Library Internet Use Policy

  1. Delta State University’s Roberts-LaForge Library, a Selective Federal Depository Library, provides free and unrestricted access to Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) information on the Internet.
  2. All public workstations are available to serve the Delta State and Delta area communities. Assistance will be provided for patrons requiring access to password-protected sites.
  3. Children under the age of 17 must be in the company of an adult at all times; however, no one will be prohibited from using or accessing the government documents collection on account of age. Underage users may see the government documents librarian for assistance.
  4. The Roberts-LaForge Library does not use filtering software on any of its public access workstations.
  5. Use of the workstations is subject to the overall acceptable use policy of Delta State University.
  6. Printing of FDLP information is permitted. To avoid misusing resources, the Roberts-LaForge staff encourages all patrons to print only that which is necessary.
  7. With respect to online searches, staff members make every attempt to protect the confidentiality and privacy of each patron.
  8. To access online U.S. government documents and information, visit the website