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Geospatial Analysis and Intelligence Certificate Program


Certificate Program in GEOINT accredited by USGIF!

The Geospatial Analysis and Intelligence (GAI) Certificate Program is an intensive, 21 credit-hour program of study open to all students. Students are provided with basic and then advanced skills in remote sensing, GIS, analytics, programming, spatial data management, and intelligence analysis. The full program of study is available both on-campus and online. The GAI Certificate course of study may also be used as an 18 credit-hour academic minor (without the GIS 411 course requirement) when incorporated into another major program of study and forms the foundation for the GIT concentration for the Bachelor’s of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies.

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Level 1

Introduction to Cartography
(GIS 200)

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems and Science
(GIS 202)

Level 2

 Advanced GIS
(GIS 310)

Introduction to Remote Sensing
(REM 316)

(any GIS or REM course)

Level 3

Techniques in Intel. Analysis
(GIS 411)

GIS Capstone Project
(GIS 490)

Course Title



Computerized Maps and Cartography GIS 200 3
Introduction to Geospatial Science and Tech (GIS I) GIS 202 3
Digital Image Processing I GIS 211 3
Fundamental Techniques in Surveying GIS 241 3
Advanced Geospatial Science & Technology (GIS II) GIS 310 3
Case Studies in GEOINT GIS 341 3
The Law & Surveying GIS 351 3
Topographic Mapping GIS 391 3
Advanced Surveying GIS 401 3
Structured Analytic Techniques for Intel. Analysis GIS 411 3
Trends in Spatial Technologies GIS 421 2
Geospatial Mathematics, Algorithms & Statistics GIS 461 3
Programming GIS GIS 470 3
Internet GIS & Spatial Databases GIS 480 3
Geospatial Practicum GIS 490 3
Introduction to Imagery Analysis and Interpretation REM 202 3
Introduction to Remote Sensing REM 316 3
Advanced Remote Sensing REM 421 3

No Out-of-State Fees

USGS and NGA Center of Academic Excellence in Geosciences

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