Faculty Staff Directory

Name Phone Department
Timothy Colbert tcolbert@deltastate.edu 662-846-4555 Health & Physical Ed & Recreation
James Robinson jrobinsn@deltastate.edu 662-846-4172 Social Science
Colleen Parman cparman@deltastate.edu 662-846-4020 Languages & Literature
Kelly Blanton kblanton@deltastate.edu 662-846-4065 Social Science
Leslie Pleasants lpleasants@deltastate.edu 662-846-4065 Social Science
Raymond Abernathy gabernathy@deltastate.edu 662-846-4475 Math and Sciences
Abigail Lockwood alockwood@deltastate.edu 662-846-4020 Math and Sciences
Courtney McLemore cmclemore@deltastate.edu 662-846-4060 Languages & Literature