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Delta State World Class Teaching Program

  • Hold two-day standards workshops in the summer, going over each component in depth. CEUs are offered.
  • Hold a crash course in the fall for teachers needing more information on National Board Certification.
  • Hold a Component 1 workshop in the spring.
  • Match registered candidates with a National Board Certified mentor for monthly meetings, at NO COST to the candidate.
  • Hold precertification and informational meetings at various area schools as requested by teachers and administrators.

National Board Certification: What is it?

National Board Certification-at-a-Glance Flyer

Grounded in the National Board’s Five Core Propositions that describe what teachers should know and be able to do, the certification process is designed to collect standards-based evidence of accomplished practice. In all 25 certificate areas, candidates are required to complete four components. An assessment overview containing additional details is found at http://www.nbpts.org/national-board-certification/. The specific instructions will vary by certificate area, as will the standards assessed by each component.

Component 1: Content Knowledge  A computer-based assessment asks you to demonstrate your understanding of content knowledge and pedagogical practices for teaching your content area. You must demonstrate knowledge of developmentally appropriate content, which is necessary for teaching across the full age range and ability level of your chosen certificate area. This is assessed through the completion of three constructed response exercises and 45 selected response items.

Component 2: Differentiation in Instruction  This classroom-based portfolio entry requires that candidates gather and analyze information about individual students’ strengths and needs and use that information to design and implement instruction to advance student learning and achievement. You will submit selected work samples that demonstrate the students’ growth over time and a written commentary that analyzes your instructional choices.

Component 3: Teaching Practice and Learning Environment This is a classroom-based portfolio entry that requires video recordings of interactions between you and your students. You will also submit a written commentary in which you describe, analyze and reflect on your teaching and interactions with students. Both the video and the written commentary should demonstrate how you engage students and impact their learning.

Component 4: Effective and Reflective Practitioner  This portfolio entry requires you to demonstrate evidence of your abilities as an effective and reflective practitioner in developing and applying knowledge of your students; your use of assessments to effectively plan  for and positively impact your students’ learning; and your collaboration to advance students’ learning and growth.

The process is more flexible than ever! Set your own pace and sequence throughout the process. Take up to three years to complete the four components. Complete the components in any sequence. You have two opportunities to retake a component, if needed. Each component costs $475; pay for components separately.

Newly National Board Certified Teachers 2020
L-R: Rhonda Clark, Katrina Parks, Shelby Collins, Andrea Edgecombe, Cynthia Gordon
Not pictured: Bridget Harper, Michaelynne Whitsitt, Paul Orr


Dorothy Sykes, NBCT
Director, World Class Teaching Program
P: 662-207-4749

Meg Newcomb, NBCT
Co-Director, World Class Teaching Program
P: 662-552-1035