Collection Title:  Bacon-Messenger Family Papers

Collection Number: M138

Inclusive Dates: 1811 – 1938

Bulk Dates: 1830 – 1882

Volume: .90 cu. ft.

Biographical/Historical Sketch:
The Bacon family settled on the banks of the Big Black River near Bovina in Warren County, in the early
19th century, prior to 1817. William Bacon died in 1849 and his widow married George Messenger, who
was much younger than she. After her death, he married Emily L. Fox. Upon George Messenger’s death
she married Dr. George Wilberforce Howard.

The plantation, Baconhame, originally covered 4500 acres and was built directly on the Banks of the Big
Black River. The River at that time was a navigable stream and steamboats plied their routes there,
taking on passengers and cotton and bringing supplies to the farm. The family maintained the property
until around 1900.

Scope and Content:
The collection contains documents from the Bacon Messenger and Moore families. These include maps,
tax receipts, bills of sale for slaves, account books, and farm records. 1811 – 1888. One 1938 newspaper

Box Inventory:

Box 1:
Folder 1
Daniel Messenger- Indentures, land flats, maps, tax receipts, bills of sale including those for slaves.

Folder 2
Moore- Ledger, farm records. 1830 – 1845

Folder 3
Letters of Dr. J. H. Moore- Slave bills of sale. 1832 – 1836

Folder 4
Mary S. Foster’s account book and last will and testament of Judson Foster.

Folder 5
Dr. J. H. Moore- Tax receipts, land flats, contracts, maps, deeds. 1845- 1882

Folder 6
Dr. J. H. Moore- Tax receipts, land flats, contracts, maps, deeds. 1845 – 1884

Folder 7
D. L. Moore- Tax receipts, Baron R. Moore- Tax receipts and letters, Miles M. Messenger- Bill of sale for
slave purchased from J. H. Moore. Daniel Bacon Messenger- Land schedules and taxes and flats and
deed. 1876 – 1882

Box 2:
Folder 1
William Bacon – Indentures, probate proceedings, wills, land schedules, deeds. 1830 – 1846

Folder 2
George Messenger- Bills of sale for slaves and letters, valuation for slaves, estate interests. 1830 – 1859.

Folder 3
Account book of Foster Adams (1830s/1840s) contains financial, plantation, and genealogical data on
the Lawson Moore family. Denis Dewey land description and Mary S. Moore letters, indentures and will.
1830 – 1888.

Folder 4
George Messenger- Land descriptions, tax receipts and indentures- levee construction. 1835 – 1866.

Folder 5
1837 indentures to R. Garland and A. M. Paxton. Unidentified land descriptions, plats, indentures, 1938
newspaper clipping on Baconhame. 1837 – 1938.

Folder 6
George Messenger – Land descriptions and tax schedules, indentures. 1844 – 1868.