Reserve a Study Space

Roberts-LaForge Library offers ten group study rooms, one large study room and two seminar rooms. DSU students, staff, and faculty may call the Serials/Interlibrary Loan Desk at 662-846-4442 to make a reservation.


Step 1: Call 662-846-4442 or go to the Serials/ILL Desk.
Step 2: Provide your name, DSU email address, and phone number or complete the reservation form.
Step 3: Select your room (see details below), and give the date, time, and number of people in the group.
Step 4: See a staff member at the Serials/ILL Desk to unlock the room at the time of your reservation. Must show Okra Kard.
Step 5: When you’re finished with the room, please notify staff to lock the door.

Rooms (By reservation only) – Second Floor

Group Study Rooms #222, #223, #224, #246, #247, #248 and #250 – 4 seats, one table, whiteboard (maximum capacity 4)
Large Group Study Room #249 – 8 seats, two tables, whiteboard (maximum capacity 8)
Seminar Room #244 – 12 seats, two tables, whiteboard (maximum capacity 12)
Seminar Room #256 – 8 seats, one table, whiteboard (maximum capacity 8)

Open Rooms

(No reservation required. First come, first served.) — First Floor Group Study Rooms #146, #147, #148 — 4 seats, one table, whiteboard (maximum capacity 4)


  1. Room may be reserved in 2-hour increments. More time may be granted if there are no other reservations.
  2. Must show Okra Kard. Only current DSU students, faculty, and staff may reserve rooms.
  3. No late arrivals. Room reservations will be cancelled after 15 minutes and rescheduled for another group.
  4. No loud noises. Must maintain an environment conducive for study and learning.
  5. No food. Drinks with the appropriate lids are permissible. See Food and Drink policy.