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England Motors was a Ford dealership in Greenville, Mississippi. Opened in 1926, England Motors Co. closed its doors in 2008-2009.

This collection contains various awards and memorabilia between the years of 1952 until 2008.

Box 1:

England Motors used cars ad from 11/9/1952
50 year Dealer Presented to England Motor Company, 1976
Certificates of Appreciation to England Motor Company from the American Legion
Wooden Plaque from MS State Bulldog Club titles TOPDOG to England Motor Company
A gold plated letter from FORD in January, 1992
Plaque titled “The Best in America” 1992 Calendar year
Plaque titled “The Best Never Rest” 1992- outstanding sales achievement
Memphis Region Leo’s Lions 1994
Plaque shaped like the state of MS from Wildlife Mississippi
Black Plaque- 2005 Ford Dealers
A plaque from MS State University honoring England Motors, 1978

Box 2:

A plaque presented to England Honda for 25 years of success June 1959-June 1984england
Good Ole Boy Award presented to England Motor Company, 1987
Leo’s Lions plaque from 1995
United Way Silver Award presented to England Motor Company 2007-2008 Campaign
55th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron with Flag Flown into Combat for England Motor Company, November 2, 2001
50th Anniversary plaque, 1976
Certificate of Appreciation from the Public Relations Institute
England Motor Company can koozie
“M” red sign letter


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