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The oral history interviews which have been transcribed and approved by the interviewee are hyperlinked to their transcripts.  The remaining oral history interviews listed here are available only in the Reading Room, located in the Charles W. Capps, Jr. Archives & Museums building.  Please contact the University Archivist to schedule an appointment.

Louis Baioni  OH 243

Sarah Lee Ball  OH 244

Lewis Bays  OH 245

William Rhea Blake OH 344

Tim Boyd

Charles W. Capps, Jr.  OH 246

Gerald W. Chatham, Sr. OH293

Cauley Cortwright

Betty Delap  OH 273

History of Delta Council OH 349

Boo Ferriss  OH 158

Charles M. George  OH 189

Penney Gong  OH 247

Jack Gunn  OH 248

Jane Henry  OH 249

Charles Jacobs OH 250

Howorth, Judge Lucy S. OH 339

Howorth, Judge Lucy S. OH 340

Howorth, Judge Lucy S. OH 341

Howorth, Joseph OH 342

Charlotte Kaplan  OH 251

Martin King  OH 252

Sue King  OH 253

Mary Ellen Leftwich  OH 254

Billy Joe McCain OH 292

Martha Miller  OH 255

Ollie Mohammed

Chip Morgan OH 345

Morgan, Fisher, Brumfield, Percy (Delta Council) OH 346

John Quon  OH 256

O.W. Reily, Jr.  OH 257

Alyce Richardson  OH 258

Ann Bishop Ruscoe  OH 259

Albert Russell OH 346

Capt. Viola Sanders  OH 260

Lucy Hutton Seaberry  OH 261

Ted Shepherd  OH 262

Nevin Sledge  OH 274

B.F. Smith (Delta Council) OH 343

Luisa Harris Stewart  OH 263

Ross Story  OH 264

Francis Ryals Terry  OH 265

Billie Rossie Tonos  OH 266

Harry Vickery OH 348

Hugh Ellis Walker  OH 267

Pete Walker  OH 268

Dr. Eleanor Walters  OH 269

Roy Wiley  OH 270

Janice Wyatt  OH 271

Kent Wyatt  OH 272