Department of Social Work

E.A.S.E. Center

Located on the first floor of Kethley Hall, the Delta State University Department of Social Work hosts the one-of-kind Interprofessional Center for Empathetic-Action Simulative Education (EASE)™ which enhances its teaching, research and service efforts. Created in 2019 and directed by Dr. Jana Donahoe, the center partners with DSU’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program (DEI) (formerly the Quality Enhancement Program/QEP) to offer the simulations on campus to students and faculty in any academic discipline. Empathetic Action Simulations are used to increase participants’ knowledge and understanding of issues (including poverty, dementia, domestic violence, COPD, obesity) while providing a glimpse of what it feels like to experience those issues so compassionate and competent care can be provided. Each simulation provides an IRB-approved evidence-based research experience that is combined with sensitivity education and awareness. The simulations are incorporated into various social work courses and are offered one or more times each semester by DSU faculty and staff through DSU Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program email notifications. The E.A.S.E. Center helps faculty and students engage in research and scholarly activities as well as service. It helps faculty achieve their goals for teaching, scholarship, and service. Campus and community members may participate by contacting the DSU Department of Social Work at (662) 846-4407 or Dr. Donahoe at (662) 846-4795.

EASE Features:
The Missouri Community Action Network’s Poverty Simulation®
The Second Wind Dreams Virtual Dementia Tour®
Other Simulations for Obesity, COPD, and Domestic Violence Education and Awareness

Student Research / Scientific Inquiry Opportunities

DSU BSW students may serve as voluntary research assistants with faculty sponsors with one or more departmental/EASE research projects or faculty research projects after completing SWO 370 and SWO 375. After receiving training and signing a confidentiality agreement, student research assistants can voluntarily work with faculty to develop and implement professional conference presentations, posters, or publications on EASE or other faculty research projects giving them research experience, knowledge, values and skills in preparation for social work practice or graduate education.