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Our B.A. in History Expands Your Knowledge 

Delta State University’s B.A. in History is for students seeking a broad understanding of the major events, themes, and developments of American, European, and world history. Students develop an understanding of historiography and the historian’s craft which includes the ability to think critically, write persuasively, and analyze historically. Our graduates gain cross cultural and interdisciplinary perspectives about the past as well as current events. Whether pursuing post-graduate work in history, other social sciences or humanities, education, or law school, the B.A. in History helps to prepare students for their professional training.


Student-Faculty Ratio


Program-Specific Scholarships


Areas of History are Studied

Why Choose History at DSU?

Professor giving lecture, with a PowerPoint next to him, in front of students in a classroom.

The History Faculty represents a wide array of research and methodological backgrounds. All history students conduct original research, which utilizes analysis of primary and secondary sources. Thanks to our small class sizes, students are able to work closely with faculty both in the classroom and on individual research projects. Each faculty member has their own specialties that will help you not only find and explore your historical niche, but allow you to gain invaluable skills that can help you in whatever career path you choose. Our history faculty is excited to help you begin your journey towards completing your degree.

  • Applications accepted year round
  • Wide variety of elective courses
  • Student research projects
  • Diverse specialties from faculty
Garren Barnes, History major

The history program builds upon students’ personal and professional goals, with hands-on faculty support. I am now more confident having been prepared to work in a variety of areas. The life lessons are arguably the greatest part of the program.

Garren Barnes, History majorClass of 2024

What Can I Do With a B.A. Degree in History? 

At Delta State University, the Bachelor’s program in History aims to prepare students for a variety of fields by supplying them with the critical thinking and writing skills to go into many different areas. Our classes prepare students for any field they choose post graduating. Some options include: 

  • Archivist
  • Librarian
  • Historian
  • Museum curator/director
  • Genealogist
  • History teacher
  • Government official
  • Attorney
  • Paralegal
  • Journalist
  • Biographer
  • Foreign service officer

History Scholarships

The Division of Social Sciences and History and its alumni recognize that higher education can be a hard burden financially on young students. This is why we are offer 9 scholarships and awards to our students every year. For students interested in pursuing a major in History, there are several scholarship opportunities available through the division. These scholarships are typically based on academic achievement or financial need. Students may also be eligible for non-program specific scholarship opportunities.

Program Goals

The goal of the Bachelor’s program in History at DSU is to help students achieve an understanding of world and U.S. history through the study of both major and minor historical events. To achieve this understanding, students will learn how to think and write both critically and persuasively, learn about the evolution of historical inquiry and practice, and conduct their own personal research projects. Each class within our program aims to help move our students closer towards these goals, while also allowing them to foster their own historical interests.  

Admission Requirements

Applicants of this program must meet Delta State University’s undergraduate admission requirements.

There are no additional program admission requirements.


The following courses are required to complete the major in History.

History (Major)

Course Number and Course Title Credits
General Select one of the following groups:
HIS 101: History of Civilization to 1648, and
HIS 102: History of Civilization, 1648-Present
HIS 103: World History to 1500, and
HIS 104: World History 1500 to Present
HIS 400: Historiography and the Philosophy of History 3
Select 12 hours at the 300-level 12
U.S. History Select one of the following:
HIS 301: The Atlantic World to 1763
HIS 302: The American Revolution
HIS 303: The Age of Jefferson and Jackson
HIS 305: The American South to 1865
HIS 306: The American South Since 1865
HIS 307: History of American Conquest
HIS 309: Native American History
HIS 310: Religion in United States History
HIS 311: The History of Mississippi
HIS 312: The Civil Right Movement
HIS 313: Sports and The American Experience
HIS 314: African American History
HIS 315: Free People of Color in the Americas, 1619-1865
European History Select one of the following:
HIS 301: The Atlantic World to 1763
HIS 320: Medieval Heroes and Villains
HIS 322: The Crusades
HIS 324: Medieval Conquest/Colonization
HIS 325: The Great Plague and Late Medieval Society
HIS 330: World War II
HIS 331: Nazi Germany
HIS 332: The Holocaust
HIS 333: The History of Russia
World History Select one of the following:
HIS 301: The Atlantic World to 1763
HIS 321: Early Islamic Civilization
HIS 322: The Crusades
HIS 323: The Byzantine Empire
HIS 333: The History of Russia
HIS 334: Modern Japan
HIS 338: History of Africa, 1800-Present
HIS 340: The Contemporary World, 1945-Present
Elective Select a 300-level elective course in HIS
Select 9 hours at the 400-level 9
U.S. History Seminar Select one of the following:
HIS 412: Seminar in Early American History
HIS 413: Seminar in Modern U.S. History
European or World Seminar Select one of the following:
HIS 414: Seminar in Medieval History
HIS 415: Seminar in Modern European History
HIS 417: Seminar in Modern World History
Elective Select one of the following:
HIS 409: Modern Archival Management
HIS 412: Seminar in Early American History
HIS 413: Seminar in Modern U.S. History
HIS 414: Seminar in Medieval History
HIS 415: Seminar in Modern European History
HIS 417: Seminar in Modern World History
HIS 498: Individual Research and Writing 3

Degree Requirements

To earn this degree, you must successfully complete at least 120 credits, including your general education requirements and the major requirements below. No grade below C in a required major course or special degree requirements may be applied toward graduation. Any grade below C must be removed by repeating the course and earning a C or better grade.

General Education 38-41
University Requirement 1
Special Degree Requirements 18-24
Major 33
Electives 21-30

For more information on degree requirements and specifics on courses needed to complete the degree, consult the Undergraduate Academic Catalog. For a semester-by-semester breakdown on how you can complete this degree in 4-years, visit academic maps.

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