Collection Title:  Zeigel-Winter Collection

Collection Number:  M189

Inclusive Dates:  1925 – 1975

Bulk Dates:  1939 – 1945

Volume:  .50 Cubic Feet

Processor:  W. Ray


Scope and Content:

The Elizabeth Zeigel Winter Collection contains various items that give information relative to the life and work of Dr. William H. Zeigel, who was the first academic Dean at Delta State Teachers College during the period September 1925 through June 17, 1947.  The content is separated into the following series:  Early Life of W.H. Zeigel, Early Accomplishments, Education, Professional Papers and Addresses, Employment at Delta State, Miscellaneous Accomplishments, Building and Yearbook Dedications, Postcards, Presentation of Zeigel Portrait, Homecoming November 8, 1975, Retirement, Death, Others at Delta State, Miscellaneous Photos, Other Miscellaneous Items, and a photo scrapbook of William Zeigel, his family, and friends at Delta State.


Box Inventory:

Box 1  Series:       Early Life of William H. Zeigel

Box / Folder

1  /  1   Biographical information of Wm Henry Zeigel; Commencement Exercises Invitation May 28, 1897 for Wm. H. Zeigel from Missouri Valley College; Invitation to wedding of Elizabeth Neef to Wm. H. Zeigel on August 22, 1900; newspaper clipping obituary for William Henry Zeigle (note different spelling) on August 7, 1913, father of Dr. William H. Zeigel.


Series:       Early Accomplishments

1  /  2   Conference Agreement dated Oct. 31, 1916 which was addressed by Professor Zeigel and was a very important step in the development of higher education in the State of Missouri.  At this conference an agreement was reached as to what constituted a college credit.

3    Letter of support dated Dec. 29, 1916 from President of Missouri Valley College to President of Indiana, PA regarding Mathematics Professor William H. Zeigel’s application.

1  /  4   Memorial Address by William H. Zeigel before the Pennsylvania Society of New York where he paid tribute to France; news clipping from the Kansas City Star dated February 17, 1917 regarding the tribute to France.


Series:      Education

1  /  5  Card listing credits earned and admitting to Graduate Standing to George

Peabody College; telegram dated August 11, 1922 from State Teachers     College in Kirksville, MO offering fellowship; letter dated September 28, 1922 from E.C. Sage, Asst. Secretary to General Education Board granting scholarship for $500 to George Peabody College; letter dated March 31, 1924 from President Payne of George Peabody College for Teachers in Nashville, TN to Dean W.H. Zeigel, Kirksville, MO regarding alumni secretary and financial agent.


Series:  Professional Papers and Addresses

1  /  6   Two papers written by Wm. H. Zeigel during the period of time that he was serving as Dean at the Kirksville State normal School and Chairman of the Mathematics Department.

1  /  7   Booklets and Pamphlets relative to the First District Normal School of Kirksville, MO:  History Bulletin, Peabody Journal of Education, A Glimpse at Missouri, The Contributions of Eugene Fair to Education, History of Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, The Northeast Missouri State Teachers College Commemoration Service For Its Heroic Dead of WWII, E.M. Violette Teacher and Friend, Biographies of Deceased Faculty Members.

1  /  8   Convocation State Teachers College, Kirksville, MO August 7, 1925; Official Program of the Dedication of the John R. Kirk Memorial dated October 26, 1940; Peabody Journal of Education from which Dr. Zeigel delivered the address on John R. Kirk;

1  /  9   Book of Doctoral Dissertation – The Relation of Extra-Mural Study to Residence Enrolment and Scholastic Standing by Dr. Zeigel; State Teachers Association of Missouri Bulletin 1921 No. 1 Organization of State Departments of Education; Educational Administration and Supervision October 1946.

1  / 10  Copy of Address by DSC Dean Zeigel for Peabody College educator

Charles McMurry; Paper “Effective Democracy in the Faculty and the

Administration of a State Teachers College – Democracy Defined.


Series:       Employment at Delta State Teachers College

1  / 11  Letter from Kirksville Dean Zeigel to J.W. Broom regarding possible

employment at Delta State dated March 25, 1925;

Letter from J.W. Broom to Dr. Zeigel regarding employment at DSC;

Letter from MS Governor Whitfield directing Zeigel to take control of DSC

Dated May 20, 1926;

Employment contract between Zeigel and DSC beginning Sept. 1, 1946 for

The sum of $4,200 per year paid in 12 installments of $350.00 per month;

Newspaper clipping (Index) of appreciation to Dr. Zeigel from MO. College;

Newspaper clipping dated June 9, 1925 from Daily Express regarding Zeigel

being elected Dean and head of education department at DSC;

Newspaper clipping (Index) dated June 10, 1925 noting resignation from

Kirksville after 18 years service effective August 31, 1925.

Newspaper clipping from DEX dated June 17, 1925 noting Dr. Zeigel

Resigning from Kirksville and beginning at Delta State.

1  / 12  Overview of the schools of Bolivar County, MS dated 1926; news clipping

relative to the growth of Delta State; news clipping picture of Dr. Zeigel;

news clipping picture of Dean’s home in 1927; letter from Wm. H. Zeigel

dated Feb. 24, 1935 to class members regarding trip from Cleveland and a

trip across Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania to New

Jersey to attend a convention; poem to Dr. Zeigel from students dated 1944.

1  / 13  Paper by Dean Zeigel dated Feb. 3, 1934 “The Delta State Teachers

College in Relation To Teacher Training.”

1  /  14 A Purview of the Delta State Teachers College dated Feb. 22, 1945 by

Dr. Zeigel which reviews and compares Delta State over 20 yr. period;

Mississippi Delta State Teachers College Bulletin July 1939 “What is an

Adequate General Education for Teachers” by Dean Zeigel; bulletin re-

Print from the Peabody journal of Education Sept. 1927 “The Helping

Teacher Service by DSC Dean Zeigel;


Box 2

Box / Folder

2  / 15  Delta State Baccalaureate Service Bulletin dated May 27, 1928

First DSC Commencement Program dated June 1, 1928; news clipping

Dated June 7, 1928 relative to first graduation; Miss Delta news clipping

Picture of the first graduating class; copy of news clipping Aug. 10, 1928

“College Awards Diplomas to Six with a Commencement Summer

Session dated Aug. 10, 1928 attached; 1929-30 The Green Book DSC

Student handbook; 1932-33 The Green Book DSC student handbook;

Delta State Teachers College quarterly publication dated 1946;

Homecoming Program dated Nov. 8, 1947; photo Elizabeth Zeigel & other;

Copy of Alumni News dated spring 2002 with photo of Dean Zeigel and

Daughter Marguerite in cap and gown and story about Margaret Zeigel



Series:   Miscellaneous Accomplishments

2  / 16  Copy of Dr. Zeigel in Who’s Important in Education; Certificate of

Appointment from the National Exchange Club to W.H. Zeigel dated 1932.

2 stories written by Zeigel “The Rescue of Fatime” and “Little Mike”

Book of poems “A Little Book of Verse” by Wm. H. Zeigel


Series:    Building and Yearbook Dedications

2  / 17 Copy of 1977 Broom dedicated to Dr. Zeigel; Letter from J.M. Ewing

To Mrs. W.H. Zeigel dated Dec. 29, 1960 whereby the music building  was designated Zeigel Fine Arts Hall; Letter from Elizabeth C. Zeigel

dated Jan. 7, 1960 in response to Ewing letter;  Invitation dated Jan.

19, 1961 for dedication of several buildings including Zeigel Arts;

Dedication Progam Remarks and Seat Ticket for ceremony.

Program from Dedication of Buildings; seating for dedication;

Dedication prayer by R.A. Bolling; Letter from J.M. Ewing expressing

Regrets that they could not attend dedication dinner; Letter to Charles

Fair from Zeigel family expressing gratitude for dedication of building;

Thank you note from Brooke Kethley for flowers.

News clipping Miss Delta Jan. 6, 1961 re dedication

News clipping Miss Delta Jan. 20, 1961 re dedication

3 News clipping Miss Delta Zeigel Fine Arts Photo

News clipping Miss Delta Cain-Tatum Photo

News clipping Delta Democrat story and photos of dedication

News clipping Miss Delta Building Dedication

News Clipping Miss Delta Jan. 20, 1961 Zeigel Fine Arts Bldg.


Series:    Postcards

2  / 18    Several postcards depicting early Delta State buildings and grounds


Series:    Presentation of Zeigel Portrait

2  / 19   Photo of Dr. Zeigel dated July 11, 1944 in artist studio sitting for portrait;

Photo of Artist Nathan House July 11, 1944 holding portrait;

Speech made by Katie Mauldin dated August 17, 1944 when portrait was

presented; News clipping re portrait dated 1944;

News clipping Miss Delta dated Sept. 19, 1944 re presentation


Series:    Homecoming November 8, 1975

2  / 20  50th Anniversary Homecoming Recognition Program Nov. 8, 1975

Nov. 12, 1975 newspaper clipping with photo of 9 of 13 members of 1928 graduating class; News clipping from Bolivar Commercial July 14, 1966

Depicting Sharpe Ave. in 1920; Note to Mrs. Winter from Keith Fulcher

thanking for consideration to Archives with Meredith Johnston DSU Archivist card; 2004 Constituent Listing of 1928 alumni Mary Bedwell (deceased 9/15/01)(1st to graduate from DSC) and Dr. Zeigel’s daughter Marguerite Hedberg; 2004 Constituent Listing of 1930 alumni; unknown negatives.


Series:    Dr. Wm. H. Zeigel’s Retirement

2  / 21  Letter from Pres. W.M. Kethley to Dr. Zeigel dated Jan. 10, 1947

regarding Zeigel’s official retirement June 1, 1947; Letter dated Jan. 23,      1947 from Walter Sillers noting retirement; Excerpt from Minutes of the

Faculty for January, 1947; Resolution from the Bolivar County Teacher

Association on the occasion of his retirement; news clipping Miss Delta State relative to Zeigel retirement; News clipping Commercial Appeal Jan. 1947 relative to Zeigel retirement after 21 years of service; Article in The Peabody Reflector regarding Zeigel retirement; Contract between Zeigel and Delta State for salary dated June 25, 1942 in amount of $3,600 per year;

Letter to Dr. Zeigel from Teachers’ Retirement System re calculation of retirement allowance; letter to Mr. J.D. Miller of Delta State dated January 21, 1948 from Teachers’ Retirement System noting contribution to retirement; Letter from Teachers’ Retirement System dated June 20, 1952 noting end of benefits.


Series:    Death of Dr. William H. Zeigel

2  / 22  DSC Memorial to both Dr. Zeigel and Dr. Daughrity Nov. 8, 1947;

Memorial Record Book; First Presbyterian Church bulletin; Proclamation by

Cleveland Mayor  suspending business during funeral services; News

Clipping from Bolivar Commercial story and photo re Zeigel passing;

News clipping re Zeigel passing; News clipping re Delta State Memorial

Service to be held November 7, 1947.


Series:    Others at Delta State

2  /  23   Jim Broom -1925 Delta State Teachers College Bulletin

2  /  24     Mary E. Mollie Bedwell  – Photo of Mollie receiving DSC first diploma from

Pres. Kethley; Memorial Service Program; Card of thanks from Anne

Brashier (Mollie’s sister) to Elizabeth and re Mollie’s service;

Card from Mollie’s sister Anne B. Brashier sending the a poem written

by Mollie to Dr. Zeigel in 1928.

2  / 25   Miss Katie Durelle Mauldin, Photo of Katie D. Mauldin, Registrar, and

Dr. Zeigel; News clipping story and photo dated May 25, 1961 of Miss

Mauldin and others retiring from Delta State.

2  /26    Miss Laurie Doolittle – Head of Elementary Demonstration School – Paper

Written about the life and career of Miss Laurie Doolittle;

2 Memorial Booklets dated March 2, 1938; News clipping re Doolittle

Building; booklet written by Laurie Doolittle “Gypsying In An Auto”;

Cleveland paper news clipping re services for Miss Doolittle.

2  / 27    Gladys C. Castle – The Miss Delta News clipping Oct. 23, 1967

story and photo Whereby Miss Castle and others were named Outstanding

Alumni; News Clipping from Bolivar Commercial dated Nov. 12, 1975

Relative to Miss Castle; News clipping from the Miss Delta dated Sept.

25, 1975 re Miss Castle unofficial “Miss DSU”.

2  /28     Carol Brumby – News clipping from Miss Delta Oct 16, 1971 re Brumby

and others named Outstanding Alumni

2  /29     Dr. Kenneth L. Daughrity – Head of Dept. of Lang. and Lit. Memorial

Program; News clipping of Memorial Service

2  /30    Dr. William M. Kethley – Former DSU President – Kethley’s response at

Kethley Night Dinner on Nov. 30, 1956; Statement by William McCain on

Occasion of Dedication of Kethley Hall on Nov. 14, 1963; News Clipping

From Commercial Appeal re Kethley services; Press-Scimitar news

Clipping re Kethley services; News clipping re Kethley services.


Series:            Miscellaneous Photos

2  /31   Photo of Margaret Bedwell, Annie Laura Griffin, ?;

Photo of Secretary Marietta Downs and Vincent Frierson 1925 Bus. Mgr.

Photo of Guest Artist, Marion Ward, Annetta McDevitt, Guest Artist

Photo of Wm. Zeigel and 3 others (unknown) at Pikes Peak about 1923

Photo of Dr. Zeigel and others

Photo of Dr. Zeigel and Etta Eckles Pace

Photo of man in cap and gown

Photo of Dr. Zeigel in front of home

Photo of Dr. Zeigel and Elizabeth Zeigel Winter

Photo of Dr. Zeigel and Katie Mauldin

Photo of Dr. Zeigel and daughter Marguerite Lenore Zeigel Hedberg 1928


Series:          Other Miscellaneous

2  /32   Bolivar Commercial April 27, 1927 – Levee Breaks;

Affidavit dated Dec. 22, 1936 that exempts Wm. H. Zeigel from poll tax;

Receipt for Elizabeth C. Zeigel dated Dec. 22, 1936 for $3 poll tax;

Voter registration for W.H. Zeigel dated Sept. 1918;

ration book folder from Goyer Company;

two war ration books to Elizabeth H. Zeigel and William H. Zeigel.


Scrapbook of Photos of Zeigel Family and Campus Friends from 1939 to 1945.