Delta State Teacher’s College National Youth

Administration Records

Collection Title:  Delta State Teachers College National Youth Administration Records

Collection Number: M056

Inclusive Dates: 1936 – 1938

Bulk Dates: 1936 – 1937

Volume: .25 cu. ft.

Biographical/Historical Sketch:
Mr. R. L. Caylor, of the Delta State Biology Department, set and organized a National Youth
Administration project on campus in 1936. The title was “A Plant and Animal Survey of Bolivar County.”
Students worked collecting specimens that were housed in a museum on campus. This first project
lasted three months. The second project, set up in 1936 and supervised by Mr. Melbourne Miller, was
expanded to include the entire lower Mississippi Delta. This project ended in 1938.

Scope and Content:
The collection contains correspondence, memos, bulletins and requisitions all concerning the NYA
projects at Delta State Teachers College in the late 1930s.

Box Inventory:
Folder 1
Outgoing Correspondence from Delta State Teachers College concerning the NYA projects- August 1936
– October 1938.

Folder 2
Memos, Bulletins, WPA requisitions for workers- September 1936- July 1937