Charlie Wilson Capps, Jr. Web Exhibit

Charles Wilson Capps, Jr.
Congressional District: 2nd
Supreme Court District: 1st
House District: 28th
Bolivar, Sunflower, Washington
Insurance, Farming
University of Mississippi
Legislative Experience: 1972-2005. Charlie Capps was Chairman of the Constitution committee. He also served on the Agriculture; Appropriations; Enrolled Bills; Military Affairs and Tourism committees.

Representative Capps was born January 1, 1925 in Cleveland. He was married to the former Allen Hobbs and is of the Methodist faith.

Portrait of Charles Wilson Capps, Junior

The above painting is part of Capps Archive and Museum collection and is currently on display in the Charlie W Capps, Jr building in the foyer.

All images are property of the DSU Archives and should not be used without permission. Contact the DSU archivist, Emily Jones, for more information.

Linda Guynes Allen Letter

February 18, 1991 To: Miss Linda Guynes Allen

Spencer Dye letter

April 29, 1991
To: Mr. Spencer Dye

Gerald Turner letter

November 26, 1990
To: Chancellor Gerald Turner

Chip Morgan letter

December 9, 1991
To: Mr. Chip Morgan

Bill Clinton letter

June 5, 1990
To: Honorable Bill Clinton

Letter to Ellis Bodron

March 19, 1991
To: Honorable Ellis Bodron

Verner Hurt letter

December 9, 1991
To: Dr. Verner Hurt

George Bush letter February 1991

February 1, 1991
To: President George Bush

Burt Rheinhardt letter

January 22, 1991
To: Mr. Burt Rheinhardt

Eugene Williams letter

September 25, 1991
To: Mr. Eugene Williams

Letter to Coach Billy Brewer

November 26, 1990
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Jim Martin letter

March 8, 1991
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George Bush letter January 1991

January 18, 1991
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Todd Sandroni

January 9, 1991
To: Mr. Todd Sandroni

Kent Wyatt letter

September 7, 1990
From: Kent Wyatt DSU President

Letters to and from People We Know

Stormy Harris letter

November 8, 1991
To: Stormy Harris

Charlie Capps letter

October 31, 1991
To: Representative Charlie Capps

stormy harris envelop front

Stormy Harris Decorated Envelope – Front

stormy harris enevelope back

Stormy Harris Decorated Envelope – Back

Charlies Capps, Jr and Kent Wyatt

In this picture Charlie is posing with former DSU President Kent Wyatt.

Members of Joint Legislative Budget Committee in new Woolfolk Building

Members of Joint Legislative Budget Committee in new Woolfolk Building — Joint Legislative Budget Committee Room STANDING (L to R): Senator Thomas Gollott, Representive Bobby Moody, Senator Bill Minor, Senator Jack Gordon, Reresentative Diane Peranich, Representative George Flaggs, Senator Hillman Frazier, Representative Billy McCoy, and Senator Ron Farris. SEATED: Representative Charlie Capps, House Speaker Tim Ford, Lt. Governer Amy Tuck, and Senator Travis Little.

Charles Capps and others

Capps, Holland and McCoy