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The Bachelor of Science in Education – English Education degree is designed for students who wish to pursue professional study in education as classroom teachers. The College of Arts and Sciences at Delta State awards the Bachelor of Science in Education degree, and we pride ourselves on being one of the chief producers of English educators in Mississippi.

The bachelor’s program in English Education is the oldest degree program at DSU. We have been training English educators since our founding, and it’s one of the things we do best. Students completing the program will be licensed to teach 7-12 grade English in Mississippi, and will be prepared to pass licensing standards in any other state. We give our students one-on-one faculty support and place them in local schools to shadow licensed teachers for their student teaching requirements.


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Why Choose English Education at DSU?

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The BSE degree in English Education program at Delta State University prepares students to be outstanding educational practitioners and scholars. We believe all students can learn and be academically successful. Learning is a lifelong and cyclical endeavor, and critical and creative thinking are essential skills for all learners. The basic aim of education is to teach essential skills and raise critical consciousness, and the B.S.E. in English at DSU gives you the tools needed to guide students to a higher understanding of the written word. The importance and value of equitable representation in the literary classroom cannot be overstated, and our program ensures that all perspectives are considered.

  • Flexible and part-time course scheduling
  • Online and in-person student advisement
  • Publications Workshop
  • English Honors Society
  • Student-run Theatre Club
  • Student-run Newspaper
  • Student Literary Magazine
  • A student-only Writing Center
  • Accredited by CAEP since 1954

Earning my BSE in English Education has been the most rewarding experience! My passion for teaching has grown tremendously throughout my time in the program, and I cannot wait to pursue my career at Brandon High School!

Skylar AndrewsClass of 2023

What Can I Do With a Bachelor’s Degree in
English Education?

Our program prepares students to teach secondary English, and we give them the tools they need to feel skilled, confident, and exceptionally equipped to manage their own classrooms. Upon graduation, they will be primed to pursue advanced professional programs such as Teach for America and Mississippi Teachers Core, or continue their studies through graduate programs in education, education administration, and English. Some of the most common jobs for graduates with this degree include:

  • Secondary/High School English Teacher
  • Curriculum Developer
  • Copy Editor
  • Adult literacy educator
  • Private tutor
  • Educational Coordinator for nonprofit, museum, library, etc.

English Education Scholarships

The Division of Languages and Literature has one of the most robust scholarship programs at the university. Students may be eligible for more than 15 discipline-specific awards. Most scholarships are merit-based and some have residential requirements or preferences. Students may also be eligible for non-program specific scholarship opportunities.

Program Goals

The English Education program at Delta State University prepares students to be outstanding educational practitioners and scholars.

Admission Requirements

Applicants of this program must meet Delta State University’s admission requirements.

Teacher Education Requirements:

  1. 3.0 GPA on overall coursework OR
    *ACT composite score of 21 OR
    *CORE passing scores on all 3 parts (reading, writing, and math)
    *Must maintain a minimum of 2.75 GPA on overall coursework with ACT or CORE
  2. Completion of CUR 300, CUR 302 or CEL 301 with a grade of C or better
  3. Preliminary Departmental Recommendation Form (which includes positive disposition scores)

Requirements to Internship Admission:

  1. Meet all requirements for admission to Teacher Education Program
  2. Complete application for admission to Teaching Internship
  3. Senior standing (minimum of 87 hours)
  4. Minimum GPA of 2.75 on all coursework taken
  5. Prerequisite courses as shown in catalog completed
  6. Departmental Recommendation by majority of faculty (which includes positive disposition scores)
  7. Submit Score Reports for Praxis II Specialty/Content Area ad PLT (You do not have to pass the tests for internship, but you must take the test and submit scores)


The following courses are required to complete the major in English Education.

English Education (Major)

Course Number Course Title Credit
ENG 220 Student Publications Workshop 3
ENG 304 Advanced Composition 3
ENG 309 British Literature Seminar I 3
ENG 310 British Literature Seminar II 3
ENG 312 American Literature Seminar I 3
ENG 313 American Literature Seminar II 3
ENG 435 William Shakepeare 3
ENG 463 African American Literature 3

In addition to the course content, in each course with an ENG prefix you will encounter a series of assignments and discussions that are designed to provide consistency and scaffolding as you work toward the program’s capstone project, the Impact on Student Learning project and Two-Week Unit Plan. Below are descriptions and expectations for each:

  • Digital Portfolio – The digital portfolio is a collection of documents that you create, gather, and publish in a WordPress blog over the course of your program of study to act as evidence of your growth and proficiency in the field.
  • Annotated Bibliography – English Education majors are expected to develop at teacher-scholars and to identify an area of academic inquiry for which they would like to continue researching after graduation.
  • Impact on Student Learning – The Impact on Student Learning project, or ISL, is a common assessment for all education majors across Delta State University and the state of Mississippi. It is a reflective document that should be constructed hand-in-hand with the Two-Week Unit Plans that are submitted for evaluation in CUR 485 and ENG 486.
  • Two-Week Unit Plan – The Two-Week Unit Plan assessment is devised to evaluate the teacher candidate’s ability to effectively plan for instruction.

Clinical Experience

The B.S.E. in Secondary Education English has a two-year, graduated series of clinical experiences beginning in the Junior year. The clinical experiences are scheduled as follows:

  • Junior Year Pre-Internship:
    • All candidates will participate in a pre-internship that runs for 10 weeks in the fall and spring semesters of the Junior year.
  • Senior Year Internship:
    • After a candidate match meeting (held at the end of each Spring semester), teacher candidates will be placed with a single cooperating teacher for both the Senior Methods internship and the Directed Teaching Internship. Candidates will begin with traditional observation and be given increasing levels of responsibility throughout the Fall semester, eventually taking over the teaching of all classes during the Spring semester.

For more information on Clinical Experience, visit the Office of Clinical Experience, Licensure, and Accountability.

Degree Requirements

To earn this degree, you must successfully complete at least 120 credits, including your general education requirements and the major requirements below.

General Education 38-41
University Requirement 1
Special Degree Requirements 9-12
Professional Education 32
Major 24
Electives or Advisor-approved supplemental endorsement 10-16
  • Fulfill the general requirements for an undergraduate degree at Delta State University.
  • Complete work consisting of core courses, major field hours, and elective hours as specified.
  • Earn a grade point average of at least 3.0 in the major field and overall.
  • Earn a grade of B or higher on each of the education core courses (CUR 300, 393, EPY 341, CSP 340).
  • Pass all Praxis Tests (Core, PLT, and English Content).
  • Successfully complete the Directed Teaching Internship and all clinical experience requirements.

For more information on degree requirements and specifics on courses needed to complete the degree, consult the Undergraduate Academic Catalog. For a semester-by-semester breakdown on how you can complete this degree in 4-years, visit academic maps.


All students who do their internships in teaching (Clinical Experience) will be charged an internship fee.

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Education – English Education are required to take and cover the cost of the following Praxis tests before student teaching. Scheduling and costs for tests can be viewed via the links below.

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