Campus Counseling Center

Campus Counseling Center

The Campus Counseling Center provides university students with individual and group assistance in adapting to stressful situations while attending DSU.  Examples such as adjusting to the university environment, relationship issues with roommate, professor, parents or significant other, choosing a vocation, selecting a major, and solving personal, social, and educational difficulties are common reasons students utilize counseling. The professional staff are also trained to help with clinical issues like depression, anxiety, grief, anger, trauma, alcohol and drug abuse.  In a confidential relationship, the student may express his/her thoughts and feelings, and an experienced counselor helps the student gain insight into problems and explore possible solutions.

Additionally, with the assistance of the counselor a student may select tests to appraise abilities, interests, and personal characteristics.  National standardized admission tests such as the MAT are also given.  Academic credit can be gained through the College Level Education Program (CLEP) administered in the office.

The Campus Counseling Center is open for service and FREE to students, faculty and staff, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Stress management, Counseling, American Disabilities Act consultation, Alcohol and Drug abuse appointments may be made in person or by calling Kashanta Jackson, LPC, ACS; Paula King; or Deidra Byas.  Alcohol,and Chemical dependency information, brochures and treatment referrals can be found there as well.  National standardized test information or computerized CLEP appointments can be obtained by calling (662) 846-4690 or visiting the Campus Counseling Center located in the O.W. Reily Health Center.

T-BEAR (Behavior Encouragement, Awareness, Response)

Are you concerned about a DSU student? Have you witnessed a significant change in their behavior? Do you feel helpless with how to get them the help they so desperately seem to need? Click on the button below to initiate help in supporting you! Submit the name and contact information of your (Person of Concern). Record what you are aware of and concerned about and T-BEAR will attempt to reach out compassionately to make contact with that individual. If it is during business hours 8:00 – 5:00, you can walk with the person to Campus Counseling (846-4690) in the Student Health Building or call with the person in your presence so they can make a verbal commitment to an appointment for a future time.