Division of Teacher Education, Leadership, and Research

Doctor of Education in Professional Studies

Training professionals to excel in teaching, service, leadership roles, and responsibility. There are 3 tracks to choose from, each with a specialized program of study. Click below to view courses for each track.

Important Dates for Graduates

Fall 2017

  • September 2: Last day to submit dissertation draft for fall 2017 defense
  • October 20: Last day to defend dissertation for fall 2017 graduation
  • November 4: Last day to submit revised dissertation for fall 2017 graduation

Spring 2018

  • February 3: Last day to submit dissertation draft for spring 2018 defense
  • March 9: Last day to defend dissertation for spring 2018 graduation
  • April 7: Last day to submit revised dissertation for spring 2018 graduation

Candidates applying to the program will need the following evidence/documents:

  • Master’s or an Educational Specialist degree from an accredited college/university
  • Minimum of two years experience in teaching or an equivalent area
  • Graduate transcripts
  • Scores from the GRE Verbal and Quantitative
  • GRE writing scores
  • Doctoral Portfolio

For specific requirements, please contact the coordinator.

Admission Fulfillment Standards

  • Points earned in the verbal and quantitative sections will be added to give a GRE rating
  • GPA on all graduate work must be submitted
  • A weighted point system will be given to each of the criteria above. Once a students has a sufficient score, instructions on the portfolio and structured interview process will be provided

Admission to the Doctoral Program

For admission to the doctoral program, students are required to submit a portfolio. The following information may help students meet this requirement.

Portfolio Instructions

As a requirement for admission to the doctoral program, a student must develop and submit a copy of a portfolio to the Doctoral Program Coordinator no later than September 30th for spring admission or February 28th for summer or fall admission. The following information will serve as a guide for students in meeting this requirement.

Submit Portfolio

  • Submit all portfolio materials electronically in one continuous document to Dr. Jacqueline Craven at jcraven@deltastate.edu
  • All work should be neatly and accurately typed, double-spaced using at least a 12-point font.
  • Each section should contain a heading as well as a description of materials included in the section.
  • The portfolio will remain confidential and will become a part of the doctoral student’s file.

Doctoral Portfolio Rubric

Evaluation Standards

Portfolio Deadlines:

Spring admission – September 1
Summer admission – February 1
Fall admission – February 1

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Doctoral Program Coordinator

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