Communications and Marketing

Promotional Item Request

To increase visibility and provide representation of Delta State among various groups and audiences, promotional items will be made available for specific groups.

The target audiences may include but are not limited to potential future students with a wide grade-level range, academic groups, influential campus visitors, media, distinguished personnel and those interested in the positive promotion of Delta State. These items are not intended for the personal use of employees and other internal persons affiliated with the University.

All requests will be considered but cannot be guaranteed to receive items.

This form is for internal use by Delta State departments/divisions, faculty and staff. 

  • (i.e., career fair, visiting groups, academic fairs, recruiting opportunity, etc.)
  • (Description of event, type of item requested, etc.)

The Communications and Marketing staff strives to provide services in a timely manner. Although we cannot guarantee availability for services requested, providing detailed project information will help get the task assigned appropriately.