Finance and Administration

The Vice President for Finance and Administration, Steve McClellan, is the only Delta State University vice president assigned direct administrative responsibility by the IHL Board of Trustees, being delegated an administrative purview under the direction of the University President that includes all financial matters of the University.

In this capacity, the Chief Financial Officer prepares and monitors the University budget and supervises the receipt, custody, and disbursement of funds; accounting and financial reporting; auxiliary enterprises; the maintenance and improvement of the University’s physical plant; the procurement of essential services, supplies and equipment; and property inventories.The Vice President for Finance and Administration also administers the University’s personnel program for non-academic employees.

Finance and Administration Departments

Delta State University Annual Budget

A printed copy of the University’s current budget is available in the Roberts-LaForge Library by September 1 and summarized budget information can be accessed at the links below:

University Budget Committee

The University Budget Committee has created a website containing meeting minutes and handouts.  The website is updated after each UBC meeting.   This website is intended to keep the university community informed on budget issues.

 The website contains an electronic suggestion box.  Suggestions on how we might better manage our resources, related ideas or comments, may be submitted through the suggestion box.  Suggestions remain anonymous unless a name is included in the text of the submission.  Responses to suggestions made to the suggestion box are viewable at the “Responses to Suggestions” link.

The website, only accessible via on-campus computers, is located at

Internal Control Plan

The University’s Internal Control Plan is reviewed annually by the university.  Ms. Teresa Houston is the university’s Internal Control Officer.  The Internal Control plan is viewable.

A  Delta State login and password is required to access the site.
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