paul
Newspaper Clipping Miss Farm Bureau Still Strong after 83 Years by
Logan Mosby
Newspaper Clipping The Bolivar Commercial March 14, 2005 Project for
soldiers launched at Delta State University
Newspaper Clipping Photograph with caption February 25, 2005 Donna
McCaleb and John Banks
Newspaper Clipping Mississippi Farm Country Capps, Hester receive top
honors by Eva Ann Dorris
24 / 9 Book The Expansion of Algebraic Functions by Eleanor Boyd Walters
10 Living Reflections: How to Tell When You’re Getting Old by Landis
Copy of letter to A.O. Lewis from Cloice Temple December 06, 1995 (five pages)
Postcard from A.O. Lewis to Jim Ed Bobo 1995
Letter to Jim and Ruth Bobo
Letter from a country mother to her country son
Child’s drawing on notebook paper with blue marker
Fault Tolerant Arrays Graduate thesis by Laurence E. Lafarge School of
Computer Science McGill University Montreal, Quebec May, 1991
Doctor of Philosophy
Greeting card with image of the White House in watercolor by Laura
Yurkowski © 1989 National Society Daughters of the American
Postcard- Ein Forbes Osterfest” n.d.
Postcard- Frobe Ostern 1954
Invitation for a dance given by the Young Men of Perthshire at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Boyd August 22, 1901
Greeting Card illustration by Barbara Goss- From Helen B. Jenkins
(photograph removed from card to Box 3 Folder 5 Group family photo)
Postcards designed by Delta State University Art Faculty 9 cards total (Art
Faculty: Sammy Britt, Ron Koehler, William Lester, Malcolm Norwood,
Collier Parker, Tom Rankin, Mary Ann Ross, Terry K. Simmons, Carolyn
Stone, Lenagene Waldrup)
11 Magazine Clipping (copy) from Mississippi Magazine Heritage Section
Finding the Roots of your Family Tree by Herb Phillips
Magazine Clippings From Mississippi Farm Country July/ August 2002
clipping from Rural living section Quintuplets Mean five times the
happiness Text and photo by Glynda Phillips (article is about Brandi and
Doug Ervin of Magnolia) 5 pages total
Magazine Clippings from the ad for The Valley Bank Congratulations to
J. Lawrence Wilson for being elected as chairman of the Board and a
member of the Board of Directors Emeritus of the Valley State Bank
Copy from Historic Monuments pages 192-193 Jackson, Mississippi
monument to Jefferson Davis
Program Mr. Jessie James Christian 1924-1988 Wed, December 21, 1988
Mr. Gillian Baptist Church- Memphis, TN
24 / 12 Guest Book- Retirement Reception For Mrs. Walters from Valley Bank
(photographs removed from guest book to Box 3 folder 4)
13 Pamphlet SAR What’s The Sons of the American Revolution Information
Certificate The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
Robert Lee Ammons, Jr. member descent from john Sebier September 7,
1995 (copy)
Document The National Society Sons of the American Revolution letter of
approval for membership compatriot Robert Lee Ammons, Jr. (copy)
Document Application for Membership National Society Sons of the
American Revolution Robert Lee Ammons, Jr. has statement of bloodline
(3 copies blank copies of the same form)
Documents (copies) Sgt. Robert L. Ammons (2)
Magazine The SAR Magazine Sons of the American Revolution Spring
1996 vol. XC, no. 4
Letter to Robert Ammons from Anne McCastin
Photographs (copies) portrait military, military officers shaking hands, and
group in military uniforms sitting.

Box 25:
Box / Folder
25 / 1 Newspaper Clipping Jesus Artifact found according to expert by
Richard N. Ostling
Clipping From Panola County Area and Tate Co. Area pages 15 & 16
Mississippi First and Facts
Newspaper Clipping The Bolivar Commercial September 17, 2004 pg 12
& 14 McCarty’s: Renowned Merigold Potters mold worldwide
recognition by Aimee Robinette with photos by Heather Carter
Newspaper Clipping The Bolivar Commercial: Country Lawyer write
memoirs by Aimee Robinette – Charles C. Jacobs Jr., Lawyer)
25 / 1 Cont’d Newspaper Clipping Five Illinois Men Indicated by Jury in Bank
Hold Up (had not Adele Walters and Ruth Bobo were working in the bank
that day)
Newspaper Clipping (obituary) The Bolivar Commercial September 30,
2004 Deaths Section: Leila Underhill and Nellie Sweat
Newspaper Clipping (obituary) Deaths: Estelle Bedwell 2005
Copy of program In Memory of God’s Servant Estelle Myers Bedwell
Magazine Clipping Delta Business Journal October 2004 Section: Delta
Development: BPAC’S David Dallas The New Director of the Bologna
Performing Art Center will bring Much to the Arts of the Delta by Julie
Whitehead with image
Newspaper Clipping Harris-Stewart back in limelight by Andy Collier
with image
Newspaper Clipping The Clarion-Ledger January 8, 2005 From Religion
Section A’ Sisterly’ Connection by Jean Gordon with image by Joe Ellis
(pictured: Margaret McNight, Patti Darbonne, and Fannie Chance Taylor)
(with handwritten note: Fannie Chance Taylor formerly of Gunnison,
Newspaper Clipping The Bolivar Commercial September 17, 2004 Four
Presidents Present Dignitaries honor Dr. Wyatt at dedication of new
facility by Donell Maxie image with caption (pictured: Dr. Aubrey K.
Lucas, Dr. Kent Wyatt, Dr. David Potter, and Dr. John Hilpert
Newspaper Clipping The Daily Democrat Times December 8, 1923
(copy) Society page
Newspaper Clipping Bureau Women Retire by Ed Blake with photo: Bert
White and Ruth Bobo
Newspaper Clipping The Bolivar Commercial Delta State University
Calling Cleveland Collectors Image with caption (pictured Pat Hilpert)
Copy of several newspaper clippings on one page
Newspaper Clipping Deaths: Andrew Todd Bobo
Newspaper Clipping All Time Rosedale Football Team
Newspaper Clipping Walters-Bobo Wedding
Newspaper Clipping The Bolivar Commercial Image with caption from A
look at the Past
Newspaper Clipping October 24, 1994 Editorial Iraq Just Kidding doesn’t
cut it
Newspaper Clipping (copy) Andrew Todd Bobo
Newspaper Clipping Margaret Wade Help put women’s sports in limelight
Magazine Clipping Behind the Lines by Dennis Drabelle photography by
Timothy Wright Nov/Dec. 2000
Magazine Clipping Country Crafts The Fine Art of Quilting text and
photos by Glynda Phillips from Mississippi Farm Country
Magazine Clipping Saying I do from Delta Magazine
25 / 2 Pamphlet Sons of Confederate Veterans Heritage of Honor
A Guide to line Campaign and Siege of Vicksburg
The Museum of the Confederacy Annual Fund 1996-1997
Daughters of the American Revolution Washington D.C.
Newspaper Clipping Sons of the Confederacy by Gary Pettus
Newsletter The Museum of the Confederacy Summer 1998
Newsletter The Museum and White House of the Confederacy Fall 1994
Newsletter The Jeff Davis Legion Newsletter January/February 1995
Newsletter The Jeff Davis Legion Newsletter March/April 1995
Newsletter The Reveille Sons of Confederate Veterans March 1996
Newsletter The Reveille Sons of Confederate Veterans May 1996
Newsletter The Reveille Sons of Confederate Veterans February 1997
Sons of Sherman’s March to the Sea
News Clipping Civil War Groups plans to buy battlefield
Confederate Journal December 1993
Documents Discharge from Mississippi 17th Regiment of Mississippi
Volunteer (4 copies)
25 / 3 Book Garrard Collection W.B. Roberts Library Delta State University
Delta State College: Report of the President to the Board of Trustees
Delta State 75: Seventy Five Years of Academic Excellence
25 / 4 Greeting Cards- Golden Anniversary
Newspaper Clipping Mr. And Mrs. James Bobo celebrate 50th with photo
From The Bolivar Commercial January 16, 1991
Boyd-Walters-Bobo M100 Revised 12/11/06 wnr 24
Located Share Drive/Student/Jennifer/Collections & My Docs
25 / 5 Newspaper Clipping image with caption Goldilocks comes for a visit
photo by W. P. Moses pictured Margaret Wade
Newspaper Clipping Basketball Pioneer Dies with photo Margaret Wade
Newspaper Clipping The Commercial Appeal February 10, 1994 Home
Movies: Thompson is acting out Delta Dream by Michael Lollan with
photo of Danny Schneider and Larry Thompson (for the film Separated by
Newspaper Clipping Nona Sure knows hoe to make things happen with
photo 1961 Bolivar County membership committee
Newspaper Clipping Honoring Miss. Nona Watson 84th Birthday April 1,
Newspaper Clipping Nona Watson Farm Bureau secretary wins laurels by
Lavonne Bruckner
Newspaper Clipping Nona Watson retires after 56 years of service by Jim
Newspaper Clipping Farm Bureau plans to honor Miss Nona by Debbie
Ingram Long
Newspaper Clipping A Special Community Edition A Century of Serving
the Kings Daughter Hospital
25 / 6 Document Will of Absclom Bobo
Document A Resolution commending supervisor Jim Ed Bobo
Handwritten notes
Letter to Mr. Bobo from John F. Walter January 26, 1989
Document Copy of Eligibility clause original Box 1 folder 1
Document Bill of sale November 1, 1947 for a 1942 Chevrolet truck
The Book Almost Nobody Reads by Frederick Buechner
25 / 7 Program In memory of God’s Servant Estelle Myers Bedwell August 27,
1912- February 27, 2005
Newspaper Clipping (obituary) Deaths Estelle Bedwell
Business car Doug Harper ProMutura Group, LLC
25 / 8 Notes about J.E. Bobo and the offices he held in Bolivar County
Letter to James Edward Bobo September 26, 1993 From Kirby Brewer
25 / 9 Grave Stone Rubbings
25 / 10 Letter to James E. Bobo from Cloice Temple November 18, 1995
Newspaper Clipping The Cincinnati Enquirer they’re been working on the
Newspaper Clipping Cloice Temple is working on the rail road by John
Dunn (copy)
25 / 11 Copy of Ad For Marine Roof at Hotel Peabody with hand written caption
Copy of commencement sermon Methodist Church May 24, 1936
25 / 12 Documents/Letter from Cooperative Extension Service- Won kitchen
improvement contest. May 28, 1970 Addressed to Mrs. J. E. Bobo Boyd
Lane Plantation, Gunnison, Mississippi From Frances Fortenberry
Housing & Equipment Specialist Mississippi State University (original
photographs removed to Box 3 Folder 12)
Samples of wallpaper
Sample of Formica
Sample of Carpet original
25 / 13 Document Matters to be Discussed Steering Committee Home Coming
and 130th Anniversary
Copy of photo WMG Meeting 1961 Maxine Timms (original removed to
Document 1995 RHS Reunion Committee (Rosedale High School)
25 / 14 Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation Our Business is Agriculture
prepared by the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation Woman’s
Pamphlet Sampler designs (for sewing)
Mapping Mississippi Agriculture put out by Mississippi Farm Bureau
Cover page to Mapping Mississippi Agriculture Ag-tivity Guide
Agriculture in the Classroom
Mississippi History by Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation Ag in the
25 / 15 History of Gunnison Baptist Church Gunnison, Mississippi September
1976 by Dr. Steve Cockerham
First Baptist Church Cleveland, Mississippi Dr. Macklyn W. Hubbell,
Pastor (has photos of the church’s members)
25 / 16 Guide to the Search Room Mississippi Department of Archives and
History Jackson, Mississippi
Book The Governor’s Mansion A Pictorial History © 1975
Pamphlet First Lady’s Favorite Recipes Mississippi’s First Lady Mrs.
Carroll Waller
25 / 17 Program Souvenir Program 75th Anniversary of Gunnison, Mississippi
1889-1964 November 18, 1964 (has the history and photos of the town
and people)
25 / 18 Book Delta Ice: The Storm of 1994 by Greenville Arts Council Greenville,
Mississippi Editor Mary Dayle McCormick (photos of ice storm)
25 / 19 Diploma Gunnison Elementary Schools Ruth Waters May 27, 1932
25 / 20 (skip)
25 / 21 Copy of Magazine article from Delta Scene (2 pages)
25 / 22 Letter to Eleanor and all from Jeanie April 18, 1952 (sent from Sydney,
25 / 23 Document Sermon Methodist Church May 24, 1936
Document Here Comes Charlie (play)
Certificate of Baptism Mrs. J.E. Bobo April 22, 1945 Baptist Church
Rosedale, Mississippi
Envelope Mrs. J.E. Bobo

Box 26:
Box / Folder
26 / 1 8×10” Photographs Portraits:
Toddler- hand colored
3 photos of child- hand colored
8×10” group children/girls on a float Sinbad the Princesses
Family portrait
Senior Portrait (?) hand colored
26 / 2 Photographs Portraits/ snapshots/ group photograph June 1983
Photographs 5 school day photographs black and white
Photograph- group of ladies
Photograph couple in front of a small waterfall
Photograph Female with Ronald McDonald
Photograph 5×7” couple
Photograph 2- 5×7” portraits
Photograph 5×7” female- snap shot
Photograph 5×7” of two females
26 / 3 Copies of photographs
Football team
Man and child with dog in the snow
Armed forces portrait
Graduation portrait of a male
Portrait of a male
(2) older lady with child outside
Group of men at a table written below: J.E. Walters, Dr. H.L. Cockerham,
Buddy Smith, William earl Scruggs, Red Hinton, Dominic Teiminello
26 / 4 Photographs removed from guest book in Box 1 Folder 12
26 / 5 Photograph removed from Greeting card in Box 1 Folder 10
Photograph – Cemetery
26 / 6 Photographs:
Formal dressed
26 / 7 (2) Photographs female basketball player
Photographs Horseback
Photographs Family/ groups with pets
26 / 8 Photographs: Houses, Christmas, Wedding
26 / 9 Disc negatives (14 total)
26 / 10 Black and white copies of photos on typing paper labeled with names
under each photo.
Names listed for each photo:
Mrs. W.T. Wilkinson
Mrs. Scott Blanchard
Group photo: Grandma Cockerham, Mrs. Gay Davis
Group Photo: Mrs. J.E. Walters, Adele Walters, Mrs. W. T.
William Earl Scruggs
Evelyn Cockerham
Mrs. C. W. Maxy – St. Louis, MO
Group photo: Ruth Walters and Jim Ed Bobo
Group photo: Adele, Jim Ed., and Ruth
Photograph of Marker: South Carolina Cross Keys House with
handwritten caption originally owned by Bobo.
Photograph Baby and older man
Photograph Man on horse back with child
Photograph of football team
Photograph Gravestone handwritten caption A. T. Bobo’s first wife
Elizabeth Sarah (Betty) Chapman
Photograph J.E. Bobo in front of Cross Keys House South Carolina
Photograph Gravestone with caption Pamela Todd Bobo mother of
Andrew Todd Bobo
Photograph Bobby Bobo and Pearl Bobo
Photograph Jim Ed and Reverend Bobo
26 / 11 Photograph Military six officers (removed from contents in Box 1 Folder 13)
Photograph Military Two officers shaking hands (removed from contents in Box
1 Folder 13)
Photograph Military officer portrait Robert L Ammons France March 1945
(removed from contents in Box 1 Folder 13)
26 / 12 Photographs Kitchen remodeling (photographs taken from contents in Box
2 Folder 12)
26 / 13 Photograph WMG Meeting 1961 Maxine Timms
Document Matters to be Discussed Steering Committee Home Coming
and 130th Anniversary (copy original removed to Box 2 Folder 13)
26 /14 Album Page Coupon (7 sets)
Photo Coupons (5 sets)
Directions How to Load film into camera
Directions How To Use Kodak Disc 4000 Camera
Recipes from Alco Discount

Box 27:
Box / Folder
27 / 1 (9) WWII patches of Andrew Bobo and Woodrow Bobo
Wooden Ladies hand fan
Wallet/pocketbook with engraving “W.O. Boyd”
Binoculars with case
Razor with case
Ledger of James Bobo

Box 28:
Box / Folder
28 / 1 (9) knitted “Drink Cozies” (4 green, 2 pink, and 3 yellow)

Box 29:
Box / Folder
29 / 1 Magazine The Modern Priscilla January 1918
29 / 2 Magazine The Modern Priscilla April 1918
29 / 3 Magazine The Modern Priscilla September 1971
29 / 4 Magazine The Modern Priscilla March 1918
29 / 5 Magazine Page Needle Craft The Home Arts Magazine April 1934
Magazine Page The Modern Priscilla July 1927 Article The Scrap Bag
Magazine Page Priscilla’s Page of Popular Patters n.d.
Magazine Page The Modern Priscilla November 1920 The Distaff of the
ticket/ The Murray Bay Handicrafts by Antonia J. Stemple
Magazine Page Cover page Woman’s Home Companion November 1931
Magazine Article Betsy Ross’ Flag by Jeanette Tillostson Acklen
Magazine Cover The Modern Priscilla September 1917
Magazine Page Ad 142 Embroidery Transfer Patterns/ ad Fairbanks
Washing Powder
Magazine Page Needle Craft The Home Arts Magazine (53 lose pages)
29 / 6 Magazine Cover Page The Literary Digest November 5, 1932
Magazine Ad The Modern Priscilla – Priscilla Books for Needle workers
Magazine Page The Furrow Farmer Facts and Fancies/ Scout Service for
Country Boys
Magazine Ad Page Fairbanks Washing Powder/ Colcate’s Ad
Magazine Cover Page The Modern Priscilla April 1918
Magazine Cover Page The Modern Priscilla November 1914
Magazine Page The Country Gentleman Article: The Country
Gentlewoman: A Heart Shower by Gabrielle Rosiere
Magazine Page The Country Gentleman Article A Pat and Biddy Party by
Lole E. Brandom
Magazine Cover The Modern Priscilla January 1918
Magazine Page Colcate Advertisement
29 / 7 Sheet Music The Day of the Bonnet words and music by John Rice
29 / 8 Small poster art “Winter Pets”
29 / 9 Magazine Woman’s Home Companion October 1915
29 / 10 Magazine The Modern Priscilla September 1923
29 / 11 Newsletter Our Heritage 1996
29 / 12 Magazine Ribbon Art Vol 1 No. II
29 / 13 Magazine Good House Keeping July August 1920
29 / 14 Magazine The Modern Priscilla July 1919
29 / 15 Magazine The Modern Priscilla May 1918                                                                                                                                                                                                                       29 / 16 Magazine Home Needlework
29 / 17 Magazine Home Needlework January 1906
29 / 18 Magazine Cover The Literary Digest December 13, 1930
Magazine Cover The Literary Digest November 15, 1930
Magazine Cover The Literary Digest January 19, 1931
Magazine Cover The Easter Woman’s Home Companion April 1913
Magazine Page Firestone Tire Advertisement
Magazine Page Progressive Farmer Advertisement
Magazine Page Cocate Advertisement
Magazine Page Ivory Soap Advertisement
Magazine Cover The Modern Priscilla March 1918
29 / 19 Guide Book Priscilla Colored Cross Stitch Book No. I
29 / 20 Program Great Moments of the Great Battles of the Civil War National
Reenactment Official Program Shelby Farms, Memphis, Tennessee May
27/28/29, 1994
29 / 21 Diploma Ruth Carol Waters Gunnison High School Diploma May 29,
1936 Gunnison, Mississippi

Box 30:
Box / Folder
30 / 1 Ledger from Eastern Star Chapter Gunnison, Mississippi
Book A Diary of Private Prayer by Jon Baillie © 1954
Book First Year Musical Theory by Thomas Tapper © 1912
Book Majestic Hymns Compiled and edited by Robert H. Coleman ©1930
Book Music Unites the People No. 2 Twice 55 Community Songs CC.
Brichard and Co. Boston
Catalog Sears, Roebuck, and Co. Fall 1900
Book Church Music Manual by W. Hones Sims © 1957
Book From World’s Fair Early 1900’s

Box 31:
Box / Folder
31 / 1 Guest Book Gunnison Baptist Church’s 130th Anniversary Celebration
May 25, 1986 at Gunnison, Mississippi
Book Class of 1936 mini-book invitation
Book My Graduation Day A record of Associates and Happenings of this
Eventful Occasion Compiled by Ruth Carol Walters, Gunnison High
School Gunnison, Mississippi

Box 32:
Box / Folder
32 / 1 Ruth Bobo, Charles & Evelyn Maxey St. Louis ballgame
2 unidentified
3 unidentified
4 unidentified
5 unidentified
6 unidentified
7 unidentified
8 unidentified
9 unidentified
10 unidentified
11 unidentified
12 unidentified
13 unidentified
14 Hawthorne Home Gunnison Later Eleanor Walters
15 Boyd Lane Plantation Home Before
16 Boyd Lane Plantation Home After
17 Jim Ed Irene Ferguson Batesville
18 Mother? Tease, Louise Arnold, Mary Walters, Jim Ed Hardy 1936, Jim Ed
Hardy, AR 1936
19 Ruth & Adele, Jimmy Aycock, Jim Ed & Carroll, Jim Ed & Carroll 6 wks,
Jim Ed & Eleanor, Nellie Wallace & Jim Ed 1939
20 Carroll & Larry Tyer, 1947, Ruth, Doc at Fort Knox, KY – 1944
21 Adele, Carroll ’49, Jim Ed, Max, Bounce, Carroll, Preventorium-1950, Will
Roger Memorial California Trip – 1953
22 Our Tree, Capitol Washing 1954, Our first note from James Jan. 1977 6yrs,
Mrs. Darris M B Parr Natal, S. Africa
23 Dec – Jan ’58 –’59, Pumpkin Festival, Pumpkin Festival, Our tree
24 Farm buildings – Summer, Boyd Lane Plantation Hdqrts, O.C. Cockerham,
J.E. & Ruth Bobo Ole Miss TCA game, Oxford 10/16/82, Jim Ed & Irene
Ferguson – Antioch Cemetery, Mr. Bobo’s mother’s grave
25 Tomato with grass growing through roots connected to ground; growing all
the way through Tomato ripened.
26 Cherie, Jason
27 Cherie, Jason & Zack, Jason, Pepsi
28 Honeysuckle, Mister, Cody, Mr. McBride & Mister
29 Leo, Jim, Ed & Ruth 1987
30 Bounce, Mac, Spot, Spot Don & Bud, Jim Ed Ruth & Mac, Laddie
31 Gaye 15 yrs 10th Grade ’81, Gaye 12yres 7th Grade ’78, Carroll, Sept. 1934
at Silver City

Box 32 Cont’d:
32 Jason 5th Grade ’81, Jason, Jason, Jason
33 Mack & Jane Nov. 21 ‘73
34 Darren Wershler 1973, Loree & Shane Wershler 1973
35 Elma & Hal 1979, At Elma’s in Toronto 1951
36 Bedwany, Hawaii, Netherlands, Netherlands, Pennsylvania group;
Ann Arbor, Michagan, Mrs. Chaudhaui of Calcutta, India, In front of
auditorium after first meeting
37 Cotton Exhibit Visitors, Mrs. Esther Jackson – Alberta, Canada, Ireland
& Africa at breakfast, Netherland, Australia, Kentucky, Mrs.Dominga V.
Santiago Mandaluyong, Rizal, Phillippines
38 India, Saeverud Bergen, Norway, Great Lakes Navy Band, Northern &
Southern Ireland, USA Day, Great Lakes Band
39 Pumpkin Field ’79, Holland, Michigan, Tree growing out of steeple Canadian
trip 1979, Wildlife Refuge near Cairo, Ill. Nov. 1979, Gay Hawthorne &
Jason Hawthorne – Cleveland Ms Oct. ’78., DSU Homecoming gathering at
Leila Underhill’s Dorris Jean Sisson, Carroll, & Mary Francis Turner
40 Oct ’83, Foundry – Civil War- IL, Oct. ’83, Oct. ’83, Minnie Patton (White),
Gene Leptwich & Mary Alice Bands (Smith), Robert & Erin Martin, Charles,
Bill & Loretta, Pastor of Rosedale & Gunnison Baptist Church
41 Iron Wheel Tree – CWC – 1982, WI, Laudie Walters, Adele Walters,
Leila Wilkinson & Jauie
42 Jim Ed & Cottonfield – 1987, Christmas 1976, Christmas 1976, Walters-Bobo
home, Rockome Gardens, CWC – 1982 – Wisconsin
43 Ice Storm picture, Donald Point’s house – flooded, Donald Point’s house –
flooded, Violet Webb house, Carroll & Jason Oct. 1978.
44 Rodney Vance & Jason, Rodney Vance & Jason, Gaye 3rd Grade ’74, Gaye
11 yrs, Christmas 1976, Pocono Manor Canadian trip 1979
45 Pumpkin Festival Ohio, Pumpkin Festival, Pumpkin Festival, Starbridge
Village 1979 trip, Barn
46 Donnie – 12, Randy – 9, Teddy – 6
47 Boyd Campbell & Family, Boyd Karen & Elma, Randy, Donnie
48 unidentified
49 unidentified
50 unidentified

Box 33:
Box / Folder
33 / 1 – unidentified
2 – unidentified
3 – unidentified
4 – unidentified
5 – unidentified
6 – unidentified
7 – unidentified
33 / 8 – unidentified
9 – unidentified
10 – unidentified
11 – unidentified
12 – unidentified
13 – unidentified
14 – unidentified
15 – unidentified
16 – unidentified
17 – unidentified
18 – unidentified
19 – unidentified
20 – unidentified
21 – unidentified
22 – unidentified
23 – unidentified
24 – Retirement Dinner 1984, Desert Inn, Cleveland, Jim Ed – Tommy Naron
25 – Retirement Dinner 1984, Desert Inn, Cleveland, Jim Ed – Tommy Naron
26 – Retirement Dinner 1984, Desert Inn, Cleveland, Jim Ed – Tommy Naron
27 – Jeannie Walker, Mary Ann Lindsey, Mac Grimmett
28 – Jim Ed, Memrie, Tommy Naron
29 – Victor Baoni, Tommy, Jim Ed
31 – Wayne Cole & Wife
32 – On Trip Jim Ed, Umpire?
33 – Emma & Stuart Lytle, MFBF Cono 1988 – Norris Moore, Jim Ed Bobo,
Ruth Bobo & Tommy Naron, Ice Storm picture, Ice Storm picture, Jan. 2000
34 – Spring Blooms
35 – Gunnison Baptist Church, Regional NCAA II Southeastern playoffs at
Delta State in Spring ’82, Johnny Campbell, Elma Wilson, Bobby Walters, and
Jim Ed, Gaye – 16 yrs. ’82- ’83., Postcard from Jason to
Mr. & Mrs. Bobo, Adele, Eleanor & Ruth Quebec, Canada
36 – Ice storm picture, Amish 5/85, Jamestown, VA. Mt. Vernon
37 – Jim Ed & Laverne Russel, Utah Miller & Jim Ed
38 – Western Trip ’86, Pheasant, First Motor Home 1901 Murds, S. Dakota
39 – Badlands, S. Dakota ‘86
40 – Badlands, S. Dakota ‘86
41 – West ‘86
42 – West ’86, Anadarko, Ok, Indian City, USA
43 – West ’86, Anadarko, OK, Indian City, USA
44 – West ’86, Wall Drug Store
45 – Plum Creek ’86, De Smet – S.D. ’86, Walnut Grove, MN June ’86,
Hydrangea tree
46 – Hydrangea tree, Campbell’s Island, Maine Oct. ‘86
47 – Lighthouse – Maine, Lighthouse – Maine, Maine Seacoast – Oct. ‘86
48 – Holland, Mich – 5 – 85, Jim Ed – Windmill Island, 5 – 85,
Sand dune –85, Mackinoc Island – 5-85, Mackinoc Island, Grand Hotel – 5 –
85, Mackinoc Island 5-85
49 – Leo Timms, Kenny West, Billy Hale, Leo Timms
50 – Ricky, Garrett, Mildred Cockerham, Jim Ed, Mrs. Pearson, & Leo Timmy,
Gayle & Nicky, Mary Jane Hale & Stacy’s children, Pat Sanders & Butch
Sanders, Delores & Dallas Wills, Adeles Walters, Preacher Evans, Mary
Ellen Leptunch, & Olliver Sanford, Dr. Austin, Odessa, & Mrs. Cole
51 – Delores Wills, Joe Few, Elizabeth Vanderford, & Kathy Casey, Ruby Fletcher
& Gerry Hill, Myrtle Coleman, Daniel Fowler & Delta Fowler Austin, Grace
Crocker & Richard Garrett, Garry Louis Holicek & Kathryn Keener
52 – Laddie, Topsy, Toastie, Wyche
53 – Leila Underhill & Allen Warfield, Judy Hale, D. Lynn & Darby, &
Martha McGee, Montey & J.W. Pearson, Sherry Crawford, Joe Few, Kathryn
Keener, Eleanor Walters, Gaye Hawthorne, & Gary Louis Halicek, D. Lynn &
Derby, Sherry Crawford, Ruth & Jim Ed Bobo, UDC Meeting – Cleveland,
Todd received medal – 1993, Ruth & Jim Ed – Cleveland 1993
54 – Unidentified
55 – Unidentified
56 – Unidentified
57 – Unidentified
58 – Unidentified
60 — Unidentified
61 — Unidentified
62 — Unidentified
63 — Unidentified
64 — Unidentified
65 — Unidentified
66 — Unidentified
67 — Unidentified
68 — Unidentified
69 — Unidentified
70 — Unidentified
71 — Unidentified
72 — Unidentified
73 — Unidentified
74 — Unidentified
75 — Unidentified
76 — Unidentified
77 — Unidentified
78 — Unidentified
79 — Unidentified
80 — Unidentified
81 — Unidentified
82 — Unidentified
83 — Unidentified
84 – Jim Ed & Ruth
85 – Sharon, Sean, Boyd, Sandra, Karen, Joey, Adam, Sherri, Jody, Dena Maitlawd,
Abbey, Brandy, Joy, Donnie, and Almas
86 – Isabel & Lionel Moore—1988, Winnipeg, Canada
87 – Clemotis—Ormstown, Johnny’s neighbor’s house/ Joe Coutz (Jane’s husband),
Jim Ed, and Johnny
88 – Jack & Susan Campbell, Rachel, and John—1988/ Christina Claire Campbell,
14 months old—Nov. 8, ’87 On her Christening Day/ Julie and Rachel
89 – Uncle Randle, Deanie, Josie, and boys/ Robert & Hannah Coulter Boyd
90 – Boyd Home—Ormstown, Canada/ Grandma & Grandpa Boyd, Aunt Mary,
Uncle Robert, Grandma, Uncle Jack, and Uncle Randles
91 – Jim Ed’s class picture, 3rd or 4th grade
92 – T-bridge at Malvina, MS/ Three-way bridge at Malvina/ Cherokee Village
House—summer and winter
93 – T-bridge at Malvina, MS—Mr. Logan and wife or sister, Mrs. W.H. Arnold
94 – Jim Ed & Ruth Bobo/ Court of the Two Sisters trip to New Orleans—Eleanor,
Nell Wynn, Jane Oliver, Jim Ed Bobo, Carole Brumby, Minnie White, and
Ruth Bobo
95 – Caroll Bobo—Mayday Parade, Rosedale
96 – May Day Parade – Rosedale, Elizabeth McGee, Carroll Bobo, Lynn Darby,
Julia Helen McGee, & Kristen Jacobs
97 – Cousin Minnie McCartney, Cousin Ella Campbell (Front Row)
98 – Obituary of Wyche W. Walters
99 – WMU trip Glorieta, N. Mexico
100 – unidentified
101 – “Donkey” Ballgame, Gunnison Gym, Scott Warfield, Jim Ed & Man who
bought mules
102 – Mississippi Seed Improvement Board, Front Row – Tom Gary,
Avon Whittington, Johnny Hawart Back Row – Jim Ed Bobo, Vivian Johnson,
Son Hood Before 1968
103 – Bolivar County Supervisors & wives, Jim Ed & Ruth, Elmer Prewitt,
Walter Herbison, County Administrator Jimmie Heidel & Joanne Heidel
104 – unidentified
105 – Governor Finch in Cleveland – Raymond Barr, John Pearson, Charlie Capps,
Elmer Prewitt, Gov. Finch, Walter Herbison, Jim Ed Bobo, Kermit Stanton,
Bill Alexander

Box 34:
Box / Not Foldered
African Art: wooden small and large antelope; bust of person; 2 wooden men; one
wooden musical instrument; wooden mask, large round engraved wooden piece
Foreign coins
Coin “ The History Channel Club
Photo brooch of unknown woman
Copper necklace
Metal rule engraved Concordia Lodge
Plaque from Concordia Lodge
Piece of flooring from Coliseum floor
Rubber Stamp: J.E. Bobo, President