Name of Collection:  Maxine Boggan Holcombe Papers

Collection Number:  M123  /  99-015

Inclusive Dates:  1950 – 1994

Bulk Dates:  1975 – 1985

Volume:  2 cubic feet

Processor:  W. Ray



Maxine Boggan Holcombe was a 1931 graduate of Delta State Teachers College and held a master of arts degree from George Peabody College.   Mrs. Holcombe taught school in Skene and was director of art in the Greenville Public Schools.  She began full time employment as assistant professor of art at Delta State in 1961.  She alternated with Malcolm Norwood as the chair of the art department.  She worked with students in art education and was described by the State Art Education Curriculum Guide as one of Mississippi’s foremost art educators.  She retired as an associate professor in 1975.  In 1994 the Holcombe-Norwood Hall art facility at Delta State was named for her and Norwood.


Scope and Content:

The Maxine Boggan Holcombe Papers contain numerous photo albums, certificates and awards, and poetry during the period of time that Mrs. Holcombe taught art at Delta State.



Box 1

Box / Folder   Photos:

1  /       Unfoldered     12 Photo Albums


Box 2

Box / Folder

2  /       1                                  Dedication of Art Annex:

Programs of the dedication of the Holcombe-Norwood Hall Sept.1994 (2)

With attached clipping from the local paper

Copy of news clipping dated Sept. 6, 1994 relative to new annex

News clipping Sept 9, 1994 relative to new annex with photos

2  /  2                           Certificates and Awards:

From Beta Sigma Phi International – April 29, 1989

Cleveland Jacees

NEA Journal

National Art Education Assc April 1981

International Platform Assc.

International Platform Association 1992-93

Special Delta State Alumni Recognition

DSU Alumni Association Outstanding Service May 5, 1975

DSU Alumni Service Award March 5, 1993

Cleveland Lions Club Feb. 28, 1975

Life Member of DSU Alumni Association Dec. 7, 1979

Delta Kappa Gamma Society Nov. 18, 1950

Two Thousand Women of Achievement Mar. 29, 1972

Public Servant Award



Plaque from the Miss. Art Education Association

Plaque DSU Alumni Association President – 1936-37

2  /  3                           Poetry and Funnies:

“Life Begins at 80” (2) unknown author

“Corn off the Cob” by MBH

“A Few Thoughts on the Lord’s Prayer” 1991-The Miss. Episcopalian (5)

“Hugging – The Perfect Cure for What Ails You” by Florida Teddy Bear (2)

“The Building is on Fire!” Submitted by Dick Wolf

“The Plan of the Master Weaver” unknown author

“Home” by MBH

“Twas the Night before Jesus Came” @1985 Bethany Farms, Inc.

Untitled about Christmas by MBH

Untitled funny about Christmas by MBH

“Ode to Hugh Ellis” by MBH

“You Were There” by MBH March 1980

Untitled funny about Hugh Ellis by MBH 1993

Funny Chain letter

Funny “Real Women”

2  /  4                           Photos Building Dedication

47 Photos of building dedication in 1994

2 /  5                            Photos – Miscellaneous

MH1   Maxine Holcombe and unknown woman “birthdays”

MH2   Maxine Holcombe and unknown woman “birthdays”

MH3   Laverne Heslep, Maxine Holcombe, Marthat Biles, Rachel

Malone, Joyce Kennedy January 6, 1988

MH4  Most Reverend R.D. Gerow Bishop of Natchez-Jackson 1885-1976

MH5   Unknown Bishop or Priest


Continued Box 2 Folder 5

2  /  5                           MH6   Maxine Holcombe – photo by Berne Keating; Portrait by NathanHouse

MH7   1982 Maxine Holcombe

MH8   Maxine Holcombe JA Queen (2)

MH9   Most Reverend R.C. Gerow

MH10   Maxine and Nathan House in Connecticut

MH11   Nathan House (?) photo by “Keating” of Greenville, MS

MH12   Maxine Holcombe “on way to New Orleans to see King Tut Exhibit”

MH13   Maxine Holcombe 1993 – Olan Mills Studios

MH14   Maxine Holcombe (young?)

MH15   Cindy Guilkey Dec. 11, 1964

MH16   Man and woman sitting

MH17   News clipping Maxine Holcombe and 2 children-art winners