Department of Social Work

Child Advocacy Studies Training

The Delta State University Department of Social Work offers an interdisciplinary three-course summer certification program in Child Advocacy Studies Training (CAST) which prepares participants for various jobs as a child advocate. CAST is especially useful for social workers, law enforcement officers, child protection workers, attorneys, teachers, and other professionals who serve on multi-disciplinary teams for the forensic investigation of felony child abuse cases. These courses are offered during summer terms as electives for undergraduate students or as a non-degree university certification program for local professionals. Certification courses include: SWO 301 Child Welfare and Advocacy, SWO 412 System Responses to Child Maltreatment, and CRJ 475 Family Violence. Unique, evidence-based Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Simulations are offered by the DSU FORECAST Simulation Team as a cornerstone of the CAST certification.

Coming Soon at DSU for CAST:

  • Specialized CAST Master’s Level Certification Tracks
  • CAST Continuing Education Programs
  • CAST Academic Minor Program
  • The Delta Children’s Advocacy Center
  • Mobile Mock Crime Scene for FORECAST PBL Child Abuse Simulations
  • Moot/Mock Court Room for FORECAST PBL Child Abuse Simulations

For more information, contact
Dr. Jana Donahoe, Director of DSU CAST 886-846-4795