Graduate & Continuing Studies

Graduate Programs & Coordinators

Master of Applied Science

Geospatial Information Technologies (MAS-GIT) Online Yongqin Zhang

P: 662-846-4251

Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies (MALS) Traditional Charles Westmoreland

P: 662-846-4173

Master of Arts in Teaching

Elementary & Secondary Education, Special Education and Non-licensure (MAT) Online Tom Brady

P: 662-846-4370

Master of Business Administration

Traditional Business Administration (MBA) Traditional Carla Johnson

P: 662-846-4234

Master of Business Administration – Integrated

Integrated Business Administration (iMBA) Online Carla Johnson

P: 662-846-4234

Master of Commercial Aviation

Commercial Aviation (MCA) Online Julie Speakes

P: 662-846-4205

Master of Education

Community Counseling and School Counseling (MED-COU) Traditional George Beals

P: 662-846-4355

Educational Administration & Supervision (MED-EAS) Traditional Tom Brady

P: 662-846-4370

Elementary Education (MED-ELE) Online Corlis Snow

P: 662-846-4370

Health, Physical Education & Recreation (MED-HPER) Traditional Franco Zengaro

P: 662-846-4562

Secondary Education – Art (MED-SEC) Traditional Michael Stanley

P: 662-846-4720

Secondary Education – English (MED-SEC) Traditional Don Allan Mitchell

P: 662-846-4060

Secondary Education – History (MED-SEC) Traditional Charles Westmoreland

P: 662-846-4173

Secondary Education – Social Sciences (MED-SEC) Traditional Garry Jennings

P: 662-846-4065

Special Education (MED-SE) Online Tom Brady

P: 662-846-4329

Master of Professional Accountancy

Professional Accountancy (MPAC) Traditional Carla Johnson

P: 662-846-4234

Master of Science

Community Development (MSCD) Online Leslie Green-Pimentel

P: 662-846-4065

Natural Science – Biological Sciences (MSNS-BIO) Traditional Nina Baghai-Riding

P: 662-846-4797

Natural Science – Natural Sciences (MSNS-PHY) Traditional Robert Kagumba

P: 662-846-4240

Social Justice & Criminology (MSJC) Online Garry Jennings

P: 662-846-4065

Nursing (MSN) Online Shelby Polk

P: 662-846-4255

Sports and Human Performance (MS-SHP) Traditional Franco Zengaro

P: 662-846-4562

Post Master’s Certificate

Nursing Online Shelby Polk

P: 662-846-4255

Educational Specialist

Educational Administration & Supervision (EDS-EAS) Online Tom Brady

P: 662-846-4370

Elementary Education (EDS-ELE) Online Corlis Snow

P: 662-846-4370

School Counseling (EDS-COU) Traditional George Beals

P: 662-846-4355

Doctor of Education in Professional Studies

Higher Education (EDD) Traditional Jacqueline Craven

P: 662-846-4370

Educational Leadership (EDD-EAS) Traditional Jacqueline Craven

P: 662-846-4370

Counselor Education (EDD-COU) Traditional George Beals

P: 662-846-4355

Elementary Education (EDD-ELE) Traditional Jacqueline Craven

P: 662-846-4303

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Nursing (DNP) Online Shelby Polk

P: 662-846-4255