MFA in Studio Art

Degree Description

The Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art (Low Residency) is a two-year 60-credit-hour degree with a summer intensive program that serves students who are motivated and want an innovative approach to graduate study through independent studio practice with a flexible structure.

What You Will Learn

Students take courses as a cohort for summer, as well as online, during spring and fall semesters. During spring and fall semesters students will be working with an artist mentor located close to their home studios.

Summer intensives will be four week-long on campus with a cohort of students taking three courses. During summer intensives, in addition to class instructors, students will interact and receive feedback from visiting artists and participate in fellowship activities that stimulate their creative process.

The program will offer four new technology courses relevant to artists working across all disciplines providing and expanding knowledge in filming, marketing, advertising, 3D modeling & printing, and operating CNC Laser Engraver. The program will encourage students to explore new ways and to incorporate digital media as a meaningful tool for their creative pursuits.

Where Could This Take You?

Art Research and Concept: Graduates will develop a coherent body of work that demonstrates their ability to investigate, analyze and evaluate information and show competency in expressing their ideas visually, orally, and in writing.

Art Skills and Technology: Graduates will develop the ability to integrate digital technology in the pursuit of traditional artistic practices.

Critical Thinking and Communication: Graduates will possess extensive knowledge of contemporary art practice and discourse to define the place of their work within the broader context of art history.

Professionalism: Graduates will demonstrate professional standards and practices for advancing in their chosen fields necessary for entering a career in the Arts.

MFA in Studio Art Course Fees

MFA Course Fees: A $100 per credit hour course fee will be applied all MFA courses. The collected fees will be used to build a pool of money and be used to pay for travel, housing, and meal costs for annual visiting artists, pay mentors, and offer potential scholarships to attract more candidates to the program. In addition, the course fees will be used to purchase new equipment and help the department stay technologically current.


Studio Courses18
New Technology Courses12
Art Theory and Seminar Courses18
Graduate Electives6


Cetin ‘Chet’ Oguz, Chair/Professor of Art
(662) 846-4729