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Flick & Float

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This event is sponsored by the Delta State Swim Team.  Movie: Cool Runnings
Where: Delta State University Aquatic Center
When: November 5, 2013
Time: 6:30pm, 7pm MOVIE STARTS
Donations for the swim and diving program will be accepted!!!

***There will be floaties, noodles, popcorn, drinks, candy and baked goods!

Flick and Float

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Delta State Swimming and Diving Fundraiser
Flick and Float

7 entry
7:15 pm start

Tuesday 8th of October, 2013


Drinks and food(popcorn,baked goods) will be provided and will be charged for a minimum amount!

Floaties for the pool will be provided! You can swim around float and watch a movie.

The movie will between Finding Nemo, Sharkstale or Grown Ups