Mississippi Delta Gear Up

MS Delta GEAR UP Activities Documentation Requirements

All GEAR UP activities must have paper documentation to verify student, family, and staff participation. The paper documentation is used to enter participation in the Performance Insights. The table below summarizes the documentation requirements.

Documentation to Use Type of Activity Instructions and Reminders
FORM: Individual Student Services Tracking Form
  1. One on one meetings with students that provide direct services for 1:1 counseling, 1:1 comprehensive mentoring, financial aid and FAFSA completion.
  2. Individualized tutoring to a single student, in or out of class.
  3. Individual assessment taking, such as a college entrance exam, ACT, SAT, ASVAB, etc.
  4. Individual Job Shadows.
  5. Individual Parent Meetings/Contacts
  • All fields of the form must be completed by staff.
  • No student signatures required.
  • No agenda required.
  • Tutoring types should be listed by content area.
  • For Job Shadowing and testing, no travel time should be counted when entering activity in Portal.
FORM: Student Event Participation Log
  1. After school tutoring, or similar activities.
  2. Direct services to students in a classroom setting- Activities with small groups of students that meet the definition of Counseling (CAAPCC), comprehensive mentoring, financial aid counseling or student workshop.
  3. All field trips including college visits, job site visits, etc. If a cash meal allowance is provided to students, you must also complete the “Cash Meal Allowance Form” and receive approval.
  4. Group assessment testing, such as the ACT, SAT, ASVAB, Accuplacer or other college entrance exam.
  • All student signatures are required to verify attendance.
  • Activity agendas are required or all group presentations, lessons, and activities.
  • You may print a blank sign in form.
NO FORM. Documentation Required: Daily School Attendance Log and Activity Agenda
  1. Large group activities where all students receive the same information such as a school-wide assembly with a guest speaker, or a College & Career fair held on school grounds. May include student orientation.
  2. Classroom activities where all students receive the same information. May include student orientation
  • Student signatures are not required.
  • Agenda for the activity must be attached to the attendance log.
  • Confirm that students that have been marked absent for the day are not entered in the Portal.
  • Roster of names.
NO FORM. Documentation Required: Receipts or invoice only with student names attached.
  1. Other – Fee Only and Summer – Fee Only.
  2. Fees paid on behalf of students, but no direct service is provided by GEAR UP.
FORM: Family Event Participation Log
  1. All group events that include family members.
  • Activity Agenda is required.
  • Students and all adult family members are required to sign in to verify attendance. Other siblings are not required to sign in.
FORM: Advisory Committee Participation Log
  1. Participation in all GEAR UP advisory committee meetings.
  • Advisory committee meetings must be entered in the Performance Insights.
  • Include all names, signatures, organization, and an email or phone number.
  • The log must match the Expenditure Detail Form for attendance when food is provided. Light refreshments only can be provided if in your budget.
  • Agenda is required.
  • Keep all back up in your records, submit forms to Program Coordinator via email: tkeeler@deltastate.edu
  • Subject to audit review.
FORM: Professional Development Participation Log
  1. Participation in all professional development events that are listed in the work plan.
  • Training agenda required.
  • All attendees are required to sign in.
  • Keep this form on file, submit to Program Coordinator via email: tkeeler@deltastate.edu
  • Not needed for GEAR UP led professional development workshops or the GUW conference.
FORM: Basic Work Plan