Our program prepares our students into a highly competitive industry by leading them on developing a strong portfolio and animation skill set. Students who seek internship opportunities throughout their college years will get their dream job in animation, film, or gaming industries.

Delta State University, Art Department, Animation Program is an institutional member of Society for Animation Studies.

What You will Learn:


Visual storytelling is a crucial pre-production step for film making and game design. It is a communication tool used by advertising, comics, animation and film studios, gaming companies and many other businesses. Our students learn basics of storyboarding by using camera movements, angles, lenses, composition, lighting, and other cinematography elements. They practice storyboarding with traditional tools and digital software.


Our students learn how to animate using the techniques in 2D, 3D, stop motion and motion graphics. They learn and understand every step of an animation production; character design, modelling, rigging, story development, and directing. With this education and a sizable portfolio, they can be a team member of major animation or gaming studios, work in the advertisement, TV, or production industry.

Motion Design & Graphics

Opening title sequences on animated and feature film, commercials, infographics are some of the main uses of motion design and graphics.

Where Could This Take You?

Students with strong storyboard skills can work with studios in Hollywood, production companies, advertising agencies, animation studios and gaming companies. By improving their visual storytelling skills, they can be production or character designers, shooting board artist, concept or vis-dev artists, and even animation directors.

Animation studios, multimedia companies, game developers, post-production studios always look for new talents. Our students can work as character or effect animators, 3D modelers, background artists, game designers and more.

Learning animation principles, design fundamentals, being creative, and building up a strong portfolio can lead students to get well-paying jobs. Motion Designers are one of the most wanted professionals for television, film and information industries, post-production and multimedia companies.


General Education38
University Requirement Seminar1
Art Core50

Students entering the Art Department will be required to pass a portfolio review before advancing into upper level courses.


Korkut Akacik, Assistant Professor of Art