Division of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation

Master of Science in Sport and Human Performance

The Sport and Human Performance degree is a 36 credit hour program offering three concentrations: Exercise Science, Sports Management, & Human Performance. Graduate Catalog

Each concentration provides opportunities for students to complete practicum hours, research projects, and internships.

Application for Graduate Assistantship

Graduate assistantships are offered to students seeking work experience as athletic coaches, athletic trainers, sports information personnel, and personal trainers in the health and wellness area.

Graduate assistants help to complete athletic, athletic training, and wellness professional staffs. Assistantships may be available in the Division of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation.

Requirements for Graduation

Degree Requirements. A candidate for the Master of Science in Sport and Human Performance degree in the College of Education is required to meet the following:

  • Fulfill the general requirements for a graduate degree at Delta State University;
  • Complete graduate work consisting of core courses, major field hours and elective hours as specified. At least one half of major field courses must be at 600-level or higher;
  • Earn a B average on the degree core courses (PER 601, PER 602, PER 611, PER 638, ELR 605)
  • Earn a grade point average of at least 3.0 in the major field and overall;
  • Pass an oral and/or written comprehensive examination, in the candidate’s major field of study, administered by a committee appointed by the division chair;
  • Optional. With the consent of the advisor, a candidate may elect to write a thesis for 6 semester hours of credit in the major field.


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Interim Chair
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