J.R. Baird Collection

Transcribed by: Wanda Ray

Transcription Date: 2.9.2006




“Brandon Station”

January 21, 1866


Dear Nannie:


Very unexpectedly I am again near you and with great difficulty I get my consent to pass.  When bound and when I will return I am unable to say.  My Lee is with me; both hunting freed men –  He left all well in the swamp.  The Phot was not finished when I left V—will forward when I return and if possible will stop in person.  Am in great haste and only write this because I love you dearly, besides, I feel t’will be some pleasure to you, which makes it doubly delightful to me.

Met with Dr. Hardenstein the day I left.  He anticipating my business to B_ gave me a long lecture upon marrying.  His description of a true and deserving woman, was so harmonious with that I’ve always believed yourself that I gloried in my selection anew.  Every word I hear from others concerning you or your father’s family is but an addition to my love.  So I readily conclude that each succeeding day makes me happier with kind feeling and increased devotion.

Am sorry we could not settle upon some time, but, as I said, my affairs are just so situated that I can fix no time until I know better my future plans.  That I love you all I’m capable of; that I would rather die, than deceive you; that the sooner I could be near you for life, tho earlier my happiness would be complete, you well know and your good sense will not censure me for allowing it to go neglected.

I may get full particulars of the proposition offered and decide what I shall undertake.

I can write no longer, tho’ my heart would dictate for ever – Excuse this splendid pen, ink (word?).


As ever I am

Sincerely yours