For technical questions about Canvas, contact Kelly Kirkland. For pedagogical questions, contact Dr. Gray Kane.

Best Practices

  • Organize content into modules, by week or topic. Modules tell students, “Look at and do these things together in this sequence.”
  • Add dates to the modules’ names. Note that students do not know when “Week 7” is.
  • Name the content in your modules in ways that enable students to find what they’re looking for. The word “lecture” doesn’t tell students what’s in the lecture when they’re reviewing for tests or exams.
  • Upload all documents, including PowerPoints, as PDF’s in order to guarantee every student can open them.
  • Include a structured opportunity for reflection, like a brief practice quiz, in every module. Under-performing students often complete learning activities as tasks. By assigning a reflection activity with every module, you can help students turn tasks into learning.

Professional Development on the Go

Hope to listen in the kitchen or take a walk with this talk? Download one of these MP3’s!

  • How to Design Effective Discussion Prompts (4:27 minutes) –> DOWNLOAD
  • How to Strategically Facilitate Online Discussions (6:23 minutes) –> DOWNLOAD
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