Delta State University Archives

Collection Title:  Bolivar County Historical Society

Collection Number:  M039

Inclusive Dates:  1972 – 1986

Bulk Dates:  1975 – 1986

Volume:  6 Cubic Feet

Processor:  W. Ray


Scope and Content:

The Bolivar County Historical Records Collection contains information about the Society since its inception in 1972, correspondence, financial, board minutes and news clippings.  It also contains detailed information about the Burrus House, Bolivar County’s only antebellum mansion.



Box 1

Box  /  Folder

1  /  1    Bolivar County Historical Society Legal Documents and Membership

BCHS Constitution – no date (4 copies

Proposed revision of Constitution Approved 9/13/77.

BCHS Constitution Revised November 3, 1984

BCHS by-Laws undated (2 copies)

IRS Tax Exempt Number BCHS

Organizational Meeting Agenda Feb. 17, 1972 (2 copies)

Organizational Meeting Notes

Nomination Committee Recommendations undated (initial meeting?)

Handwritten letter regarding BCHS Membership and typed copy

Persons Who Attended Organizational Meeting Feb. 17, 1972 (2 copies)

History of the Bolivar County Historical Society

Letter from VP Mrs. W.V. Smith thanking for attendance at initial meeting.

Group Photo of BCHS (4 copies)

Unfoldered Notebook of the Beginnings of the BCHS (some duplicated above)

1  /  2    Membership:

Listings of officers from 1972 – 1983.

BCHS List 1981-82

BCHS Officers and Board and Membership 1984-85

BCHS List dated 6/28/85 and 8/28/85

BCHS List 1985-86

BCHS List undated (2 copies)

Handwritten list of Charter Members of Shelby MS

Officers 1980

Listings 1979-1980

Listing 1978-1979

Listing 1977

BCHS List 1977-78

BCJS Officers and Members BCHS 1976

BCHS Officers and Board Members 1975

BCHS Officers and Board Members 1974

BCHS Officers and Board Members 1973

BCHS Officers and Board Members 1972

BCHS Listing 1980

BCHS Officers and Board and Members 1982-83

BCHS Listing 1983-84

BCHS Officers and Board Members 1986-87

BCHS officers and directors 1981

BCHS members 1988

BCHS List Feb. 8, 1978

BCHS Officers and Board listing 1980-81

Listing of BCHS Directors and Officers for various years

Several meeting reminders July 27, 1976

BCHS Membership 1980-81 (handwritten)

1  /  3    Cemeteries:

Letter from T. Boschert to MS Archives ( and copy to members) regarding awarding Arnold Cemetery historical significance.

Gene Leftwich talk on Arnold Cemetery.

History of Arnold Cemetery and listing of inscriptions of those buried there.

3 pages of typed inscriptions from Arnold Cemetery

Letter from MS Archives certifying Arnold Cemetery having historical significance.

Letter from T. Boschert to MS Archives regarding restoration and maintenance of

Concordia Cemetery and Letter to Joe Eddins regarding ownership of Concordia.

Partial (?) listing of those buried at Concordia Cemetery.

Letter from MS Archives regarding submittal of Concordia for Historical Significance.

Letter from MS Archives regarding Concordia Cemetery marker being erected.

Letter from MS Archives regarding Concordia Cemetery being awarded a

Certificate of Historical Significance.

Letter from MS Archives Oct. 6, 1978 regarding Abandoned Cemetery Program.


Thomas Boschert on right and unknown 8 x 10 b/w

Unknown gentleman standing in cemetery (4) 8 x 10 b/w

Unknown lady standing in cemetery (3) 8 x 10 b/w

Cemetery (4) 8 x 10 b/w

Headstones (3) 5 x 7 b/w

Thomas Boschert and unknown person (4) 5 x 7 b/w

1  /  4    Historical Markers:

Letter from MS Archives March 1975 regarding “Antiquities Law of MS.

Letter from MS Archives Arpil 11, 1979 ordering markers for Doro Plantation, Old

Prentiss, and Clarksdale.

Letter to Roberts Library from T. Boschert regarding of placement of markers.

Letter from MS Archives regarding Doro and Old Prentiss markers.

Letter from MS Archives Jan. 18, 1979 approving replacement of missing markers.

Other miscellaneous correspondence relative to historical markers.

Letter to Rosedale Mayor 1973 regarding Joliet and Marquette Marker.

Letter from Rosedale Mayor from BCHS 1973 regarding marker for State Park

Letter to Mayor Dattel from BCHS regarding marker on Hwy. 1.

Program from Gunnison Park Marker Ceremony April 25, 1972

Letter from MS Archives approving replacement of markers.

Letter to DAR from BCHS regarding marker for oak trees on Memorial Drive.

Dedication Ceremony Agenda for the Police Marker at Benoit (9 copies)

Letter from MS Archives accepting invitation to Benoit luncheon and prochram.

Letter from MDOT to MS Archives regarding location of first Bolivar Co. marker.

Letter from MS Archives ordering First County courthouse marker and text to be on the marker.

Letter from MS Archives authorizing shipment of marker at Benoit.

Letter to Ms Archives regarding dedication of marker and invitation to attend.

Letter listing of guests to be sent invitations.

Order from MS Archives proofing courthouse marker.

Order to MDOT from MS Archives regarding Courthouse post damage.

1  /  5    Living Historical Farm

Listing of the members of the Mississippi Park Commission

Key for Map Museum Area of 55 Acres – 3 handwritten pages

Topography map

24 page report of the Bolivar-Sunflower Living Historical Farm Project

Handbook “Living Historical Farms Handbook by Schlebecker and Peterson

1  /  6    Programs Presented to BCHS

Founding and Activities of BCHS Annual Meeting Feb. 20, 1982 by Dr. Gunn (2)

Circuit Riders in the Mississippi Delta (Jan. 28, 1978) by Dr. Rush Miller

“The Roles of the Archivist and Curator” Feb. 9, 1980 by Sammy Cranford

1  /  7    Humanities Proposal 1973

National Endowment for the Humanities Program Announcement 1973-74.

Flyer from the Humanities

Letter of thanks to MS Committee for Humanities.

Press Release Sept. 12, 1973 Grant Offer.

Press Release Sept. 7, 1973 Award of Grants.

Grant Program Proposal to MS Committee for the Humanities with attachments.

MS Arts Commission Survey (blank) with cover letter.

1  / 8     Dues and Fundraising

Miscellaneous correspondence relating to dues and sale of journal by BCHS.

1  /  9    1972 – 1973  Miscellaneous Correspondence

1  /  10  1974 Miscellaneous Correspondence

1  /  11  1975 Miscellaneous Correspondence

1  /  12  1976 Miscellaneous Correspondence

1  /  13  1977 Miscellaneous Correspondence

1  /  14  1978 Miscellaneous Correspondence

1  /  15  1979 Miscellaneous Correspondence

1  /  16  1980 Miscellaneous Correspondence

1  /  17  1981 Miscellaneous Correspondence

1  /  18  1982 Miscellaneous Correspondence

1  /  19  1983 Miscellaneous Correspondence

1 /   20  1984 Miscellaneous Correspondence

1  /  21  1985 Miscellaneous Correspondence

1  /  22  1986 Miscellaneous Correspondence

1  /  23  Other Miscellaneous Correspondence


Box 2

Box  /  Folder

2  /  1    Burrus House Legal Documents:

Letter (2 copies) of letter to Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Barry from BCHS President Leila

Underhill dated march 25, 1987 turning Burrus House back over to the family.

Correspondence dated 12/09/75 from William Cash to Chamber President that details

history of the Bolivar County Historical Society and plans for the Burrus House.

Deed of Easement for the Burrus House dated Sept. 24, 1979.

Resolution dated Dec. 1, 1979 regarding public access clause for Burrus property.

BCHS plans for the Burrus House.

Deed of Easement for Burrus House Property dated Jan. 30, 1978.

Letter of exemption from IRS (2 documents).

Letter from MS Dept. of Archives & History to Tom Boschert dated Jan. 22, 1982

detailing Archives recommendations for Burrus House.

By-Laws of the Burrus House Foundation.

By-Law Change to Burrus House Committee

Deed of Easement dated Dec. 12, 1977 between Society of Ellicott Hill and Dept. of Archives.

Letter dated March 3, 1984 donating a painting of Charlie Burrus  from Eleanor Sutherland.

Document from MS Dept. of Archives dated Dec. 4, 1981 which enclosed House Bill relative to significant buildings.

Letter from MS Archives June 20, 1980 regarding log cabin location.

Letter from MS Archives Sept. 1979 regarding new Deed of Easement.

Letter of corrected deed to BCHS from Charlie Jacobs Oct. 1979

BCHS Plan for the Burrus House 2 pages.

Proposed Changes in By-Laws passed 1981


Box  /  Folder

2  /  2    Burrus House Committee:

Burrus Committee Report to Annual Meeting Feb. 27, 1975

March 2, 1981 Burrus Foundation Minutes

April 22, 1981 Burrus Foundation Minutes

January 28, 1982 Burrus Foundation Minutes

March 28, 1984 Burrus Foundation Minutes (2 copies)

Nov. 1, 1984 Burrus Foundation Minutes

Jan. 7, 1985 Burrus Foundation Minutes

June 4, 1985 Burrus Foundation Minutes (2 copies)

July 6, 1985 Burrus Foundation Minutes

Sept. 27, 1985 Burrus Foundation Minutes

Five letters to members concerning dues

April 28, 1981 Clarification of Burrus House Committee, Foundation, Ownership

Letter from T. Boschert to committee Feb. 8, 1982 regarding committee appointments.

2  /  3    Burrus House Report / Renovations

Report dated Oct. 15, 1981 from Kock and Wilson Architects re: Hollywood Plantation

and cover letter and invoice and backup correspondence.

Award of Merit Certificate from MS Historical Society dated Mar. 4, 1983 for Burrus

House Preservation and Restoration.

BCHS Restoration Plan for the Burrus House (2 copies)

Column restoration letter

MS Archives letter Dec. 5, 1985 regarding BCHS plan for restoring Burrus House.

The Burrus Bugle published by the Burrus Committee Summer 1979

Bicentennial Activity Report Nov. 3, 1975

Letter from Jack Gunn from Thomas Boschert Mar. 30, 1984

Letter from MS Archives April 10, 1984 regarding pantry, roof, back gallery.

Letter from MS Archives Feb. 8, 1979 regarding grant application.

Agreement between Owner and Contractor Cleveland Lumber Co.

Proof of Publication advertising for bids for restoration and cover letter.

Cover letter and quote from Weilenman Assc. Executed by Cleveland Lumber.

Letter from MS Archives relative to executed easement.

Certificate of Insurance from Weilenman Assc. For Builders Risk.

Changes to Project from Weilenman Assc.

Cover Letter transmitted final drawings and specifications.

Contract details and retainage from Weilenman Associates.

Owner and Architect Agreement from Weilenman Associates and cover letter.

Letter from Weilenman regarding final inspection.

Letter from Weilenman regarding certification of work done.

Letter from MS Archives regarding grant award of $28,000.00.

Insurance Premium dated 1978-79 for property.

Letter from Archives Feb. 9, 1978 regarding easement.

Letter from Vera Speakes Jan. 17, 1978 regarding easement.

Letter from MS Archives Jan. 17, 1978 regarding easement.

Letter from MS Archives Jan. 11, 1978 regarding grant recipients.

Letter from Thomas Boschert to MS Archives thanking for grants.

Letter from Charlie Jacobs to MS Archives Jan. 4, 1978 regarding easement.

Letter from MS Archives Dec. 13, 1977 awarding grant.

Letter from Weilenman Dec. 22, 1977 transmitting prints for toilet.

Letter transmitting Certificate of Insurance from Weilenman Asc.

Letter from MS Archives Sept. 21, 1977 transmitting contract documents.

Letter from Weilenman transmitting prints of proposed additions.

Handwritten note of architects address and contract amount and fees.

Letter to LePoint Smith regarding fire insurance and quote.

Letter from IRS designating exemption status.

Copy of proposal for renovations and cover letter.

Letter from Edwin M. Barry, great grandson of the original Burrus House family.

Letter from Virginia Hatcher regarding Historical Journal.

Letter of invitation to MS Archives for Burrus House Open House on Sept. 1978

Envelope of keys for Burrus House and security information.

Letter from BCHS April 19, 1984 to MS Archives regarding inappropriate work.

Letter from MS Archives Feb. 3, 1984 regarding Tomas Blackwell meeting.

Letter from Burrus Committee Jan. 29, 1984 regarding dissatisfaction of materials.

Handwritten letter to MS Archives from Mrs. Speakes regarding plans of work.

Letter from MS Archives of Dec. 8, 1983 thanking for update of plans.

Letter from MS Archives Jan 6, 1984 regarding need for architect.

Letter from MS Archives Jan. 26, 1984 regarding options related to disapproval of plans

Letter from MS Archives Dec. 11, 1981 regarding visit to Burrus House.

Letter from BCHS to MS Archives Oct. 30, 1985 update on project and request of

extension of grant.

Letter to MS Archives Mar. 14, 1979 regarding project sign.

Letter from Weilenman Assc. Sept. 14, 1979, project substantially complete.

MS Farm Bureau letter Sept. 19, 1979 notices cancellation of policy.

Copy of news clipping “Mothballs for old home –Burrus home may be restored”

Letter from MS Archives June 20, 1980 regarding visit.

Letter from Thomas Boschert to MS Archives regarding visit.

Letter Sept. 16, 1985 whereby Burrus House insurance expires Sept. 7, 1985.

2  /  4    Burrus House Cemetery:

Burrus Cemetery overview of site and drawings of plots and those buried there with

headstone inscriptions.  Note:  Cemetery Project was July 22, 1981 and there have since                                      been burials there.

2  /  5    Stationery:

BCHS Burrus House stationery

Burris House Notecards

(Unfoldered) Burris House Committee gift acknowledgement cards

2  /  6    Burrus House Fundraising:

Letter from Burrus Comm April 29, 1975 re: acceptance of house and fund needs.

Letter from Burrus Comm Jan. 1977 needing funds – includes before/after pictures.

Letter from Friends of Burrus House requesting funds.

MS Historic Preservation Grants Guide

Letter from MS Archives thanking for Delta Tour Guide & Picture Book.

Letter from Burrus Committee to MS Archives Oct. 30, 1985 re: fund raiser and                                                  update on Burrus House.

Letter from Charlie Jacobs to Cleveland State regarding tickets for “Baby Doll.”

Letter from Burrus House Foundation regarding request for funds.

Blank Receipt from the Burrus House Foundation

CPA Invoice and 1979 Tax Return.

CPA invoice and 1980 Tax Return.

Letter from IRS Mar. 25, 1975 regarding tax exemption status.

Letter from MS Archives requesting Delta Tour Guide June 23, 1980.

Letter from Thomas Boschert June 24, 1980 regarding Tour Guide and visit.

Letter from National Museum Services Board Dec. 16, 1983.

Amendment from IRS dated Feb. 28, 1975.

Letter to members about Burrus House needs

2  /  7    Contributors to Burrus House:

Numerous memos and reports and a notebook regarding contributors.

Envelope listing regrets of non-contributors.

Contributors to the Burrus House as of Oct. 16, 1975

2  /  8    Cash Flow Financial Statements:

Financial Statement Jan. –May 1977

Receipts and Expenditures Nov. 1974-March 8, 1976

Financial Statement Calendar year 1977

Cash flow statement Calendar year 1976

Financial statement 1976

Simplified Cash Flow Statement Oct 1974 thru March 1977

Financial Statement as of Dec. 31, 1984

Operating Statement Balance Dec. 31, 1982 and bank statements 1983-84

Calendar Year 1978

October 1974 – Dec. 31, 1978

Condensed Cash Flower 1974 – 1978

Receipts and Expenditures Nov. 1974 through March 8, 1976

BCHS Cash Flow Stmt. Jan. 1, 1979 thru Dec. 31, 1979.

Burrus House Cash Flow Stmt. Jan. 1, 1979 thru Dec. 31, 1979

Condensed Cash Flow Stmt. Burrus House Nov. 1974-Dec. 31, 1979

Detailed Cash Flow Stmt. Burrus House Nov. 1974-Dec. 31, 1979

Balance Sheet Oct. 20, 1975

Burrus House Expenditures as of April 19, 1975Checks for Feb. 26, 1976.

Balance Sheet Jan. 14, 1976

Burrus House Cash Flow Stmt. From start of project in Oct. 1974 through Jan. 31, 1979.

Financial Report for Calendar Year 1977.

Burrus House Cash Flow from start in 1974 through March 3, 1978.

Burrus House Detailed Cash Flow from Oct. 1974 through Dec. 1980.

Burrus House Cash Flow Stmt. Jan 1, 1980 thru Dec. 31, 1980.

Burrus House Cash Flow Stmt. Jan. 1, 1980 – Dec. 31, 1980.

Financial Statement as of Oct. 31, 1984

Burrus House Financial Statement Oct. 31, 1984

IRS Letter Mar 1975

Condensed Cash Flow Statement Oct. 1974 thru March 31, 1984

Financial Statement as of Jan. 1, 1985 (2 copies)

Transactions through BCHS Bank Acct. from mid Oct 1974 through Oct. 16, 1975.

Breakdown of Expenses on Burrus House paid through the BCHS Bank Acct. through

October 16, 1975 (2 copies)

2 / 9                 Historical Research Projects Dated April 1936

2 / 10   Historical Research Project dated October 1936

2 / 11 Newspaper article entitled “Cleveland Loses a Leading Citizen” regarding Ed. B.Hill, dated December 16, 1915.


Unfoldered       Cleveland State Bank Statements Aug. through Dec. 1984.

2 Bundles of Bank Statements Cleveland State 1978-79


Box 3

Box  /  Folder

3  /  Unfoldered Financial Records:

Unfoldered Binder – Bank Statements 1980

Unfoldered Binder – Bank Statements 1980’s

Unfoldered Binder – Bank Statements 1987

Unfoldered – Bundled Bank Statements – 1987 – 1990

Unfoldered – Rubber Stamps (2) For Deposit Only BCHS and Burrus Fund

Unfoldered – BCHS checks and check register

Unfoldered – Large Checkbooks (2) BCHS and Burrus House Foundation

3 copies of 1987 BCHS Tax Returns

Miscellaneous Financial Papers


Box 4

Box  /  Folder

4  / Unfoldered

Journals of the Bolivar County Historical Society:

1977 (2 copies)

1979 (47 copies)

1980 (33 copies)

1983 (64 copies)

Pocock Pickle – Louisa’s 1863 Journal by Margaret Holt Gunn (16 copes)


Box 5             

Box  /  Folder

5  /        Miscellaneous News Clippings:


Binder of News Clippings Book 1 and framed Resolution

Binder of News Clippings Book 2 1977 – 1983

Guestbook dated August 7, 1987 bound in white

Booklet:  History of Gunnison Baptist Church

Booklet:  Annual Report 1979-80 MS Archives and History

Small box of blank Bolivar County Historical Society membership cards

Large binder containing Constitution-By-Laws; Burrus House; Meeting Notices;

Miscellaneous; Quarterly Report Minutes Feb. 13 1979 through March 20, 1986;

Board Minutes Sept. 27, 1980 through January 28, 1988


Box 6

Box  /  Folder

6  /  1    Association Meetings:

2          MS Historical Society 1978 – 80

3          MS Historical Society March 1978 Annual Meeting

4          MS Historical Society 1975 – 77


Box 6 Continued

5          MS Historical Society Board of Directors

6          MS Historical Society 1977

7          MS Historical Society March 1977

8          MS History

9          Texas Historical Assn. 1973-74

10        American Assn. for State and Local History

11        History – First Baptist Church 1973

12        MS Bi-centennial

13        MS Historical Society 1980-81

14        Proposed Research Project 1972 History of DSU

15        History Classes

16        BCHS Board Minutes 1980

17        BCHS Board Minutes 1975, 1976, 1977

18        BCHS Jolliett Marquette Expedition


Flat File #3

1 / 1    Oval Portrait on canvas of J.C. Burrus of Burrus house in Benoit. It was given to Bolivar County Historical Society

Deed of gift July 27, 2004 (This item was originally held in M172-the Dorsey Johnson Collection and was transferred on March 11, 2009)