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Upcoming Events, Spring 2021

Events will continue to be added to this schedule. Please check back regularly for any additions. Workshops will be recorded whenever possible, and recordings will be accessible via the Ford CTL online resources page.

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Faculty who would like individual assistance should contact Kelly Kirkland or Dr. Gray Kane.


2-3 p.m. Wed, Feb 17: Understanding as Being Able to Teach: Interteaching as a Collaborative, Active Learning Strategy in Hybrid and Online Courses — Dr. Andrés García-Penagos

Interteaching is a pedagogy that typically relies on a preparation guide that students start individually and complete as groups, with instructor oversight, follow-questions, and remediations. The pedagogy has roots in B. F. Skinner and behavioral analysis. Dr. Andrés García-Penagos will explain the pedagogy, go over his experiences with it in hybrid and online courses, and facilitate discussion.

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12-1 p.m. Thurs, Feb 25: Best Practices in Instructional Video Design — Dr. Gray Kane

Instructional videos rarely keep students’ attention, and they’re poor study tools. In a study of 6.9 million video-watching sessions in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), students spent an average of 6 minutes watching instructional videos. Sadly, that average did not vary with the length of the video. According to another study of 862 instructional videos in MOOCs, the viewer-retention rate dropped to 29% a mere 20 minutes into the videos. These problems extend beyond MOOCs. In a survey of STEM and Education students at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, only 37% of respondents claimed to have watched all of their instructional videos, which were no more than 15 minutes in length and often under 10 minutes. Even fewer students review videos before exams because, unlike a text, videos rarely provide students with a way to find what they’re looking for when studying.

Dr. Gray Kane will go over best practices for creating engaging instructional videos that students can use effectively when studying.

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2-3 p.m. Thurs, March 4: Create Interactive Videos with Interactr — Dr. Gray Kane

Interactr Evolution is an inexpensive cloud software that enables faculty to create clickable videos with menus, choose-your-own-adventure pathways, or hyperlinks. Dr. Gray Kane will illustrate some of its uses, demonstrate how to create an interactive video with it, and facilitate a discussion on its potential in higher education.

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12-1 p.m. Fri, March 19: An Introduction to Notion: A Powerful Tool to Customize Workflow and Manage Tasks — Dr. Theresa Gaines

Notion is a comprehensive productivity tool that can complete the work of many different apps. Dr. Theresa Gaines will demonstrate its uses and facilitate a discussion on its potential for faculty and staff.

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2-3 p.m. Tues, March 23: Tips for Organizing Your Course — Dr. Sally Zengaro

How we organize our Canvas shells has a significant impact on student success. Dr. Sally Zengaro will outline and discuss tips for organizing a course shell.

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2-3 p.m. Tues, April 13: “I Thought You Meant”: Course Organization for Clarity — Rebecca McCracking

Have students sent you a lot of emails asking for clarification? Have other students submitted work at times or in ways that show they didn’t understand what was expected of them? Rebecca McCracking will go over course clarity, from the students’ perspective.

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