Tech Savvy 2023 Poster 

Additional Information


  • Who: Assistant Professors Michael Emerson, the Electronic Resources Librarian, and Laurie Muffley, a Reference & Instructional Services Librarian.
  • What: Professors Emerson and Muffley hosted a digital escape room experience for 75 girls in grades 6 through 9.
  • How: Professor Muffley, a former public school media specialist, suggested a STEM focused digital breakout game. To save time and reduce technical complications, one was purchased from the “Teachers Pay Teachers” website.
  • Why: To encourage students to learn about STEM.


  • Collaboration: Students worked together on the lesson and solve the cypher. Students who completed early helped younger students decode.
  • Algebraic Thinking: While they used the vocabulary terms and ideas in the lesson to decode, many of the cyphers required both lesson comprehension and algebraic skills to complete the cypher.
  • Computer Skills: The lesson introduced them to basic principles of data encryption.

Technical Requirements

The skills, technologies, and programs librarians need are as follows:

    • Internet access and a customizable web page.
    • A digital projector (To display the lesson to the students.)
    • PowerPoint (To make changes as needed to the digital escape room.)
    • How to place embedded code into a web page. (This allows the cyphers to be solved online, and can be performed after watching a quick tutorial online.)
    • Google Forms (This program hosts the cyphers.)