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Delta State University Archives and Museum

The Delta State University Archives Department supports the teaching, research, and public service activities of the University by collecting, preserving, and making accessible historical manuscript collections that document the history and culture of Mississippi in general, and the Mississippi Delta region, in particular. The collections are open to faculty, staff, students, visiting researchers, and the general public.The Archives is located in the Charles W. Capps, Jr. Archives and Museum Building, which was completed in November 1997.

Use of the Collection

Patrons who wish to use the collections will be required to complete a registration form and show a photo I.D. For the protection of the materials, no pens are allowed in the reading room. Items in the collection do not circulate. In order to provide better assistance, we prefer that you let us know you are coming (662-846-4780) or e-mail at archives@deltastate.edu. The Archives provides a number of services to patrons on and off campus.

Fees & Services

A listing of fees and services are available below.

Commercial Use

The minimum fee for commercial use of photographs or slides is $25 per image used, in addition to the costs associated with providing the commercial user with a digital reproduction of the image. Digital copies are provided for a one-time use only. Any subsequent reproduction of the print supplied will be subject to additional use fees to be determined by the Archives. Later or different use, including the production of subsequent editions or printings of a work, constitute re-use and requires renegotiation and payment of commercial use fees.

The Archives reserves the right to decline to provide copies/images of photographs if, in the judgment of the Archives, the proposed copies would be a violation of copyright law, or would offend, invade the privacy of, or raise objections of persons pictured in the photographs, their relatives, the community, the photographer, or the donor of the photographs. Regarding copyright law, please read the statement below.

Photographic Services

Photographs are made available in digital format and reproduction prints. All scanning will be done by DSU archival staff. No personal scanners/cameras are allowed. A limited number of photographs may be scanned and emailed to an address by staff at no charge. DSU archival staff will determine the appropriate image dpi and size. Patrons may choose to have their images printed at one of our local photo centers and prices for those requests would be determined by each business.

Contact the University Archives for more details on reproduction images.


No more than 10% of a book may be copied. Copies are made by staff for patrons at the cost of 10 cents per page. In some instances photocopies may not be made if material is too fragile. Archives staff will make this decision. Other restrictions, according to copyright law, may apply. Please see the copyright statement on this page.

A/V Materials

Duplication of Audio Recordings: $5.00 per tape. This includes postage.
Commercial Use Fee: $25 per minute of actual recording time used.

Duplication of Video Recordings: $6.00 per tape. This includes postage.
Commercial Use Fee: $25 per minute of actual footage used.