Students nominated for Who’s Who honors

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The following students have been nominated to receive Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges honors:

Jenna James Allen, Nursing
Emily Brennan Barham, Entertainment Industry Studies
Cathryn Beck, Art
Justin Boatman, Entertainment Industry Studies
Gregory Braggs, Entertainment Industry Studies
Katie Busby, Nursing
Tyler Comans, Nursing
Hanna Core, Art
Trey Densford, Nursing
Alice Koech, Nursing
Bethany Leininger, Nursing
Lauren Mansour, Nursing
Tavelle Marion, Nursing
Brittany McGree, Entertainment Industry Studies
Lisa McLaughlin, Nursing
Christopher Pecou, Art
Carrie Lynn Stanford, Entertainment Industry Studies
Joshua Stubbs, Entertainment Industry Studies
Cody Unchurch, Entertainment Industry Studies
Jessica Faith, Entertainment Industry Studies
Sarah Catherine Yawn, Nursing

According to the website, Who’s Who awards are conferred by more than 1,000 schools in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and is symbolized by the presentation of an award certificate. Selections to Who’s Who Among Students are made each fall by individual schools.

Campus groups will come together April 19 to repaint the Green Mile fitness trail.

Green Mile to be repainted

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A number of student groups will unite April 19 to repaint Delta State’s Green Mile fitness trail that works its way across campus, a project introduced in 2010 to promote overall health and wellness at the institution.

The repainting, scheduled for 1:30-3:30 p.m., was originally planned during the university’s 90th anniversary celebration in 2015, but due to weather and schedule conflicts, the event will take place later this month. The event will kick off at the Alumni clock next to the Student Union.

Led by First Lady Nancy LaForge and members of the Dedicated Statesmen Association, student groups, athletic teams and Greek organizations will come together to brighten the trail markings with new paint.

LaForge thought the project would be a meaningful campus beautification component of the university’s anniversary celebration.

“I walk every day for exercise. It is good cardio, and I enjoy the routine, peaceful experience,” said LaForge. “The Green Mile is a Delta State tradition that deserves to be restored. You can begin at a set of footprints and end there knowing you have walked a mile. Hats off to Dianne Blansett, Elise Jenkins and the Dedicated Statesmen for coordinating this project.”

The event will be judged and trophies and prizes will be awarded to winning teams. Judging will be based on neatness and completion. All materials and supplies will be provided to the teams.

Jeanna Wilkes, director of Student Life, has helped organized the groups taking part.

“I believe this is an important project to complete because it allows student groups the opportunity to give back to the university by renewing the aesthetic look to the Green Mile,” said Wilkes. “Renewing the look of the Green Mile is vital to beautifying our campus’s appearance, and encouraging a healthy physique to those utilizing the mile.”

Student groups looking to sign up for the event are asked to contact Wilkes at or 662-846-6666. The deadline for signing up is April 14 at 5 p.m.

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Wind ensembles set to perform April 14 at BPAC

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A concert featuring the Delta State University Wind Ensemble as well as three other ensembles is set for 7 p.m. April 14 at the Bologna Performing Arts Center.

The concert is free and open to the public. Admission is free.

The DSU Symphonic Band, the Hinds Community College Wind Ensemble and the Cleveland High School Concert Band will also perform.

The DSU Wind Ensemble is under the direction of Director of Bands Dr. Erik Richards.

“We have not invited a community college or high school band to play at our spring concert for a while now,” Richards said. “This is something we hope to continue to do to build relations with bands in the state and prospective students.”

Provost/Vice-President of Academic Affairs Dr. Charles McAdams will also serve as a guest conductor for the DSU Wind Ensemble.

For more information, contact Delta State University Department of Music Secretary Cheryl Beaty at (662) 846-4615.

Some of the 2016 Advising Champions include: (front, left to right) Arlene Sanders, Dr. Ellen Green, Dr. Virginia Webb, Dr. Jan Haynes, Darla Sisney, (back, l to r) Dr. Leslie Fadiga-Stewart, Lacey Blessitt, Dr. Sharon Hamilton, Dr. Thomas Laub, Charly Abraham, and Dr. Tom Brady.

Advising Champions boost student success

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A group of Delta State faculty known as the Advising Champions are continuing their advising efforts dedicated to the development of a streamlined campus-wide advising process.

Each Advising Champion is a faculty member who is recognized as an effective academic advisor and adopts the tenets of Proactive Advising, an advising process that involves the use of proactive outreach and intervention to enable students to persist to graduation.

The program operates under the envelope of the Student Success Center and is run by Student Success Advisor Darla Sisney.

“Engaged, knowledgeable academic advising is critical to every student’s success,” said Sisney, quoting the Academic Advising Resource Guide. “Advising should consist of a continuous conversation between the student and his or her advisor, not merely sporadic sessions for choosing what courses to take.

“When done well, academic advising aids every student to plan and implement a program of study consistent with their goals, interests and strengths. With this in mind, Delta State is taking steps to establish an effective and efficient advisement process.”

Advising Champions guide students through the following methods:

  • Assist in efforts to enhance proactive advising at Delta State
  • Serve on the frontline for implementing proactive advising in their academic areas
  • Relay new advising strategies, resources and practices to their departments
  • Act as advocates, mentors and resources for new academic advisors

Academic Advising Champions for Spring 2016 include:

  • College of Arts and Sciences

o          Dr. Ellen Green, Department of Biological Sciences

o          Dr. John Tiftickjian, Department of Biological Sciences

o          Dr. Sharon Hamilton, Department of Chemistry and Physics

o          Ms. Tricia Walker, Delta Music Institute

o          Mr. Charly Abraham, Delta Music Institute

o          Dr. Karen Bell, Interdisciplinary Studies

o          Dr. Paula Norris, Department of Mathematics

o          Dr. Paulette Meikle-Yaw, Division of Social Sciences and History

o          Dr. Leslie Fadiga-Stewart, Division of Social Sciences and History

o          Dr. Garry Jennings, Division of Social Sciences and History

o          Ms. Arlene Sanders, Division of Social Sciences and History

o          Dr. Thomas Laub, Division of Social Sciences and History

o          Dr. Lisa Moon, Department of Social Work

o          Ms. Cora Jackson, Department of Social Work

o          Dr. Lekeitha Morris, Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences

  • College of Business

o          Dr. Rebecca Hochradel, Division of Management, Marketing and Business Administration

  • College of Education

o          Dr. Jon Westfall, Division of Counselor Education and Psychology

o          Dr. Temika Simmons, Division of Counselor Education and Psychology

o          Dr. Tom Brady, Division of Teacher Education, Leadership, and Research

o          Dr. Jan Haynes, Division of Family and Consumer Sciences

o          Dr. Virginia Webb, Division of Family and Consumer Sciences

o          Dr. Mary Jones, Division of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation

o          Mr. Todd Davis, Division of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation

o          Dr. John Alvarez, Division of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation

o          Ms. Amy McAdams, Division of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation

o          Dr. Franco Zengaro, Division of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation

  • School of Nursing

o          Ms. Lacey Blessitt, School of Nursing

For more information, contact Sisney at 662-846-4577 or