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Lunch & Learn/Networking Session with Institute for Prenatal Quality Improvement

February 8

David K. Jones, PhD: Ripples of Hope: Charting the Health Equity Policy Agenda
Co-editors Debra Bingham, DrPH, RN, FAAN; Nicole Huberfeld, JD; and Sarah Gordon, PhD, MS
Eating well is challenging when few grocery stores are nearby, fresh foods are not affordable, and time to prepare wholesome foods is limited. An active lifestyle is nearly impossible when parks are not nearby, sidewalks do not connect, and safety is an overriding issue. Generational wealth cannot be built when well-paying jobs are scarce, banks do not give mortgage loans, and available housing is low-quality and unsafe. A great education is a path to a better life but hard to obtain if too few teachers, inadequate resources, and improper and disproportionate discipline are the norm. Access to necessary medical care is limited when primary care providers are scarce, each visit to a specialist requires three hours of
driving, and high deductibles and other out of pocket costs consume a large share of annual income.The extremes of the Mississippi Delta illustrate the complex relationships between class, race, and health that make achieving health equity across the entire U.S. so difficult. Using qualitative methods, including on-the-ground interviews with local residents, advocates, and officials, as well as interdisciplinary research, this book explores health in the Mississippi Delta to better understand health policy goals for the entire nation. Each of the five major chapters starts with a reflection from Robert F. Kennedy’s trip to the Delta in 1967. The chapters discuss the major barriers to health in five key domains: food, neighborhoods, jobs, education, and health care. Each chapter includes “Ripples of Hope,” highlighting how local groups and individuals are working to overcome barriers to health, as well as highlights root causes that must be addressed. The chapters end with principles and goals that should guide national and state policy action, which are deliberately broad so as to be applicable in a variety of settings.

Students will be invited to a lunch and learn on February 8, with a community networking opportunity on February. 9.

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02/08/2024 12:00 pm 2:00 pm
02/09/2024 6:00 pm 8:00 pm


February 8


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