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Master of Business Administration

About the Program

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program provides a broad understanding of business fundamentals required of business organizations and for entrepreneurial ventures. The curriculum enables students to build upon the foundation of business concepts in the areas of financial reporting, analysis, and markets; domestic and global economic environments of organizations; creation and distribution of goods and services; and human behavior in organizations.

Admission Requirements

Full admission to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program may be granted to an applicant who:

  • Has earned a baccalaureate degree which is fully accredited by one of the recognized accrediting agencies, and meets all other requirements for admission to Graduate School.
  • 3.0 GPA or 4 years professional experience (Applicants lacking the 3.0 GPA or work experience are reviewed by the Graduate Business Programs Admissions Committee.  The committee may elect to admit an applicant conditionally with an academic hold.  The applicant must earn at least a “B” in each of the first 3 courses in order to continue in the program.)
  • Applicants lacking undergraduate preparation in business courses (with a grade of “C” or higher) will be required to take the MBA Foundation courses below and earn at least a grade of “B”.
    • MBA 515: Managerial Accounting and Finance
    • MBA 525: Management Theory and Business Law
    • MBA 535: Theory of Economics and Marketing
    • MBA 545: Statistics and Information Systems

*Note:  Years of experience should be managerial/supervisory or professional level work experience.  Applicants who have earned less than a grade of “C” in undergraduate Managerial Accounting, Business Finance, Legal Environment of Business (Business Law), Principles of Management, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Principles of Marketing, Statistics, or Microcomputer Applications, may be required to take the equivalent MBA Foundation course(s) listed above.


Total required credit hours: 30 hours

Required courses (18 hours):

  • ACC 600: Managerial Accounting (3 hours)
  • ECO 612: Managerial Economics (3 hours)
  • FIN 600: Financial Management (3 hours)
  • XXX 601: Applied Decision Science* (3 hours)
  • MGT 605: Human Resource Management (3 hours)
  • MKT 600: Strategic Marketing (3 hours)

*Note:  The 601 course can be taken as CIS, FIN, MGT, or MKT but can only be taken for 3 credit hours.

General Business Emphasis with approved business electives (12 hours)  or select one of the other emphasis areas

** Students choosing the electives option are required to take MGT 695. Exceptions must be approved by the College of Business dean.

Any graduate level business course, not listed as required, is considered to be an elective.

Human Resource Emphasis

  • MGT 620: Recruitment, Selection & Performance Appraisal (3 hours)
  • MGT 655: Wage and Salary Administration (3 hours)
  • MGT 660: Human Resource Legislation & Current Issues (3 hours)
  • MGT 695: Strategic Project Management (3 hours)


Health Care Administration Emphasis

  • IRR 622: Risk Management for Healthcare Industry (3 hours)
  • MGT 650: Health Care Law and Ethics (3 hours)
  • MGT 670: Health Care Management and Policies (3 hours)
  • MGT 695: Strategic Project Management (3 hours)


Information Systems Management Emphasis

  • CIS 606: Enterprise Data Warehousing (3 hours)
  • CIS 618: Business Intelligence (3 hours)
  • CIS 624: Enterprise Resource Planning (3 hours)
  • CIS 630: Information Technology Strategy and Management (3 hours)

Degree Requirements

Candidates for the MBA are required to meet the following criteria:

  • Fulfill the general requirements for a graduate degree at Delta State University.
  • Complete, secure approval for, and file a Program of Study.
  • Complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate credits consisting of 18 hours in core business courses and 12 hours of approved electives (emphasis area)
  • Include in the program of study a minimum of 24 semester hours of 600-level courses
  • Earn and maintain a G.P.A. of at least 3.0 overall and 3.0 in an emphasis area.

Students who earn grades of three “C’s” or one grade of “D” or “F” will be dismissed from the program.


Graduate Program Coordinator

Dr. Lisa Cooley
P: (662) 846-4234

Address and Mailing

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College of Business and Aviation
DSU Box 3294 Broom 141
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