Office of Academic Affairs

Faculty Senate Standing Committees

Attendance and Grievance Appeals Committee

This committee hears appeals from graduate and undergraduate students who, claiming extenuating circumstances, have exceeded the allowed number of absences for a particular course as defined by Delta State University policy or the course syllabus and therefore, have been cut out of the course and have received a grade of F. The committee also hears academic appeals from undergraduate students who have correctly followed the “Student Academic Grievance Policy” as outlined in the Delta State University Undergraduate Bulletin. All actions of the committee come in the form of recommendations to the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Becker, Brian (Co-Chair)
Hebert, David (Co-Chair)
Acord, Robin
Bailey, Megan
Coleman, Judith
Dahman, Jamie
Fortune, Melody
Harbin, Tomeka
Horne, Janet
Howell, Laura
Jenkins, Christy

Killebrew, Tricia
Skelton, Taylor
Stewart, Ashley
Thorn, Julia Brasher
Westfall, Jon

Library Committee

The Library Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Director of Library Services and staff. The committee should assume responsibility for encouraging and increasing the use of the Library by students and faculty. It should interpret library policies and solicit opinions and recommendations from students and faculty for possible implementation by the library staff. The committee should make periodic studies and recommendations aimed at making the Library more functional.

Ussery, Fawn (Chair)
Alvarez, John
Baghai-Riding, Nina
Collins, Shelley
Craven, Jacqueline
Magee, Janie
Mark, Doug
Scroggins, Haley

Song, Yang
Zhao, Guozhen

Safety and Environment Committee

The Safety and Environment Committee acts as a communication conduit between University administration and the campus community to assist in addressing safety or environment concerns as they arise on campus.

Riddle, Christy (Chair)
Alvarez, John
Baghai-Riding, Nina
Bays, Barry
Byrd, Henri Lynn
Campbell, Angela
Collins, Larry
Dean, Lee

Johansen, Michelle
Land, Kristen
Lovin, Eddie
Mounce, Michael
Reza, AHM Ali
Scroggins, Haley
Smithhart, Chuck
Song, Yang
Spinks, Nicole
Ussery, Fawn

Writing Across the Curriculum Committee

Delta State University encourages an interdisciplinary approach to writing, and fosters writing-intensive coursework across multiple academic units.

Craven, Jacqueline (Chair)
Lane, Kristen
Kane, Gray
Putnam, Catherine

Courtesy Committee

The Courtesy Committee is a non-profit organization composed of a group of faculty and staff who maintain the family atmosphere of the university by remembering all full-time faculty/staff when there is a wedding, birth, adoption, illness, retirement, and death in our Delta State Family throughout the year. Dues are collected in the Bologna Performing Arts Center lobby at the Faculty and Staff Opening Session in August. Contributions of $10.00 or more/less may be given.

Stewart, Ashley (Chair)
Gong, Neil
Hughes, Katherine
Ray, Holly
Sandifer, Lisa

Research Committee

The Research Committee was initially founded in 1976 to promote faculty research and scholarship. While that remains the primary focus, its mission has become broader and more articulated over the past 30 years. During that same period, expectations for faculty research and scholarship have been raised. Also, there is increasing emphasis on graduate and undergraduate research and scholarship. Consequently, the goal of the Research Committee is to promote research and scholarship at all levels of the Delta State Community, growing with the new directions of the university.

Taran, Zina (Chair)
Bell, Stephanie
Bentley, Joseph
Bondurant, Liza
Cooley, Lisa
Donahoe, Jana
Groh, Severine
Morgan, Valarie
Sledge, Christie
Stewart, Leslie
Groh, Severine