Library Instruction and Tours

Library tours are provided to familiarize students with the library and its resources and services. Library instruction provides students with the information literacy skills necessary for effectively finding, using, and evaluating information. There are two types of library instruction: general library instruction sessions and subject-specific library instruction sessions. Library tours and instruction sessions are discussed below.

Types of Sessions

  • General library instruction sessions are designed to teach students how to effectively search the library catalog and/or electronic databases. These sessions concentrate on skills such as selecting the correct search option, using a thesaurus to find the most effective search term, interpreting search results, and evaluating resources. Courses involving any level of research could benefit from this type of session.
  • Subject-specific instruction sessions are designed to teach students how to use the catalog and/or databases to find resources on a particular topic. Like general sessions, these sessions include teaching students effective search strategies. These sessions typically revolve around a particular class assignment, thus making the instruction more relevant to the students.
  • Library tours include a basic tour of the library building and departments. Tours include information about library services and resources. These tours are generally held at the beginning of each semester on a scheduled basis, but they can also be requested at any time.

Contact the reference department of the library at (662)846-4431 for more details on scheduling a library instruction session or library tour.

Non-Delta State Students or Groups

Delta State’s academic community represents our primary audience; however, we also welcome visits from groups located elsewhere in the Delta. We recognize the need for students to learn information literacy skills prior to entering college and wish to provide lifelong learning opportunities. Area schools and other local groups have free access to many of the library’s services and are encouraged to take advantage of any of the sessions previously described.

Reserving the Bibliographic Instruction Room

The library offers face to face instructional sessions with a maximum capacity of twenty-four (24) students per session.  Larger classes will need to schedule a Zoom session using the form below.  Faculty can also reserve the library’s electronic classroom. Reservations must normally be made two weeks in advance. The room has a maximum capacity of 24 computer stations, a data projector, viewing screen, and an electronic whiteboard. Instructors may reserve the room for their own class-related purposes or take advantage of the room for instruction provided by a reference librarian.

To allow flexibility for all interested faculty, the BI Room cannot be scheduled for class meetings for the duration of a semester. Before an instructor may use the room without a librarian’s assistance, he/she must attend an equipment orientation session.

To schedule an instructional session or obtain information about attending an orientation to the electronic classroom, fill out the form below or please call (662) 846-4431 for further assistance.

Library Instruction Request Form

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